How to Dress in 2019 + Top 15 New Fashion Trends! (Style Tips)

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Yo my Individuals! Today I’ll be showing you guys how to dress in 2019 with 15 new Men’s Fashion Style Trends & outfit ideas to wear.

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Jaden Price says:

Ayyy, made that shoutout esketit! @jaden.g.price thanks dre, love the vid keep up the good work love you bro!

Ernesto Padilla says:

Walnut salad

blake rallis says:

My favorite piece was the military vest! So dope bro.
My Instagram is: blakerallis

Obey Ted says:

This was 9 minutes of brand advertisements

Karl Nyabinde says:

Where can I get that individual t-shirts bro

Ernesto Padilla says:

Walnut salad

Sune K. Tønnesen says:

u are starting to get quite big dude(ofc i mean muscular) but i really loved the more atheletic look u had when u were not quite as big, but its up to you, i just liked it more before :))

CAT - HAIR says:

Pinstripe joggers are lit

Christian Martinez says:

My Favorite Piece was the loud prints, I recently bought a Light Pink Hoodie, at first everyone was looking at me weird for wearing something loud and different, but now they understand my Aesthetic and Style, nothin but love Dre ❤

Instagram: christian.martinez16

T • CHAHAL says:


homeyp1221 says:

Does anyone know where to buy the black joggers with one white stripe that he’s wearing with the flannel shirt and pink hoodie? I don’t see a link in the description.

KDay says:

I mean you tried but when I saw the „shorts“ with these weird Ed hardy stones on it the cringe level started to rise second by second.I think you are the guy who is doing ok in every aspect of life but will never be close to one of the best. And so is your YouTube channel.
It’s not a big deal to impress a bunch of viewers who have absolutely no idea when it comes to fashion. If you want to impress the fashion community you have to step up your game immediately. I hope you can live with some critical opinions on your video and wish you all the best for the future.

Caffein Overdose says:

maybe the best look is flannel…cause is timeless….lol…
and thanks for this video…think im gonna rock that basketball short…
username @agyopalmado

geneticfreak84 says:

No more wooden Jord watches lol?

El SantRey says:

Go for what you like. Let the trend be unique and creative

rex logan says:

dude how much clothes u hqve

Ya boi a ranga says:

Man that retro 90s look, not digging it

Amir Imran says:

Flannels and windbreaker are really way to go! Btw your basketball shorts is super dope man. Ig : @amir.imrans

kakashi hatake says:

Please like my comment

Adriaan Houweling says:


iitto says:

Walnut Salad

Ernesto Padilla says:

Walnut salad

Ernesto Padilla says:


Anaika Roach says:

Love the way U always finish Ur videos in learning a lot from Ur style n implementing it on my son but it’s a little difficult cause he’s only 11 n most of Ur style is more grown up lol but always gives me good ideas thanks

lotfe khellade says:

You are awesome

Imran Mirza 1800 says:

You’ve been wearing tayrock watches pssssss. Yodawood watches

Wardan Jamal says:

your face has gotten puffy..

Mickey Clark says:

walnut salad

Issa Dib says:

Pinstriped joggers are dope @issakdib

Andrei Baloi says:

You are so cool and different!!

JohnyBaldman says:

Dig that bomber jacket man!
Love this video style

IG: @johnybaldman

Ahmed BM says:

The wind breaker was my fav. My IG: youboy_ahmed.

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