How to look taller (playing with proportions): tips from a fashion designer ǀ Justine Leconte

In this video, I draw 3 outfits that will help you look taller (and slimmer) than you are: which clothes will visually change your proportions, make your legs longer, etc.? There are easy ways to look taller simply through the way you dress.
This video is for you if you are a petite lady looking for styling tips, or if you are “regular” in height but still wish to appear tall.
To be honest, I am tall myself and yet sometimes I like to dress taller too. As a fashion designer, I just love to play with proportions and I hope that you will find this video helpful. Enjoy!

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IloveAmerica says:

Hi Justine, please do a post on wearing eye shadows. I noticed you don’t wear colorful shadows, is that a French thing? Sometimes, I just want to add some colors to my life, please share your great ideas cause you are great. Thank you.

Alanna Kz says:

Love the interesting concepts explored like longer skirts or pants. Also Justine, you looked so pretty in this video- can’t quite put my finger on what’s different but I think it suits you very well ☺️

Lucy InTheSky says:

I’m 5’11 so don’t really need these tips haha. But love your drawings! <3

lunarosa321 says:

Haha I’m already tall, 5’8 , but I’m still watching because I’m intrigued.

Joanna Vella says:

Love this video!! So concise and simply beautiful. Thank you for the tips! Looking forward to see more!

Beverly L says:

Wondering if it is ok to wear ankle length pants at 5’3″ or it is better to go for full length. Skirts, best place to hit on body?

Beverly L says:

Jackets then should be above the hip for petites, how about dusters or longer…where should they hit on the body?

Faith Roldan says:

Wow, you are so beautiful french girl. Can you talk about fashion androgynous for guys?? please. Oh! and more fashion french of girls like Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, France Gall….

Jadorelamode Paris says:

Fabulous!!!! more, please!

Pegs Barton says:

I’m 5′ 2″ and a little chunky to say the least. My most flattering look [I feel!] is narrow trousers worn with a knee length jacket and a hip length tunic top or t-shirt, sometimes in winter I might use a knee length tunic as well as the coat/jacket. It deals with my over large bust as well, because shorter things tend to stand ‘off’ my front due to the chest once again! I always need to cover my legs as they are badly marked with thread veins and varicose veins, so red and purple/blue marks all over them. Thick tights or trousers are my only options sadly. I could wear a maxi dress I suppose, though I felt I have always looked very short in them, back in the 70’s mind you! I was thinner in those days. 😉
I have a question..the little narrow belt you showed on your maxi dress, how do you get it to stay ‘apart’ so you see the cross over effect? If I wore that I would just have two strands of belt at the same level around my waist! My waist is ‘inside,’ between my top and my hips, so a narrow belt may even disappear…I think one needs to be a bit thinner than me to pull that one off! Thanks for your videos Justine, I DO enjoy them. PS I looovve that tiny ring you wear, so delicate.

Rose Langguth says:

Your delivery is smart, succinct and to the point. Thanks for another informative video!

s a says:

I’m 5″9 and everyone thinks im so much thinner than I am because i dress “properly” (where clothes that fit and tuck things in). It works 100% of the time. I think you’d look sooooo amazing with a long blunt cut bob and bangs if you ever want to change up your hair

Alison Scanlan says:

Im 1,58 cm so these tips are just what I need. I never knew you lived in Berlin! Im going tomorrow. I have been once before, but that was 5 years ago. Any great tips for visiting Berlin too? 😉

Pallavi Sanyal says:

As a short woman (I am 5’4″) I feel on me dresses that are short but are snug around the chest and neck (high necks or interesting collars) look better than a short dress with a plunging neck. I don’t know if it’s because I am also quite slim or because I have long legs, small feet and a relatively shorter torso. I have been told that I look taller than I am I guess because of my build and my posture. So i stay away from flowy plungy dresses.

Justine Leconte officiel says:

Hi everyone! This video has English and Spanish subtitles – and I will try to offer these 2 languages for all my future videos. Tell your friends who like to watch with subtitles 🙂 Looking forward to your comments on this “slightly different” way of talking about styling…

Sandra Stadler says:

Thank you, Justine! i love all of your videos and have learned a lot from you. I had always thought a straight leg pant was supposed to be more slimming than the wide or looser look and would, thus, appear to elongate the figure. Is that also true and a viable option?

XMissCupCakejeee says:

The drawings are so nice to watch, and so helpful

Paula Gallagher says:

This was a brilliant video. I am 5′ 8″, which I consider tall but dressing to look taller also makes one look slimmer, which I also like.
Your 3 designs are beautiful and all are things I love! You have the smartest videos I have seen. Please keep them coming!

MA AD says:

if you want to look taller. were platform shoes or stand on a chair.

MConcertPianoPlayer says:

I really enjoyed this video format for this topic. I am not short by any means, but sometimes I would like to appear taller. Thanks again for an enjoyable, informative video 🙂

Contessa Donaire says:

Wow. You illustrate really well. And nice outfits. Love it! Anyway, please make a video on what outfits to wear to not look so thin. I am underweight and finding the right clothes is a struggle. Thanks, Justine! Love your channel. 🙂

idrils says:

I love your black top! Where is it from?

WickedStarfish says:

I loved this video! And you’re so close to 400k! I’m so proud of you and your channel and cannot wait to see what you post next! xoxo

Barbara R Perkins says:

Great and helpful video. Thank you from a 5’3″ lady!!

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