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Video Summary:
0:23 – Learn To Sew
1:43 – Take Care Of Your Skin
3:36 – Know How To Steam, Iron & Press
4:46 – Whiten Your Teeth At Home
5:45 – Learn How To Cook
6:17 – Clean Clothing Properly
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Alex Chalatsis says:

Good quality and a strong issue fantastic vid Antonio

PRo HacKER says:

thanks antonio!!! i wanna tell you to make this video thanks!! 🙂


Hi Antonio you did forget one thing to take care of the finger nails and toe nails other than that every thing is spot on

gmendiburu says:

Sell your not frecuently used clothes istead throwing them.

Zain Abdin says:

Antonio i got a question for you if someone wants to adopt this field for his future profession or means of income then what should he do?Either to start a channel like you or to guide someone who wants to improve his style game.Recently i found that i like this profession so what should i do.Please tell briefly about both situations channel as well as guide ???Real Men Real Style

David Grauvogl says:

Sewing buttons is great for your repairs. It’s also handy when you want to change the look on your favorite jacket. Fortunately I haven’t had any accidental stains to deal with. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but what are your methods for the dreaded ring around the collar? On that note, I think a the savvy gentleman should know how to read the care and cleaning labels on his quality garments. You’ve invested, now protect it. And my final thought: A man can shine his own shoes. Antonio has showcased some very fine footwear, and whether you’re lucky enough to partake, or you have other fine footwear, shoe polish and shoe trees are simple ways to prolong the life of your footwear.

shubham sagar says:

I have been doing every hack except the last one because I don’t own a leather shoes 🙁 but I’m saving to buy one °^°

Odessa Jarvis says:

Enthusiasm focus able hsozxf eastern hell indicate everything real bright.

Jason NEO Bourne says:

Nice shirt Antonio!

Small suggestion, could you please list the clothing brands worn in your video descriptions?

Joe Morales says:

Antonio is there a way to get a suit sponsorship. I work in the nightlife industry guy and women give me compliments all the time and it has become very expensive. Please help me out…..

UnkieStu says:

I’m an elderly gentleman, not an old man, so, I have many stories. Just one for now. Learn how to open up, remove/replace your watch battery. (Learn how to test it, too). Go to Walmart jewelry department with your old battery and buy a new one, 5 or 6 bucks, and replace it yourself later. Beats leaving it at a jeweler’s for a few weeks and wondering if they stole a jewel or two when they opened up your watch. Pay the Walmart employee at the jewelry counter for the battery, stick it in your pocket, and walk out past the long lines as you leave the store, like a boss. Time is money!

Cliff Hanger says:

I wish they taught these things in school. You should have your own school Antonio.

To the Paradise City on a NightTrain! says:

One of the things I tend to do to keep my shirts last longer: i wash them once a month, but i scrub the collars every week in warm water. That way the colors won’t go down as fast and your collar will not get destroyed too.

Seth Carnett says:

Well done Antonio. See you soon!

The Abhorsen says:

On the rubber, you may have to change it quickly. But changing rubber is so many times cheaper than getting the leather replaced.

James Wong says:

Definitely agree on point 5. Cooking is a great activity.

Mineo says:

Wow this is very convenient. I was just thinking about learning how to sew.

Vinod Meena says:

Hey Antonio, please consider making a video on ‘important things which need to be taken care of while talking in a foreign/newly learnt language’

Aurel says:

I cut my hair myself. It saves massive amounts of money and time. Now I spend like 30 minutes every 2-3 weeks.

Real Men Real Style says: – Click here to discover PMD Man – Use code RMRS for 15% OFF – Thanks to PMD for being a sponsor of today’s video – Click here to read the article – Save $$$ With DIY Style

Video Summary:
0:23 – Learn To Sew
1:43 – Take Care Of Your Skin
3:36 – Know How To Steam, Iron & Press
4:46 – Whiten Your Teeth At Home
5:45 – Learn How To Cook
6:17 – Clean Clothing Properly
7:48 – Add Rubber Soles To Dress Shoes

Andrei Florea says:

Antonio,thanks again for an awesome video,first I would ask if you recomand any sources to learn the points from the video and second I would give a sugestion for another video.I know its not really style related but since you also do a lot of business tips,i would suggest a video about top 10 books for selp improvemt,or some books that you would say that every men should read 🙂 Thank you

Anthony Dorner says:

step 8 have a girlfriend that works at high ends spas and is an esthetician.

Tom Swiss says:

I totally agreei with point 1. That’s because I often have to go to my grandma asking her “Hey, would you taper and trim these pants? And these one? And, could you taper also these?” and it’s quite annoying. For this reason, I’m going to learn how to sew this summer, so I’ll can do what I want (in certain limits, obviously) on my clothes and get the best.
Bye! 🙂

lalit shrinivas says:

antonio you always suit up in your videos try something different

Eveliina Tistelgren says:

Doesnt adding Rubber Soles to dress shoes make them much less classier by removing the sound when men walk?

Vex T says:

Sewing is very manly, soldiers and warriors did it for centuries, plus if you’re alone and get a large cut you will need to learn how to sew stitches to close that wound.

Thanks for the tips Antonio!

kari russell says:

Great video! I really like that sports coat you are wearing.


Where can I learn to alter my shirts??

Kyle Dufour says:

For me it’s important to occasionally clean and polish my shoes

Pizza lime says:

is it just me or ur getting skinny? I mean there’s nothing wrong with it

mrzekiwi says:

Antonio, what is they name for the shape of the bow tie on the manakin at 0:37?? It looks really sharp!

Dark Griffins says:

Bro put the rule of army used for living.

Kazeem Badrudeen says:

Learning to cut my hair is one thing I have found really useful

JR Snyder Jr says:

I would add fade cream to keep your skin tone even. One with a sunscreen and moisturizer. So, so true what goes into your body makes a huge difference not just with your skin but your weight and health really everything. If you prepare your own food you control what goes in your body.

Sky79 says:

learn how to dye your clothes. if your clothes become faded redeye them,vor change the color altogether.
Repair and keep your own car clean. Some car types are timeless, take care of 5he dings and stains, it shows commitment and self awareness l.

MrCbrr250 says:

I get my wife to cut my hair with a kit I brought from a department store and she wil often trim the hair at the back of my neck to keep me sharp

John Horchler says:

what is the site that you said is for the noise/ear tremer again thank you

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