PETITE FASHION TIPS: How to Dress for an Interview/Office

Here are some tips on how to look professional and fashionable in the office!

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Jeannette Scheppler says:

Loved Evelina’s outfit! Yay for petite style tips

nailskorner says:

I am 5’2 that means I am petite?! hahahaa…. never thought that I would be fall into that category. Amongst my friends and colleagues, I am ‘huge’… :p

Aard Vark says:

Why do girls pay attention to this dumb sht seriously seems like a major waste of time and no one is going to give a flying whoopity fuck..

shortpgirl ch says:

Instead of both outfits using skirts, one should have done a pants pairing.

Princess Annx says:

Lol I’m 5’4 1/2 so what does that’s mean? Petite? Somewhat tall?

Francesca Zee says:

these outfits only work if you are short and small-framed.  nothing for big thighs or big hips…lame.

Lilly A. says:

This was very helpful because am really petite, but have an hourglass shape/curvy but am slender. Weird combo, but my body shape has always been that way. Thank you for the helpful video tips!

Ji Eun Park says:

what if you have a larger body size, with just a petite height? Also, I was wondering what you would wear if I’m not into the ultra feminine outfits?

Kayleena says:

Good tips lovelies! Jen, your tip about using a cropped blazer is genius!
Coming from past experience a chiffon and/or silk button up blouse is a must in business as well! It’s feminine enough where you don’t loose your shape but still business appropriate. As a petite girl myself I would tuck it into my pencil skirt and throw a thin belt on top! Really thin belts are great for petite women in the business world too because it won’t overwhelm your small frame. Loved both of your videos! 🙂

gracezhang says:

Hi Jen. May I ask how tall are you?

sarisatob says:

You two are so cute! Love u

Leanne Ncube says:

Jenn’a outfit is much more professional. People would take you seriously in that

Toria Fitzgerald says:

ahh my faves collabed 🙂

IaTeYourcookies says:

Fashion queens 😉 

Yuri d says:


Maddie T says:

Jen’s look!! >>

Elizabeth Kathryn says:

finally, tips for us shorties! thank you ladies <3

Vy says:

Great video Jen!  We have the same body type & size so it’s nice to see how you wear your clothes 😀

Apollo-milkchocolate says:

any idea where to get pencil skirts like the one jen has and it isnt too long or big?!

jetkestler says:

I am 4’11 and I need so much help in this dept. Thank you for making a video I can really relate too. It was very helpful….now I need to buy all new clothing….oh gosh!

Aura Roura says:

I never knew I was ‘Petite’… I’m 161cm (5’2″ almost 3″) and I never considered me to be ‘really short’, yeah, I’m not tall but I just thought I was average as most girls were I live are around 160-165cm… Truth is, clothes are most of the time tailored for taller people and can look weird on someone shorter :/

Kenya Cervantes says:

Where did you buy flower skirt???  Its precious.

Reesa Maestas says:

Jenn! I would like to see you do a review in L’Oreal Silkissime eyeliner. Please!

NiamhLauren says:

Where I live most girls are between 168cm and 173 cm so with my 162cm I am considered petite even though I think I am not that petite.

this is bee says:

I watch Evelina’s videos and I like them a lot but WHAT IS UP WITH HER IN THIS VIDEO. If you notice, in the beggining she just stares into the camera and doesn’t smile at all. Also her outfit is not very flattering. I liked Jen’s outfit though.

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