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Cora Alvillar and her girls are back to show you how to make a statement when you walk into any room. Tune in as she joins plus-size supermodel Tess Holliday and fashion expert Chastity Garner to break down their favorite standout pieces! Werk!!

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everlastingcurves says:

The women are gorgeous and I love the outfits!!! My question is why do people who think heavier women are disgusting, etc specifically seek out videos featuring heavy women? It happens very often and seems a little suspect to me!!

myanvita says:

Thanks for posting this. You are all gorgeous and fabulous and I respect you and what you are doing for plus-sized women all over the world.
On another subject, ignoring the internet trolls here completely takes away their energy, so don’t validate their idiocy with a reply 😉

Ricardo B says:

Be more beautiful is posible?

My wife is plus size and I love her.
She is smart, sexy and the most important she is a good person.

Three girls are pretty.


Denise River says:

More of these, please! They inspire me to dress in beautiful clothes and not feel ashamed. <3

Yui says:

Copping all these outfits though

Robert Edmondson says:

really Kelly.. your the stupid one.. gesh

mr bumble. says:

the pressure a fat bird puts on the pavement when wearing high heals, is the exact same as the pressure that builds up around black holes, taxi lights have been known to bend, when fat women go out for 10 pints of cider and a kebab and chips…

Denise M Gokey says:

So love you Cora!!! You should change your name to vintage and classy! Love your style Girl❤️

captainKaP says:

welcome to the cholesterol club

cindyl00wh00 says:

Im just worried for their arteries.

greenfoliage says:

Why doesn’t anyone here think that these kind of videos could be a moral boost to those who are obese and trying to look good while perhaps losing some weight? Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. I do agree that obesity is unhealthy but who knows, perhaps those overweight people we see are actually trying really hard at the gym. Let them have some good fashion to accommodate their needs while they’re at it.

peita kreegher says:

looking good and im with you with the it goes because i said so lol

kyle lamar says:

Hey MODE. Thx for promoting obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. Doing something that is bad for ur health is not beautiful. What next u guys doing interviews with herione junkies saying how beautiful they are and how its their life and their choice. Gtfoh. Make sure u delete this comment to u political correct twats.

sinomag canton says:

mammoth in the air

Spectre says:

Wish I had Tess’s beauty. She’s stunning!

Paul Miskinis says:

Tessa is such a beautiful woman and loved her outfit.

Amanda Joy says:

tess’ tattoos are awesome

Supermatrixgirl says:

wow they look amazing!

александра голяс says:

курочки няшные >з

Mctod59 says:

I am a huge fan of bbw’s but please folks don’t get even one tiny tattoo they are so trashy.

Gio Drakes says:

Love the looks! Thanks for sharing 😀 You guys are gorgeous <3

u wot m8 says:


Maria Katrina says:

Cora has a horrible style, I’ve never ever liked it and I wish someone would just tell her that what she wears is just awful. Secondly, Tess is so far up her own ass and third I havent a clue who the other girl is

Jesse Belanger says:

I think it’s insane you guys promote being overweight. If you truly love yourself you would take care of yourself by eating better and exercising. Any person who accepts being serverly obese and isn’t willing to do what it takes to be healthy should not be celebrated on the Internet and in media. Would you promote drug addiction?

Sorana44 says:

You guys are so beautiful and inspiring thank you!

Clara Pennington says:


chrisma hicks says:

tess is big and short like me a person i can relate to.

Diana Kunika says:

these woman are so beautiful

JoJo says:

The Queens of fashion! I loved all three outfits!

Nicole N says:

beautiful ladies

Freakinstien88 says:

they still going to feel that pretty when they’re bed ridden and haven’t been able to walk or even fit through their doorways…..they are pretty yes, however we shouldn’t over look the weight of these ladies, we shouldn’t glamorize obesity. It’s very ok to feel great about who you are, but u can’t deny the facts, man!! damn! I’m not shaming, I’m worried that these type of girls are going to start something that really never should have been started in the first place…

Maya M says:

They are beautifull..and i realized that girls are beautifull in different ways…

Judy Martancik says:

Think long and hard when you judge. Next time you may have hate for people of color, people that are old,people in wheelchairs

James Pugh says:

tess holliday is one the best plus size models

Real Name says:

Dafuq…? These women are really unhealthy. Theres is no reason why they should be considered beautiful. Trying to push obesity as ideal beauty is just as bad as the fashion industry pushing the anorectic-heroin-addict look. You really want little girl to aspire to be morbidly obese, increasing their chance of getting all kinds of health-problem and shortening their lifespan?

I am Gods Gift says:

wrong us black would never date her, we would just use her for head. we would never take this fat white girl out in public. we just want head nothing else.same with skinny white girls. you think black men would date white girls because we like them? no we just want to fuck, we would never wife a white girl, they are whores. not to be trusted and if we do date a white girl we are cheating on them..

MrDzeska says:

Silly fat women.

Thea Di Staola says:

I love their confidence, I’m a little plus size and I hate my body because I can’t find something I like it. When I see them I’m so jealous omgg

Baking Breakdancer says:

I follow Tess and Garnerstyle on Facebook. Tess gets so many hate comments on her page. I’ve never really seen any on Garnerstyle’s page. It’s very puzzling to me. I don’t know if it’s because Tess has a bigger stomach and Chasity’s weight is more in her lower body or what. You know how people can hate on belly fat.

Jacque says:

That girl Chastity has such class love it!

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