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Potasty says:

nice spotify Panga

Rhys Kolaric says:

You dip what’s your favorite dip

Wafflerue says:

Nice Spotify panga

AxRandomxDude says:

Nice Spotify panga

FreshToTheT says:

Nice Spotify Panga

Kickstart Gaming says:

Man I don’t care what people say your fucking funny soup

Zane Beale says:

Nice Spotify panga

Vodka Sausage says:

Bengay? 11/10 gotta buy that xD

King Rhy says:

Nice spotify panga

Every Pebble says:


Immortal says:

Roses are red, violets are blue…

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Bilal Bhai says:

i need the “shut up phagot” green screen !!

Nolan Murphy says:

by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

John Smith says:

Get a man’s haircut, boy

Soup says:

Gonna check the P.O. box soon so if you wanna send me something check the description for the address.

Theo Pap says:

is this bumbo

AussieTechGamer says:

I am giving you the privilege of being in my sub box. Your welcome.

Shay14an says:

Nice spotify panga

Elijah Orton says:

nice spotify panga

Zoros says:

whats that gay ass thing around ur neck

RaZe Fainn says:

lmfaooooooooo I love you soup +1 FAGGOOOTTTTTT

Eagle playz says:

shut up feggit

Evan Hoback says:

I don’t know who Ben is or why he is gay lol

Sir Kelce says:

Your hair is horrible

Dennis Dagasso says:

Nice spotify penga

Jackass Croatia says:

you look like pre op james arthur

Freakout Gaming says:

Nice Spotify panga 😀

PanzerSphere00 says:

suck theee ass panga

Steven Guerrero says:

Nice spotoffy


Hey Soup you should do a day in the life of a Redneck and a “House Tour”

JellyJamGaming , says:

soup whats your outro music

Luke Wright says:

i am the lukebradlywright lol

Vyntrex says:

Noice Spotify Paaaaannggaaaaaaaa #kys

XenoFoX says:

Nice spotify panga

RS Infinity says:

Nice Spotify Panga

Dylan Dunne says:

hell yeah I get that joke but I’m a cope man myself

8tgod says:

nice spotify panga

John says:

Erguh your use of faggot and any other homosexual slur as an insult is so prehistoric. Also wtf is your hair XD.

Freakout Gaming says:

i like i im noob becose i play mc but ok cach me outside how about dad

Chance Lad says:

soup you look like one of them people who watch NASCAR for the racing


so its been a few weeks afteei forst tried this and my hair has fallen out please tell me why?

appkungen says:

nice vidio man pls kill me

Zeus Persuader says:

nice spotify panga

Evan Soto says:

nice Spotify penga

PanzerSphere00 says:

nice spotify

XenoFoX says:

Aww sheit im legend!

regard says:

Nice Spotify Panger!

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