Style Tips ALL Athletic/Muscular Men MUST Follow

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Aadil23 says:

Great vid. Could you maybe do a video for stockier guys. Like how they can look more lean, more muscular and so they can maybe feel better about their bodies etc.

lawrencejames1984 says:

$128 FOR A HOODIE??? Stuff that! Just buy from ASOS. They have loads of muscle fit stuff for a fraction of the price.

Jhony Lopez says:

0:56 do you even lift bro lol

acehiflush360 says:

Why are you yelling?

Aesthetic Medic says:

DYEL lol what a bitch

Moreno says:

$48 for a trim shirt… nope

MagicXxRJxX says:

Finally a video I was looking for

Jose Castaneda says:

No man should follow shit at all. Just do what you like and go about it that way. That’s style.

Bautista Sardi says:

LMAO the BroScienceLife’s “Do you even lift?” chart picture

Naison Mathew says:

Love your work and style, keep it up! Really hoping tassel loafers would be added to my Christmas gifts;) hahaha anyway, great job in what you do!

John Smith says:

Man im really proud of you. I remember you having 20k subs now its at 400k. Keep it up bro!

Juan Vargas says:

You’re not muscular

Ancel Mathew says:

I’m not muscular but I’m still watching this. why? #loyal

fyuecd2 says:

hey Jose can you do a video titled “Mean tweets” like they do on Jimmy Kimmel. because the comment section is fire the way ppl roast you. hahaha

Khalil Jannah says:


SloppySlip says:

Bro, do you even lift?

MissionForDays96 says:

When your tall sometimes you find something that is too tight on some areas and the length. The shirt that fits usually is pretty loose

Nick T says:

500,000? damn i remember when you were only at 100

Philip Java says:

I love conor McGregor’s style

Sisyphus is tired says:

You look like a 12 year old child who hasn’t eaten for a week. Jerking off to muscle mags does not make you a gym expert btw.

Miguel Toretto says:

I’m 5’5 With huge Quads, Glutes, and Hamstrings anybody know where I can buy slim fit jeans.

Jacob Kuba says:

Style tip number 1: don’t wear anything

GregglesHere says:

The Young Alpha

enz0ferrari says:

that size up thing about men is true. It took me some years to adjust.

Kazeem Badrudeen says:

That looks good actually

Adan Feliz says:

Thanks Jose , I actually need a tailor

Jeremy Stig says:

I not muscular, why am i watching ?

Captured says:


Hong Tse says:

know any Jeans/ brands for big legs? moslty in the quad area. I’d rather not go to a tailor.

TShortley says:

Best thing I’ve done is buy a cheap sewing machine and learn the basics myself, take in the waist of all my shirts because my top half and sleeves are that of an XL but my waist is not

aaron torres says:

are tailors expensive

Tuc Tucman says:

your skin is fair and healthy rehnaagain, how did you get rid of sun tan so quick?

Julian Brown says:

48 dollar t-shirts. Wow.

Herb R Holder says:

like your vids bruh all the way from camp pendleton ca us marine corps

carlos rodriguez says:

that brofessor reference xD

kavishka adipathy says:

Did anyone else notice the failed photoshop pic at 2:21 xD

Mason Arvizu says:

this actually helped me , thanks

Naison Mathew says:

Love your work and style, keep it up! Really hoping tassel loafers would be added to my Christmas gifts;) hahaha as you can see I’m trying to win those loafers:) anyway, great job in what you do!

Jesus Vargas says:

back/v shape workout with dumbbells

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