Plus Size Fashion Tips | How To Always Look Stylish

Plus Size Fashion Tips | How To Always Look Stylish

Over the years I’ve styled loads of women of all shapes and sizes and along the way I’ve learnt a lot of little tips and tricks. I’ve always been a big believer that style doesn’t have a size. In my mind, there is no “perfect” figure and that’s why I love styling women of all ages and sizes. When you love what you’re wearing you’ll immediately feel more confident and this confidence is what real style is all about.

So in today’s video I just wanted to share a few of the styling ideas that have helped me create some beautiful outfits on some amazing curvy women.

If you have any tips I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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Freefalling into grace says:

Thanks so much for such positive message and expert advice! Much appreciated

Nelys T says:

Definitely the best tips on YouTube….thanks, gracias, merci, grazie !!!

Cathleen Howard says:

Can you add a link suggestion for the stretchy jacket?

Samuel Levi says:

Always the best Leonie xx

Jo C. says:

Great tips. As a plus size (and petite!) woman, I appreciate you creating content for us. One of my best tips is to find which curve you love/most comfortable with and accentuate that. I think that is the first step towards body acceptance and finding the right style for you. For me, I realized I really like the shape my hips and legs so wear more skinny cut pants and shorter shorts in summer. A far cry from my shy teen years when I covered it all up.

Charisa Martin says:

Can I just say I love your channel?! Your super approachable, kind way of communicating your extensive knowledge is refreshing. Well done, friend!

Raeflections says:

Thank you for including “real” plus size women along with some plus size models. I feel it’s important to include a variety of women, not only professional models on whom anything looks good.

Hannah Oxley says:

After my having my daughter my figure has changed and I am now a solid 14 rather than the 10 I was use to. The best thing I have ever done was to go into a good store and ask them to dress me. All I did was told them what colours are in my wardrobe and what my budget was and left it to them. Yes I probably cost more as it was a more designer store but I left with an outfit I felt great in and one that actually worked for my new figure. If you have a good store with good assistance near you I would highly recommend getting them to dress you

Stephanie O says:

Absolutely love the tips you gave and i’ll be watching this video again as I put together my winter wardrobe. I love bodycon dresses and pencil skirts but i’ve got quite a bit of tummy (i’m an apple shape). Do you have any styling tips?

Natalie Jackson says:

Maternity wear! Are you serious? As a curvy girl I find this laughable. I think women over a certain size just have to find the right retailer, designing for larger sizes. Also depending on your size a few ‘standard’ shops go up to a size 18 or XXL.

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