Here’s a video on plus size fashion and style. A subject I’ve always wanted to tackle but felt unable to so I asked my best mate Paula who lives and breathes it to give me and us her plus size fashion advice. We cover designer plus clothing as well as budget brands for plus size women. You will see affordable plus size clothing plus comments on the current state of how the luxury market is dealing (or not) with plus size fashion.

You will get some ideas on how to shop on a budget as well as flattering looks for a plus size figure. Hopefully by the end you will learn some of the best brands to shop for plus size clothes and how to dress a plus size apple shape or learn about what is the definition of a plus size woman.












Marks and Spencer:

Neiman Marcus:

11 Honore for high end designer:

La Redoute:



Who What Wear Collection:



Yellow ruffle tie front dress:


Vintage blue dress found at a vintage shop shown in this video:

Her lipstick: MAC All Fired Up:



Marks & Spencers polka dot dress:

Asos maxi yellow floral dress: Same dress in black :




Paula’s Instagram recommendations:

Fredie Harrell:

Hayet Rida:

Wendy Ntinezo:

Daneille Vanier:










Canon 80D: (lens is 35mm or 50mm)

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Julieanne Howe says:

I don’t think we should blame the fashion industry re sizing ie plus etc . NICE guidelines (UK NHS ) tell us we are overweight with a bmi over 25. Obese over 30 and morbidly obese over 35. To be honest I feel as a community we are now normalising being overweight. It’s not healthy. Hard to hear but true I’m afraid . When I was young in the 70s weight varied between UK size 10 and size 14. I absolutely know women are all different shapes . But we should be trying not to be overweight.

Christina says:

i’m obsessed with Paula. Per her request, Eloquii is also an excellent place for fashionable, affordable styles available in larger sizes.

carole lonsdale says:

That was my favourite YouTube video ever!! You got to do more pleeeease it’s inspired me in so many ways thank you xxx

Soulstyling says:

As a personal shopper and working since 25 years in the industrie, I totally agree that plus size is a missing in fashion country.
In Europe we have some brands that go till size 18/20 but not many. I miss especially brands that are trendy and colorfull.
The other problem is, that brands make bigger sizes but the retailers dont buy it…

Doll Faced Beauty says:

Yes!!! Thank you for this video and your effort!!! Your friend Paula is absolutely gorgeous!!!! As a zaftig US sz14 who loves fashion I’m here for it!

Karin Londt says:

Love Paula and her truths!! She’s so spot on for us curvier gals. In the Middle East “plus-size” starts at a UK 12. I’ve always been straight sized and was shocked to learn that here I’m considered bigger and that I can’t find anything in the regular department. My daughter, who’s 11, and a US 2 has a plethora of age inappropriate clothes to choose from while I’m limited to mumu’s or shapeless sacks in the plus size departments in the UAE.
Granted most of the population are smaller Filipinos or Indians, so I do understand them stocking smaller items, but to then label everyone else as plus size after 12 is ridiculous. My sister in law has it worse. She’s actually a plus sized lady (UK 22) and can only shop at Marks and Sparks since their sizes are “normal”.

Joan Mason says:

Your such a good amassador for fashion

AG says:

Just a split second for me to click like each just cheer me up, girl!!

Kelly Augustine says:

#1 Paula is my spirit animal, can I steal her? LOL
#2 As a plus size fashion blogger, I think it’s awesome that someone outside of the niche is tackling this! There are options and there are people who live and breathe this everyday. We’re here!

E Dunham says:

Just started watching and had to comment on how pretty Paula is!

Leslie Johnson says:

This was awesome! Y’all are a hoot. Great advice.

2chicchiks says:

Hey Karen, Thank you for doing this video it was well needed. I am considered plus size (12-14 or L-XL) and I am also tall (6 feet) my shoe size is a 11-12. I am now a mature women who do enjoy style ( I always have). Yes, this is a lot going on. I have always had a hard time styling myself when I was in my teens, and 20’s. My height and shoe size were my biggest challenge but know it’s not as hard for me to get it together. I have found Banana Republic (goes up to a 20T now) and Nordstrom Rack (more affordable for shoes). I started my instagram (2chicchiks) to show that I am able to shop out of just about any store (Target, etc.). You have a great platform and following to get the message out “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL” for a lot of us. You and Paula were so entertaining I can’t wait for Paula’s return. Oh, like Paula I have been from a size 6-14. You said it correctly money is being left on the table by designers not making their clothing longer or larger. I’m going to stop because I can go on and on. Think about it Paula what if you had to add 6ft or more to your plus size and wear a larger size shoe. Love you Karen and thanks Paula.

Destini Brown says:

Loved this video!

juliagoolia72 says:

I just ordered my first dress from e-shakti. It’s great because you can order a stock size, or enter your measurements and they will custom make it. You can also take any product and customize the neckline, sleeve, and length.


