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Hello! Welcome to my channel!! I’m Kelsey Simone, I am a 17 yr old East coast girl in my last year of high school and I love sharing my interests on YouTube. I love fashion, beauty, photography, and giving advice. My style is a good mix between grungy and chic. If you’ve enjoyed watching my videos, please make sure to subscribe to my channel to keep up with me!


Eljesa. JLOver says:

she looks a tiny bit like Kylie Jenner! I MEAN LOOK AT THOSE FLAWLESS LIPS!!

Laura Huggett says:

Super great tips!!!

Stormy Eclipse says:

For everyone feeling insecure today, you are a beautiful diamond!

nikitha sivarajan says:

U said ur short….i dun see it…how short r u

alexa smithson says:

her voice sounds exactly like katy from mean girls omggg

Amina Husain says:

How are you so pretty

Shareen Lalmahomed says:

Step 1: be skinny
Step 2: be pretty
Step 3: have a beautiful smile

Adriana Johnson says:

JB wow

Adriana Johnson says:

hey beauty, you look like Kendalllll boo

Elvira Georgiu says:

This is so helpful

Nhu Ngoc Cao says:

when i have the wors smile

lis says:

kendalll ????

Lexxy Gee says:


Alexis Venzor says:

People make it look so easy, l try n it never comes out right

Camila Ca says:

She looks like emily ratajkowski❤️

ASMR Carlos says:

The ending lmao

milkn says:

this inspired me so much! i always try to copy the popular girls and feel really insecure but now i think im going to change. i cant believe i just saw this video now xd

Evelyn La_La says:

You remind me of Emily Rajtkowski

simply jenny21 says:

Stuck up severely

Dollove XOXO says:

R u actually a model? Cause that wouldnt suprise me if u were ;3

Natalie Moore says:

Nice video. Very helpful

Tijana Markovic says:

Did you actually…. Just… Draw.. Biebo’s brows over…? LMAO I’M DYIN’ BAHAHAAHHA ILY I SWEAR I CAN SEE THE BELIEBER IN U GURL. I SEE YA GURL. I SEE YA.

Ariana Marie says:

She lowkey looks like Kylie jenner


I like your eyes

Michaela Eileen says:

You- look like a goddamn queen in every picture

Me- looks like a fish

La'Nya Franklin says:

Kelsey: Find an inspiration

Lexi Vivid says:

This is the first video I’ve seen of hers, and I honestly thought she was Kendall Jenner for a few seconds.

RosaLyNNTV says:


Arty Blue says:

It’s not fair cause you are already vet pretty

Charlotte Levene says:

Where is your necklace from?

I. B says:

Awesome tips

moonlike says:

she’s like a mix of kendall and kylie jenner ♡♡♡


1 step: look at girls and copy them

Last step: don’t copy people, be yourself

I’m so confuse

Nina M says:

Daaaaaamn she is copy from kylie Jenner but she is more cute and natural

cecekayn says:

my biggest problem is that i espect myself to look exactly like I do in the mirror so pictures just to me look so crooked.

Nikola Johnson says:

What’s wrong with your face

Mia Ruddin says:

Well, she looks good in every second effortlessly.

Jack McArdle says:

Step one: be actually good looking

Giramata Anitha says:

thank u for teaching me now i’m best photogenic miss in my school

sabina nezha says:


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