How To Hem Your Pants | Mens Fashion Tips

Whats up guys so in this video I show you how to hem your pants, its really easy…you just need to practice 🙂 Hope this helps!
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Moslim A.M.Hamid says:


Samuel Alvey says:

that looks ridiculous

mikesterlb says:

I wish knew how to sew i messed it up last time lol

Adam ? says:

what kicks at 2:07?

Mr Man says:

Where did u get the blue nikes

Samuel Parada Bustelo says:

Great and helpful video mate

cody hughes says:

I need to do this

Dylan O Brien says:

If he likes his hem up further then why not just buy a shorter inseam? Instead of buying a 30W 32L, get a 30W 30L

sloergod says:

Buy some socks man, and while you are at it, buy your pants in the correct lenght ?

Ashraf Kun says:

2:00 :O
what happened with your arms ??

HaZZarD says:

Nice stuff, how to hem your T-shirt next please, they are always too long : (

Switching Gears says:

did you have to cut the very bottom? not really eh

Edge says:

Using pants like that looks really bad. Makes it look like youre too big for those pants.

DearUriel says:

May you show how to make your jeans/pants into a skinnier fit? Love this video !

Soccer_vibe says:

What watch were you wearing? 😛

Md Shuja says:

make more hairstyle tutorials Jordan you’re really good at it

esierra91 says:

what sneakers are those?

Arawinth Aero says:

simply amazing ……….!!!!!!!! I luv all ur videos

aaron luke says:

Aye this is awesome, so helpful for me.

TheGentlemansCove says:


misaac lopez says:


Jake Aaron says:

looks good you make me want to hem a pair of my own pants but i don’t have any at this moment that need some hemming : ) take care have a nice week : )

SGN KEN says:

is it possible for you to make a video on how to taper your pants?

HeandHim says:

Is this how you hem your jeans too? (Gustin’s specifically)

Chetan Boudou says:

No more hairstyle videos?

Colton Collins says:

This video has helped so much! I’ve been going to a tailor for YEARS and have spent a small fortune on getting my chinos hemmed professionally. I’m pretty sure it would have been a lot cheaper just to buy a sewing machine and do it myself! THANK YOU!

BboyFortune says:

Nice video, the only thing I suggest is teaching people how to sew/use a sewing machine. To most, it’s not common knowledge so a video on that would be great too!

michaelbdbb says:

carlos ya fag

TheHairTech says:

you should do a how to taper to create stacks jordan.

pedro ivan says:

Anybody know the name of those shoes??

Robbie Jenkins says:

Thanks so much for this!

Not Cool Bro says:

too short bro

Nate Andrade says:

wow i like ur nikes which ones are they

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