How to Look Taller – Mens Fashion Tips

Here are some tips on dressing to look taller if you’re considered short like me! Apparently if you break your legs you’ll be a few inches taller after they heal.. but these methods aren’t that extreme 😐

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Yeoseff Gonzales says:

he so stupid he wear horizontal stripe

Aditya shah says:

why are you wearing horizontal stripes t’shirt???? you realize that it makes you look shorter than what you are ? 🙂

Music Lover says:

What is your shoes?

Maino1 says:

Do hooligan’s slouch? I’m not sure they do…

doodelay says:

your personality is awesome man. you seem very cool

art gat says:

you missed the most important tip: wear your man bun really high

Joseph007 says:

fantastic video man 🙂

J's Pixels says:

Love your commentary lol

COOL SKY says:

talk less, demonstrate more

Kaleb McGrath Lee says:

You think you’re cute or something?

Kaylee Savannah says:

like a hooligan

Jacob Duffy says:

Why am I watching this I’m 6’2 lmao

Zesty Assassin says:

Sorry but if you are tall people see you as more of a leader and more “in charge”. And that’s from personal experience I’m 6’5 almost 6’6 and people just naturally respect me more, think I’m older (in a good way), and for some reason think I own something that I don’t. Like I was in the walmart parking lot and a I was walking around a charger to get to the entrance and some lady asked if it was my car.

rick stevens says:

no hate bro but that jacket just dont go with that outfit im sorry i know its ur fav lol

Doodle Marley says:

You had me at wearing all black <3

azzkiller22 says:

Daamn man im 5’7 too the first scene in the vid of you i thought you were like 5’10 xD good advice

BrainTwister23 says:

Thanks i am 6.3 and i can finally look like 6.5

IamMicK says:

“Black is my favorite color”

Ay bby

Tag 915 says:

I messed up my leg pretty bad as a kid and now that leg is slightly longer not buy a inch only a tiny bit

Sway Arrow says:

“gotta hydrate” *suscribed

Pop-Up Squatz says:

good tips, thanks

Arnel Ponsaran says:


Samuel Gonzales says:

Where did you buy your jean jacket

Maestro says:

I’m 6’0 is it bad?

Inder Gill says:


BijanPlaysGames says:

You look like mulan

Bazze says:

Nice, I’m 5’11 but mostly shorter than the majority of my friends haha

Speed00007 says:

awsome advice. I love you!

MrMw22wm says:

I’m 6’6 and mostly wear black, and makes me look alot taller than I am.

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