My Top Mens Fashion Tips

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Matthew Alexander Fitness says:

Rob how much do you weigh? Recently before my cut, I weighed 85,8 kg at a height of 1.75m, so I was pretty fluffy at that weight lol however, I was the strongest I’ve ever been. My PB on the bench press was 140 kg (3 plates) for 2. So I definitely think you’ll need to add some more weight, as you stated, to hit your goal of 3 plates.

Rayan Khan says:

Hey Rob, been a fan since around last autumn – when I started fitness. Your videos have always felt upbeat and motivational and straight forward when providing information and advice.

I’ve lost 40keys since then and have gained a ton of muscle mass too. I’m sure you see comments like mine from people you’ve effected similarly, my question is how do those comments make you feel when you read them?

Dany ́s Travel and Fitness Diary says:

looking vibey mate

Paul Awad says:

i noticed ur not really into streetwear that much bro but u should definitely get into it. so far i have seen ZERO hypebeasts who actually lift. be the first, rob 😉

Jack Jay fitness says:

Couldn’t agree more

Charles Miller says:

Looking great Rob. Thanks for sharing some training tips.

Con - radical says:

Hey man why do you have to diss Sex Panther by Odeon. It’s illegal in 13 countries so you know it’s good

Anabolic Aliens says:

And always keep one nip in each pocket

Jamie Vera says:

be careful throwing that shade at your girlfriend…..

Viveenraj says:

How do you make your veins pop out? Cuz your’s are craaazzzyyyyy!

Marvin.G says:

Tiege Hanley

Matthew Walford says:

Q&A questions…your no.1 best source of fat? carb? protein?

X Trwzy says:

Been waiting for this for agessss, good video bro keep it up

Rev0UK1 says:

if you wear that poverty jacket on the slopes….. -.-

PETER - Tech Review/ Vlogging says:

Hi Rob. im just started workout ( beginner) , and what is the best training split for beginnner to build muscles? thanks

David John Malone says:

You know you’re wearing the correct tightness of jeans when you fart and your quads become swole af

Luis Hernandez says:

Here’s a Q: what do you think of your gay fans?

D Wood says:

Hey can you provide link to jacket/parka?

Julien VH says:

Where is your Black-t shirt from ?

llomain trippitelli says:

Omar and Silent Mike a.k.a the golden shortcut to 315 hahha

More Plates More Dates says:

The infamous Creed Aventus. Not cheap that’s for sure.

Travelog says:

100% agree with all the tips! Keep up the great content

DanTheMan94 says:

Didn’t say what face moisturiser you use Rob

Bradley Willett says:

Looking forward to the Maldives drone shots. Went there 3years ago on our honeymoon and the pictures we saw of the islands don’t do it justice. Place is paradise

jonathan middleton says:

no grouth hormones at all

Lewis Campbell says:

make the revenue streams vid!

Kyle Allen says:

Rob just started 3 months ago with counting my macros and understanding proper weight training. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years. Any tips from someone who was an endurance athlete transferring to a strength athlete?

Mahin Rahman says:

Business talks always appreciated alongside the fitness advice and nutrition hacks!

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