Models of Diversity Documentary, Models with a Disability in the Fashion and Beauty Industry

Produced and Directed by Adam Finch

Models: Jack Eyers, Kelly Knox, Rebekah Marine, Shaholly Ayers, Stefanie Reid

Contributors: Jo Swinson, Michelle Dowdall, Mik Scarlet, Sally Williams

Music: ‘She Moves’ and ‘Sacrifice’ by Mik Scarlet


yustaguerl says:

is a great job and i think it’s wonderful what they are doing and the “why” they are doing it …and i really REALLY respect that finally someone in the fashion industry has the intentions of fighting the stereotype, but i’m sorry,…. this models are just way too Beautiful and pretty to say “we are breaking the stereotype of models” 

Jarossiri S. Johnson says:

this is really beautiful! they probably have better body that me. I need to work out again lol



Martin McGuire says:

Love it, difference is beautiful and indeed does change over time. I’ve been filming a person with a disability for my current film for 10 years. I call it a 10 year Labor of Love. 

Horst Schmidt says:

Ich bewundere die amputierten für die Energie  die Sie aufbringen um ihr Leben zu meisten.

Blindmanwalking2 says:

Interesting video!  will add to my site! 

videomaster241 says:

Does anyone know how to get involved in disabled modeling?

Into Life Productions / Into Life Films, Inc. says:

Wonderful documentary to help change perspectives. The theme of the definition of beauty has been one I have written about for decades! We’re making a documentary called What’s Up With Down to change perspectives about Down syndrome. Thank you for this very important message.

enmox says:

Just came across this video. I simply love this for beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I would love to see more diversity for diversity is what makes the would a unique and beautiful place.

pantyflash says:

Like, even though your arms and/or legs (or spines) are hosed, you can still be gorgeous.  Way to go, babes!

18steps says:

beauty is not a talent but aww its a gift

Dave Miller says:

Why should different NOT be attractive?
I cannot think of any reason.

Lewis-duncan Weedon ASMR says:

Well done hun, really want enjoyed this

pawis286 says:

Is there a website or somewhere I can find this with spanish subtitles!? This is AMAZING!! I need it to share it with my classmates!!

Mila Isaak - Harrington says:

love it

Angela Allen Kline says:

Thank you for not discriminating against us amputees . Great respect !!!!

Karl Leonard says:

I’ve seen MOD using Natty a young girl with Down’s syndrome for a Sainsburys campaign. I wonder if MOD have any adults with a learning disability on their books?

Shaholly Ayers says:

This is such an amazing campaign; one I am blessed to be a part of. Thank you Models of Diversity! xxoxShaholly

Ellie F-B says:

I’d really like to see this campaign extended beyond amputee or wheelchair people, to include people with multiple disabilities, people with craniofacial disabilities, and people with autism. I think we can find a way to photograph beauty which we can all appreciate. It’s a matter of finding the right photographer, as one lady said here!!! So true!! Couldn’t agree more with that, the photographer who appreciates the subject iand has the goal of photographing beauty,

Josh Perry says:

me 2 it time

18steps says:

u girls r beautiful!!

ai van says:

I remember in taladega nights when will ferrel “didn’t know what to do with his hands”  and in my photography class a whole lecture was about what to do with a models hands when posing. This solves that problem.

Sue Kent says:

As a woman who has a beautifully different body well done Debenhams

Marvin Lyles says:

I’m very glad that this was uploaded!!! I also have a physical disability. But I still wanted to pursue modeling. Modeling has been something dear to my heart and when I was still in high school, I’ve done a senior project on the fashion industry because fashion is my passion. And I presented my senior project to the principal and she stated “You won’t make it in the fashion world as a model” I felt some type of way but what she said didn’t stop me, I pushed even harder to do something that I love and I modeled in multiple fashion shows.

Eva Achoch says:

This is great, awesome indeed.

The Alinker Inventions Ltd says:

In #Moscow Jack Eyers walked an #Alinker ( down the runway in #Bezgraniz spectacular and ground breaking fashion show. Jack is an ambassador for Models of Diversity and soon we’ll hear more from Jack in relation to the Alinker which he took with him to the UK after the show!
Have a look at this documentary, it is so important to have this conversation.
We are not the sum of our physical appearances, we are human beings who all want to live a full and engaged life!

Lana Salome Kurasidze says:

nothing is impossible!!! =)

Katie Driscoll says:

Absolutely love this! We too have a campaign here in Chicago requesting this same change! I would love to connect with you! Check out Changing the Face of Beauty.

Jenny Wesström says:

I would like to do something like this here in Sweden.

bookworm says:

bullocks since the para olympics have you seen one disabled person on t.v and i dont mean running around the north pole hanging off the side of a mountain,why is it nobody takes any notice till somebodys doing that,but try and find an accessible toilet,ha ,it’d be easier getting to the north pole, people with disabilitys are still not being taken seriously,look at all the cutbacks,all the home helps being denied i could go on,the list is endless so dont start patting yourself on the back just yet over how much is being done in society.

Zucre Films says:

That’s a game changer! Spread the word!

hawgdawger says:

This is a most fascinating short documentary. I applaud anyone who stands for what is right. And, what is right within the context of modeling is that anyone who desires to become a model, will be granted the opportunity to represent their cross section in society as well as all other cross sections of society without exclusion, whatsoever.
Thank you, Angel Sinclair. You just gave a beat up ole work horse a bit of inspiration. I’ve been considering coming out of retirement to give mature male modeling a shot.

Victor Benoit says:

Watching this kinda makes me wish I was in better shape. Disabled myself and have a bit of interest in the modelling field. Seriously, the influence models can have to help boost the self esteem of others is astounding if they use it right and these guys and gals seem to be doing it right. Ah well, nice to watch them be able to do it and seeing what impacts they make even if I just have to watch from the sidelines.

bookworm says:

thanks peter jeal.i dont go to concerts much but i can imagine the hassle and i dont travel much but what about trains and airplanes no accessable toilets and major hassle trying to get a wheelchair on so still a long way to go youd think designers etc would of done something about that by now.

matthieus2 says:

Very interesting. Thanks for uploading this. 🙂

Jacquelyn Dalton says:

Hi Angel, Any idea if there is a version of this video with accurate captions? The auto-generated captions are horrendous as they usually are. I’d love to refer my students (Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling) to this video but can’t rightly do so since it is not accessible to all students (particularly the deaf and hard of hearing). I look forward to seeing this with open captions maybe??? Thanks! 

christal hopkins says:

As a person with a disability I’m so happy to see this, the image of disabled people must change and be shown in a different light.

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