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murugesan V says:

how to wear shoes without socksss

john tristan barredo says:

Hi, I’ve been watching your videos more often than the other guys who mentor for style.. I feel jealous because I cant afford any except the plain t-shirts.

jopimp14 says:

guess I’m old fashion, I prefer to do baby cuffs, and crease my pants. thick starch

naveen kumar says:

Nice, I did this.

Bagas Septianto Prabowo says:

1:28 one and a half to two what??

Toby McFlyers says:

lobang idungnye bisa gitu ye? 🙁

Lone Wolf says:

ashley are u filipino?

Drg Sh says:

Man needs a tape with this woman talking about inches and cms

Omar Nouradi says:

This is so ugly

SuperMaccoi PH says:

What ideal style/cut of jeans for each cuff/roll?

SuperMaccoi PH says:

What do u mean by breaks! Sorry not familiar w/the term

Abyk R. says:

You could see how the style takes some time to travel over the ocean, maybe the limited access to good shops make it also harder but definitely little behind compare with Europe!!

An Spade says:

Ima need to cuff you..

Ojus Minhas says:

Ashley can u tell whether to wear socks or not while cuffingpinrolling.I see ur model not wearing it

Djamil Abdeddaim says:

thanks j ai aimé la couleur de t cheveux

Ojus Minhas says:

Ashley whenever I go on shopping websites I always see the models have rolled up their jeans and have tied laces inside without wearing socks or might be no show socks…Can u please tell me the reason???

MosesBrokeTheOriginal says:

Was that a chick or a dude with the white shoes and blue pants? Why men are taking fashion advice from their feminist girlfriend who hangout with gay men on the weekends is a mystery to me.

Da Kid Gowie says:

Thank you, Ashley!

Daryl Liggins says:

I can’t wait for cuffs to go out of style again. Looks terrible

Ryan Reid says:

Is it okay to wear socks with pin roll ?!

bimmerTEK says:

pinch roll and to high of a cuff looks very feminine but I have admit it I like how it looks since it makes an expensive shoe stand out too bad just don’t look right o. Very popular in Houston for gay men to have those cuffs and looks good on them.

Kevin Simpson says:

Damn she gorgeous.

Saffi Hooya says:

to be look like highclass hooker…

wear a bra and see through clothes.. … and post video..

Varsha Singh says:


Andrew Tluanga says:

awesome sub++

Akhil Sai says:

Can we pinroll chinos..?

Ojus Minhas says:

No show socks!! That’s right. Thank uuuuu

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