Korean Style vs American Style (+ Eunice’s Fashion Styling Tip)

Hello, Wish Trenders.
This video is about the cultural differences between Korean fashion and american fashion. Cause there were many subscribers who asked about Eunice’s fashion, so she made a disclosure of her personal fashion tips in this video. Hope you enjoy this video! ^^


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jhsbmw08 says:

Cleavage at a funeral? are you crazy? You make Americans out to be people with such lose morals. You clearly are stereo typing an entire continent of people. This is such a disappointing video.

bengalifob2 says:

Anyone who ever tells you that leggings, skinny jeans or yoga pants are “comfortable” ARE CRAZY!

jasmine101cc says:

I’m just curious but what about sweatshirts that are a little wide on the neck area? Like, wide enough that your collar bone can be seen? Is that okay or no?

Eunice Hernandez says:

i just recently started watching your videos and i already love them thank u for making these videos because one day i will travel to korea

Misyel Min says:

I think the cleavage thing is right, but skirt length oftentimes is shorter than in Western countries.

Fashion Art Network says:

digging your the fashion!

Kamayia Brevil says:

I’ve heard that Koreans hate dark skin

art beat says:

i really prefer Korean style it’s so comfortable and fashionable

Hanlin says:

do you guys have a video on men’s style? clothing style etc

Fonzi79 says:

Oh how I wished I could wear slippers at work..

Aylűl Aylűl says:

u r sweet ♥

Laura McNeil says:

when I went to Korea I was shocked at how little the girls wore xD not hating just I think it’s funny because I saw SO MANY BUTTS because their skirts and dresses were so tiny. Again not saying Korean girls or looking for attention just it’s funny how people think Americans are more revealing but when I visited the states I didn’t think they were not modest.

Noelle Meier says:

I’m from the U.S. and I HAVE NEVER been to a funeral where women show cleavage. When you dress for solemn occasions like that, you have to be fashoinably conservative just enough to know you care about how you appear, but that you’re not the center of attention because funerals are not for you, there for the memory of the deceased. If someone does where something immodest and flashy, it’s usually a sign that they don’t care about the deceased and are using the fact that this is a formal occasion to show off to others.
Also a lot of Korean vloggers report that Korean girls show off A LOT of leg publically in daylight.

TheMightyGosh says:

im sitting here in germany thinking all the time “Leggings are NO pants!!” because girls also wear it here with short tops and to me it looks so wrong. like wearing tights with a t-shirt wtf

Tammy Johnson says:

I’m an American but I personally like korean style better. To me they have better fashion.

Official Kasi Martin says:

So for kpop idols…. They sometimes have quite revealing clothing. Is that seen as okay now? Like the cleavage and shortness of shorts and such?

Doll Tiffany says:

Can i have your facebook id??? i want some personal advice tips ???please

Julie Vargas says:

who doesnt cover the critch area when wearing leggings tho? kinda gross showing that legging camel toe..

Paulina "Noches" Warmowska says:

Can you tell how the women are looked at when they are wearing more tomboy-ish clothing? Because korean fashion for females is very cute and feminine, so I was wondering how people take it when they aren’t following the trend and tend to lean towards more masculine clothing.

kaleidoscope says:

I honestly want to live in korea

Yanping Huang says:

Thank you and you look like a teacher.

Mari Ana says:

I really don’t like the arrogant people that are saying that “America has no modesty”.First of all everyone has different style sense and everyone dresses how they please.It also depends on where you live and what type of area you live and most of all your personality.In America there are a bunch of stores that cater to different types of styles.For example hot topic that has more darker colored cloths or grunge if you will type cloths.So you can’t really compare Korea and America equally if there are different styles of cloths and different types of personalities that affect style.

zainab faiz says:

is it only me who hates leggings?

Aleja A.P says:


Epiphanystone says:

Showing cleavage at a funeral in the US is not acceptable either.

Gideon GoodSocks says:

ech! Great video but please fix the audio!

Felicia Park says:

so i had to move to Korea and I wore something thats normal in America to school but turns out it was way to fancy for the korean students so they kkept staring at me and im just thinking ‘they really need to work on their fashion skills’ but I already knew that and im kinda like that in america, trying not to be the attention but still I coudnt wear half the clothes I had becauseI knew it was to cool and fancy in Korea

Ross Delaney says:

What cleavage? there nothing there lol need a boob job.

Therese Avenido says:

I was asking for a new episode this year 2016. It’s available?

Kiran S says:

I feel like Korean women’s fashion is more feminine and cute, compared to American trends..I know the states have various clothing styles, but I mainly see preppy/hipster looks.

Suzu Chan says:

the mic is so bad :((((

The Cake is a Liar! says:

I visited S. Korea last year and my friend asked me why so many Koreans dress like office girls and guys. I admit they certainly dress better than a lot of folks in Boston. Maybe one of the reasons is because there’s more social pressure to look tidy. And maybe both K-pop and K-drama are other contributions.

Mai Hoa Trịnh says:

That moment when you are following Korean trends and it didn’t come to Western trends yet. After some months or years it will arrive at Western fashion so everyone will start to wear that. :DDDDD

Aleminia Cathrone says:

In many Asia country. Woman have to be dress like real woman. Not too sexy. Not too old.

Ramata says:

What a nice personal YouTube. Really enjoyed it I am Chinese – USA born first generation. Very similar to Korean culture

Nadia B. says:

In Muslim countries, people usually wear white clothes when going to funerals

ivy says:

1:10 starts the video


Love this!

Zazu_Sem lizardo says:

the audio is so crappy ;___;

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