Really for me being a 20/22 US size I can’t find a lot of stores online or not that carry affordable plus size. So I thrift most of my outfit . ASOS is the only other place I buy from. Forever 21 plus size is cut more for teens most dresses and skirts are too short or maybe it’s cause I’m an apple shape.

Soulstyling says:

You girls rok!! Yes please more posts like this. It would be fun seing you shopping together

juliagoolia72 says:

The amount of times I come home from shopping tired, frustrated, and crying! Either stores don’t want you shopping there if you’re over a US 10/12, or they only offer ugly, shapeless sacks in larger sizes, or the plus size option is more expensive. I think the fashion industry that sends prepubescent models down the runway, and birthed the phrase “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” is not interested in servicing anyone who needs larger sizes. As you said, it ruins the mystique of that unattainable image they are selling us of being young and skinny forever with their products.

Lene Ejlersen says:

you are so sweet and funny!! The both of you! Greetings from a pear shaped dane 😀

Rita Armstrong says:

Karen, You must have read my mind!! I always thought, gee I wish when you show us fashion you could find us the same things you find but in larger sizes. This video was so great. First of all Paula had me laughing out loud. You two must have so much fun together. She is absolutely so adorable. The “swipe up” was hilarious!!
I do want to say it is so frustrating that as soon as you look at plus size the fashions get frumpy and matronly and I’m not even that big. US 16 pants and US 18/1x dress but I can’t always find attractive fashion choices. I want to wear all the trends and new fashion choices every season and I really struggle. As far as the high end fashion houses my theory is that they are snobs and my honest belief is they don’t want big women wearing their name. They want only the wealthy elite in the clothes and not “sloppy” larger, less shapely women.
Anytime you show your fashion choices I want to challenge you to look for similar fashion in larger sizes. You’ll soon see how hard it is to do. There’s an idea for a video! Pick 10 things you like and then find them in a larger size for us as well. Anyway, I loved that you thought to do this one! ❤️

Valerie Carter says:

Also, White House Black Market finally expanded their line to have plus sizes up to size 24.

Chico’s goes up to 3 ( which is their labeling for size 16/18). Even though I am a 2X/3X, I have been able to wear an oversized cardigan from there. Same with some oversized cardigans from Zara and Banana Republic. Instead of being very exaggerated, on a plus-size body, the cardigans fit regularly. I was pleasantly surprised.

So, explore the stores and you may find oversized options that look in regular-proportion on a plus-size figure.

I am definitely going to use Karen’s advice of looking through the men’s section at retail and thrift stores to see what blazers and jackets I can find. Never thought of that…even though I have found/bought great fedoras on sale in the men’s section but not on sale in the women’s section of stores.

Lara Morrow says:

Fabulous job Ladies! Thank you so much. Paula is adorable just like you. My theory is that high designer labels feel that if they make plus size, that their lines will look sloppy. For some reason, people think plus size women are all sloppy! I make a good living and might buy a few high fashion pieces but only if they were classic. Honestly, I get tons of compliments on my clothes and people can’t believe that I get many pieces at Target. I am a size 16 in the regular sizes. I’m tall and can’t do the 16w because the cute is full in the hips. I find wonderful pieces in the Who What Wear, A New Day and Universal Thread brands at Target. They also have Ava and Viv which is great. A lot of my clothing comes from Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. Another misperception is that they aren’t affordable. They totally are. I watch for sales and the anniversary sale in July is always awesome. I love the Halogen and City Chic brands. Even Zara has started carrying XXL (which is like a normal XL) in some things. I go on their site and search the word “oversized” to find their oversized sweaters. I can get an XL in them and they are big and long with leggings. I do find some things on the H&M site but usually not in the plus section. That’s a benefit of being able to go either way. I can do XL on their sites in tops, sweaters and jackets because they are oversized. I wear them with leggings or tighter pants on the bottom so they aren’t tents. The best rule for plus size women in my mind is to wear a tight item on top and loose/baggy on the bottom or the other way around but never baggy all the way down or skin tight all the way down.

sarah zonneveld says:

Such a great video, love Paula!

Sam A says:

Great video! You two are brilliant together!! I wish you could do more together!!
Paula needs to start her own YouTube channel!!
I thought you go down two in clothes in the US (which would make Paul’s UK18 a US 14) and up two in shoes?

Carla Sphere says:

This video had me squeal out loud several times!!! That Indian wedding dress… SLAYED!!!

elfsola says:

always interesting contents,i never ,NEVER waste my time watching your videos!you’r an engaged ,passionate ,smart lady and it shows!thank you!

Jean Jackson says:

Great!! I’m an older woman 58 thin and I love to follow Shauna Robertson chic over 50 . She is great for woman over 50 and I also love fashion unfolded by Mandy another great over 50. Love you Karen!!!!

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