How to Dress in 2018 + 6 New Style Trends (fashion tips)

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Hey guys! Today I will be showing you 6 Major Style Trends To Wear In 2018! Men’s Fashion has definitely came a long way, and next year is going to get even more dope!

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► OUTFIT #1:
FURY Gori Crew Jumper:
Army Joggers:
Adidas NMD sneakers: White Camo

► OUTFIT #2:
UMORO Outfit:
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► OUTFIT #3:
Camel Sweatshirt Hoodie:
Biker Jacket:
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Jordan Fly ’89

► OUTFIT #4:
Waffle Long Tee:
Biker Jacket:
Black Distressed Pants from DSTLD
Boots –

► OUTFIT #5:
Blue Denim Jacket:
Desert Camo Hoodie:
Black Distressed Pants from DSTLD
ALDO Shoes
Frankie Jord Wood Watch:

► OUTFIT #6:
FURY Heavy Duty Jacket in Black Camo:
Denim Black Workshop Jeans:
Adidas NMD sneakers: White Camo

J a d e n S m i t h – F a l l e n
T a d a s h i – D o p e
T w e n t y O n e Pi l o t s – A d d i c t w i t h a p e n

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Nguyet Vi says:

you are so handsome. how old are you?

Lauchlan says:

Addict with a pen by twenty one pilots is the song Dre used at the inspirational message at the end of the video.

It is one of the best songs ever written and I suggest you search it up and really listen to the lyrics.


Frakos says:

Updated skin care routine??

Red-Haired Shanks says:

Playing that Jaden Smith in the background

Justin says:

That camera quality is dope!

Jacob Gershwitz says:

Dude, love the biker jacket and that look…very cool

Joshua Hobart says:

Yo Dre you and the mrs should read the book unchristian it’s dope and really self challenging

Louki Alfa says:

when a new vid is out I’m literally like a kid who has just been offered candy,and have a nice day yall

The Hammy says:

I heard that tøp piano cover

Amir Imran says:

I think you should make video about facial care Dre. It’s been a long time you don’t make any videos about it. So why not right?

Noah24/7 says:

word up Dre

Water Malone says:

If you dress like that in philippines you will be called jejemon if you dont look good

Suricatino Channel says:

first look just booooom

Altonye Williams says:

What is the name of the book you are reading

Andrew Quick says:

Alright Dre what is the book called and it worth the read, loving the videos.

Spider Ron 183 says:


Sochipem Keishing says:

Why do u wear an oversize upper wear, Oversize watch and skinny pant? ur body look disproportion yak……
Ps/- No bad feeling dude just my opinion

Sportsknowledge 23 says:


Ross Mordaunt says:

Makes me uncomfortable this guy has a wife

Dipansh Sarao says:

yes i want to get such more videos

Dan Robin Amores says:

Who dislikes this? Great video as always! Dre drexler is dre drexler!

Marco Calderon says:

Please touch on that topic more!

30m3 says:

What is the book called?

Kshiteej Rai says:

What’s the books name??? I want to read it too

Nate Andrade says:

Thanks for the video Dre! Keep Grinding!

Aiden N says:

Thankyou for the tip
Thankyou for the wonderful message. 🙂

Jeremiah Gorian says:

just got new all white nmds Dre would you cop?

Jeevan Athwal says:

What’s the name of the book you have been reading..??

Spider Ron 183 says:

Its ok bro

Andy Suryandi says:

love this post! so great! …

anjaani kumar says:

Keep up the good work !!! Love it

Yimleng Xwb says:

Love it bro.

Mesfizzy says:

Do talk about this topic more! Love you and your content! Keep the good stuff coming Dre ❤️

Amir Imran says:

Things that make your channel different from others are your inspirational advice and thoughts at the end of your videos. It do inspires me a lot Dre. Great job dude!

Everyday Gentleman says:

IMO only time camo is acceptable is in hypebeast style, eg. bape

Panda395 says:

Awesome tips, specially the money thing , thanks!!!

Angel Nazario says:

Could you do a video like this one, but with budget friendly fashion!!! I Loved the biker jacket for my nephew christmas present, but 79$ puts it over budget. If you make a video like that, it will be really appreciate it!! Thanks!!

David Teixeira says:

What book is that?

Absolu Herjhee says:

Great video bro

RemyLexington says:

so awesome dude

hardisaiah123 says:

Great video keep up the good work

Jung Kook says:

Yo missed u bro Should be active more

Tamas Bmx says:

What’s the title of the book that you are reading?

Rico Styles says:

sub to my channel I sub back trying to build my youtube just like yall

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