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What’s good you guys? Today’s video is my 8 men’s grooming and fashion tips for men with darker skin tones. Yes the title of the video is secret behind fairness – I will be addressing issues like fairness creams, skin whitening, skin glowing home remedies. We’ll also cover the age old fashion and style questions about dark skin. Colours to wear, colors to avoid for dark skin. But today’s video will be focussed on getting glowing skin! Using moisturisers, face scrubs, fullers earth (multani mitti), lemon juice and haldi or turmeric. Then we’ll move on to fashion for the darker indian skin tone! These are my ‘fairness’ secrets. The step by step procedure on how to get fair skin 😉

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Harsh Wardhan says:

I am having a question:- I clearly understand that skin colour don’t matter in these era but, for people who are sick of sun tanning…. Definitely their skin is a bit brighter then the tone they appear… For me who is a young boy, I play lot of football.. and definitely coz of sun tanning my skin looks too black in comparison of the real tone of my skin which is under my clothes… I request u to post a video on how to get rid of skin tanning…. I will be too grateful.. thanks

Prem Prakash says:

You guy always motivates me…
I like two people who really push me….one is Hrithik Roshan and second Akshay Kumar 😉
Just kidding……that’s you…..second one….

Immanuel Martin says:

Wow! Being an Indian i never found any diffrence in people based on their skin tone. Many youtubers post videos on fair skin but for once someone has told tht its not about the skin tone but its about how our skin should look i really wish India would push aside discrimination based on skin complexion!

Suhel Debbarma says:

can i use beet root juice to get fair skin…#beerbiceps.

sajith kottakkal says:

Any tips for beard growth? Patchy beard?

Da Vinci Dude says:

its was really helpful! u talked about some absolutely important facts

Nimesh Sharma says:

One of the most positive person I have ever seen in fitness, fashion, lifestyle, one and only RANVEER ALLAHBADIA. Thanks for all the motivation you have given to us. You are the best. Keep it up.❤️

Romil Tuscano says:

Ranveer it’s an excellent video

Arati Bagal says:

Really….? How to become fair…!!!! Whats wrong with brown or dark colour?!

Adliad Adliad says:

Haha, colour doesn’t matter but physique does, even in an age where mechanisation is prevalent?

Technical Knowledge TK says:

Sir, how we know that our skin is dry or oily

Sowmya Sanisetty says:

Ranverrrrrr.. Why only men.. Give some tips for women also please

180 Battle says:

Turmeric may not grow the bread then we can apply or not

Harry Dolas says:

Hey .. Change the topic/name of ur video
You appear like one Racist Asshole becoz of that
Your video is about improving skin quality
Or ? Are you sharing tips for a fair skin ?

Sheetal Joshi says:

Our face become yellow with haldi

ayon p says:

If u have loads of money to spend u can easily Get the fair skin tone by applying gluthaione injection.The best quality skin clinics where this gluthaione injection is available are mostly in Foreign countries.Get the money, Fair skin will be no dream anymore to u.

Rohit Waghmare says:

What’s the effect of ice cube on face???

Soujan DPS says:

Very well said , sensible

tom george says:

Thank you was waiting for this to come out asap

Hassan Malik says:

Video Starts at 1:25

Rahul Naik says:

Great job, Keep up. Can you please make a video on how to stop “Premature Greying of Hairs” at tender age or Home remedy for stopping the same.

Bittu Sisodiya says:

1 no. Bro

Sumit Kumar says:

Bro… You are amazing no doubt…
you put the genuine content…
Can you put a video related with neck.. As how to get a thick shit neck… I would like to remind you that you talked about neck video in one of your live QnA

swastik jenamani says:

Very awesome explanation!!!! Loved it

Prajaktaa Gavali says:

Where did you get this shirt from? The red checked one? It’s been a task to find one without front pockets..!

Jatin Tanwar says:

bro you are are different from others and thnku for giving us these suggestions..❤️


Bro if we r thin wat can we do

Shivam Yadav says:

When your book is coming out

Nohit Chaudhary says:

Bro plz make a video on Indian kurta for boys

Domnik Joe says:

This video will certainly help niggas to forget they skin color and believe in themselves.Great video man..Good luck from United States!

Justin Massey says:

Make a video about tanning and how to get rid of it

Harjot Kaur says:

can you make videos for girls too

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