Petite Fashion Tips:: How To Casual Style ft Jen

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Samanta Rizzi says:

dolphin pants! <3 haha you learn something new every day! 🙂 love these tips, btw

Andy A says:

I love Jen! She’s one of my favourite youtubers in general.

Mylan Young says:

You two are so gorgeous 🙂

kokenysz says:

ahh where’s that trench coat from? i looove it

XxAngelChelzxX says:

Great tips! This helps me because i am only 5 ft tall Dx
Btw how tall are they?

rumination says:

i am petite to average. i tend to buy pants that are average because i like the extra length and the pants tend to shrink in the wash. also, if you are petite wear small prints and handbags. also the accessories should be smaller. v- necks are also best. and pants and shoes should be similar in color so that your legs look longer.

thevaultinghorse says:

Jen’s so stunning

Aysar Drabick says:

I’m as petite as it gets. 5′ and 100 lbs. So shopping for me is impossible! 🙁 I usually shop in the children’s section since it fits me better and is smaller. These tips are great! I’ll check them out! 

Irena says:

please do more of this :D:D <3

Quick-Sword Ilena says:

How petite are they ? We tlkin 5 feet ? Cause I hate girls tht r like 5’3 n b like #shortgirlprobs its like no try being 4’11

Stephanie Davila says:

I’m 5’0 but I have broad shoulders does this still make me petite?

Sonia Zvalena says:

I’m 5’3 and 100 lbs … Not the best I know

Haven Victorine says:

I’m 5’3” 5’4” and 105 lbs would I be Qualified as petite?

Stephanie Smith says:

My rule of thumb for looking like you have a rocking body, is getting those blouses that get tighter in the middle, and also have a curved sequence kinda going down the sides, like )  (. The printed/sewed curves work wonders.

Suzanne Moriarty says:

Evelina, I really like you but your taste in shoes is quite questionable

anna myrhaug says:

do you have a online store to recomend for buying jeans, I’m 147cm and have a little bit of hips, have so much problem finding pants that really fit

Cathlyn Yap says:

is 5’5 petite? cause idk sometimes I feel tall, sometimes I feel short maybe just average?

Wh0opsidaisies says:

i love when you say “petite” with ur accenh lmao (i’m french btw)

Flowerwillbloom says:

May you guys do a video over dresses for petite women??? 🙂

Lois Geal says:

4’9 – 16 and proud ♥️

Sarah Kim says:

how tall is evelina guys..? anyone know?

chandana dalai says:

asum …:)

Penelope Tharp says:

Do you have any tips for a petite yet talk girl when shopping for dresses. I am 5’6″, but I have the torso of someone who is 5’2″ and the legs of someone around 5’9″. Please help!!! Thanks! And is there anyone else out there who is like this??

Ally C says:

Jen where did you get that blazer and top??? 

Lb2Shay says:

Like the Print Tip, being a petite gurl I’ve definitely stayed away from most prints as they can be overpowering and contrasting to our frame, but I have come across some acceptable smaller prints but hadn’t pinpointed that reason.

Amy Faith says:

Can you do more petite videos!!! It’s been a struggle!!!!

Madiha Jm says:

I’m wondering what’s Evelina’s height

GirlyA says:

What is the youtube channel of Jen please ? 🙂

Mimi Tansayni says:

I’m 5 foot tall..but I weigh 150 pounds…everyone’s else’s comments are like; I’m 5’1 and 100 pounds…I’m petite but fat :/

Alice Gunnarsson says:

I wish i were petite, boys like petite girls.

tara moses says:

Guys please check out my winter fashion tips on my channel please (:

afroditagbc says:

How tall r u?

mychemicalxoxo says:

me too!!!!

rebamac10 says:

Please check out my Beauty and Fashion Tumblr! >

Tommygrl1327 says:

It’s so true! Tailored and tucked in to create a waist!

Tony Hill says:

This girls know a lot and great. I am Usmc and my wife is trying had to have a channel. It shaunalighhill girls please don’t delete and help her out

Evelina Konarska says:

My name is Evelina

rosabel isadora says:

i hoped it was jen im! but hey nice one

Jijy La Dame En Bleu says:

thanks so much !!!! any tips for evening dresses?

Meredith Mimnaugh says:

I realize you aren’t tall, but could you do a video for fashion tips for taller/curvy girls?

Tina mcmillan says:

Thanx for the tutorial Im deffinatly gunna try some of these out 🙂


but wait.. isn’t it easy to dress if you’re petite? because most things fit you and you can wear and look cute in literally everything?

rumination says:

you guys make a cute team. i like your energy!

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