I Followed Body-Slimming Fashion Tips Throughout History

“I look like a black M&M with legs.”

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Whatever says:

I don’t get why Kristin allways compares herself with a marshmallow

papi luvsiris says:

I loved her quirky little comments in this video. This was definitely one of her better ones. She seems very confident and her personality definitely shines through.

Corin Becker says:

Kristin is so cute. I love her

SHADYDERICK Blocker says:

alot of the styles if they were tighter or looser on her , rhey would be soooo fab and i love love love that peachpink jacket. it most def brought out her skin tone and hair color. she is differently a spring tone.

Sammy Ariel says:

People thought you looked dated when you were using outdated fashion advice? What a shocker!

donkey butt says:

You’re legs are ok
l have a great waist but my legs look like sausages. the mid 80s outfit looked good on her

primohomme says:

Why is everybody working at Buzzfeed fat, colored or homosexual?

Engla Maja Ekehult Jerreling says:

Ooooh where’s the wrap dress from? Want it!!

Natalie Blake says:

I love Kristin!! More videos with her please! Can we get 20 likes for Kristin?

Juliana Marko says:

Damn that wrap dress looks killer on her

HEYitsSherri says:

where what you want no matter what size you are

ella says:

this comment isn’t necessarily directed at the lady in the video because she seems content with her body, or at least aware of how she wants to dress, it’s just a general piece of advice relating to the topic. nothing you wear is going to make you look like a size 6 if you’re a size 14, nothing is going to make you look slimmer, that’s not what fashion is or should be about. body-slimming is more about wearing clothes that flatter your body shape, not cut it down, so don’t buy clothes hoping they’re going to make you look a stone lighter, buy clothes that you like- maybe they cover some areas of your body, not to pretend that they don’t exist but to direct attention towards the parts of your body that you’re in love with. fashion isn’t a skinny girls game.

Mandy Olsen says:

Kristin is a sweetie but I don’t like that she is suddenly in EVERY video. it’s getting preachy. plus size women are women!! there’s nothing wrong with me!!! you’re overwhelming is BuzzFeed take a break

Allen says:

Kristen hon. I think Buzzfeed should get the 2 main cast of What NOT to WEAR to help you. And a make up artist to TEACH you the RIGHT way to help you with make up to your skin.

Napalm Philus says:

She is so prettyyyyy, Every time I see her that’s all I can think. B-E-A-utifull!

Amie Rakori says:

“I look like a goth pillowcase”
Girl my pillowcase would look more flattering than that outfit

Riksu Mikälie says:

throughout history = last 30 years?

Alva Kellström says:

She is SO FUNNY! I love her!! xD

TisEliRose says:

I wear boot cut jeans everyday…they are really not that hard to find

Arielle Duncan says:

most of these looked bad simply because she kept wearing pieces that didn’t fit. most of the pieces she wore were a size too big, the boot cut jeans looked almost 2 sizes too big, and made no sense she said boot cut was meant to “balance big hips” but she doesn’t have big hips at all, so it didn’t make sense for her to wear those.
the red blazer was a bit too small, if she’d had one slightly larger in a more flattering color it would have looked fine.

Casey Johnson says:

Am I the only one who started laughing at “tent-chic” and the woman in the background who started to choke on her coffee?

IAmHorse says:

Ok, random question, but are there any mythical beasts here? Rhett and Link fans? No? Just me? Ok? Bye…..

Larissa Pinheiro says:

How can she look so cute with braces???

Babykitty881 says:

I like your hair when it’s in a bun!

Eiwit says:

4:15 Vive la France.

Alex says:

She looks good of course but does that mean actually getting slimmer is a breach of her contract?

Random Thats Me says:

Im kinda sad cause im one of those ppl that LOVE BELL BOTTOMS..,but like she said there hard to find. So ima have to cut up my own. I really liked that out fit.

Elise Rambles says:

I feel like if you want to look slimmer lose weight, if you don’t want to lose weight accept that you’re not slim.

〈 Fruitee 〉 says:

I have a problem tummy 🙂

SmileAlwayzz247 says:

Love her so much 🙂

Felicia says:

She’s right, that black dress looked the best. It showed off her curves really well. And her hair looks really nice hair, I’m not sure what it is that changed but it looks better

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