POSING FOR PHOTOGRAPHY 2 – Beauty Modeling for Beginners – Tips and Tricks on Poses for Portraits

How to pose for a photoshoot. Posing for photography, especially beauty modeling, takes some practice. In this second video about posing for photography I will give you my opinion on the easiest beauty modeling poses, and will give some tips for beginners that a photographer and model both can use during a photoshoot. Learn how to pose for a photoshoot!

This photoshoot was a beauty make-up portfolio photoshoot for my make-up artist Marthe Neus, with lovely model Isabelle (not her real name), who modelled for me before in an artistic photoshoot. Considering my first ‘Posing for Photography, How to pose for a photoshoot’ video was so well received, and I still receive many questions about modeling every week (And even long distance PHONECALLS from people! o.O), I decided to make a second video about posing as a beauty model.

When you are new to modeling, you first priority is to build a good portfolio. Diversity in your portfolio is great: If you can show you are a versatile model, you might get booked for more jobs. In my first Posing for Photography video I focused on fashion modeling and posing, while in this video it’s all about portrait photography; especially beauty modeling, and how your portfolio should look. I’ll share some tips and tricks on how to work your body, the camera, and posing in different angles.

Posing for photography, especially beauty posing, is all about looking enchanting and, yes, beautiful!! Beauty modeling isn’t about how ‘hot’ your body is or how much more chic you look than someone else, this is what glamour and fashion photography are for. In Beauty modeling it’s all about selling an extraordinary person; a beautiful being. Beauty is about the skin, the shape of the face, the eyes, lips, hair.. A true beauty portrait is a dream & you should almost be able to smell it, because it’s visually so alluring, your whole brain and other senses just get enchanted by it ;).

More tips and tricks on model poses in te future!

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Ellyza Gore says:

This was beautiful. I wish every photographer thought like this. I loved this, your insight was wonderful.

Sara Del says:

I’m planning to make photoshoot for my portfolio 🙂

treysongz21212 says:

very good videos! thanks for uploading. very helpful 🙂

Dimana Dimova says:

Hey, +PhotoandGrime (Pieke) i always wondered if i can be a model. That’s my dream but i feel really insecure about myself.. i see you understand the modeling industry so i want to ask you if i have a chance? Here are my stats: Height: 1.76 m/5’9.3 feet, Weight: 58 kg, Waist: 69 cm, Hips: 90 cm, Hair color: Dark Blonde/Light Brown, Age:15, Eye Color: Brown, Hair: Long Straight, Shoe Size: 41 EU, Body: Slim. (p.s. sorry for my bad English i’m Bulgarian) I will be really thankful if you answer me 🙂 By the way i’m really shy and awkward sometimes which makes me look silly in pictures can you give me advice how to look more confident and i need something to boost my confidence really.. Once again i will really appreceate if you help me 🙂

CerealAt4pm says:

Most helpful video I’ve come across by far!

Geert .Gsightfotos says:

Goede info, Pieke.    Komt “just in time”  🙂

Amanda Bentes says:

Your videos are soooo informative! Love it

Katya Shaposhnikova says:

Thank you for the video!
By the way, I also make a video of photo posing.
Look on my channel.

seksualusis says:

Interesting and valuable insights.

AlexCHStudio says:

wow! you definitely know and understand the craft.. you can even explain it in simple language to others.. my deep respect!

Ken Irvin says:

I’m happy I found this video, thank you! Both 1 and this video have answered a few question I have had.

Nikki R says:

This helped me so much!!!!

Mario Warren says:

another great video. I’m subscribing. Thank you!

Robert Few says:

Green eyes…….. I just died and went to heaven!

MyDigitalPhotoNetwork says:

I love your video! Check out my channel !

Cylina Mangal says:

amazing !! do u have to have a perfect nose?

Teiny Arts says:

that eyes.. beautiful. because my eyes is just plain black

Fabienne Schriek says:

Are you Dutch?! If so, contect me on Facebook if you’re intressted to shoot ;D

Kayley Grham says:

yes I will be in the morning

drakemade _meh says:

Thankyou! This was really helpful

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