SOME FASHION TIPS – Here’s how to build or rebuild your wardrobe with basic essentials. I believe in investing in nice, high quality pieces to create the foundation of any trendy (or non-trendy!) outfit. I don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for a really nice basic piece that’s going to last a long time & never go out of style. However, like you can see in the video, you can also find nice quality basics at stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Zara!


› Top: It’s actually a bodysuit by a brand called Leith but I bought it on clearance at Nordstrom Rack. I can’t find it anywhere, but here are some similar ones:
› Bralette:
› Mom Jeans:
› Belt:

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▹ I’m half Black/half Filipino (Igorotak!)
▹ I’M AMERICAN. I just like to do a lot of accents lmao
▹ I only speak Taglish. Sobrang sorry talaga T^T
▹ I’m a military brat so I don’t have a hometown
▹ Canon G7X / Nikon D7000
▹ Adobe Premiere Pro

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Kelly Dailey says:

So hard to pay attention to fashion and take u seriously when ur boobs are out and you keep messing with your shirt. Might have had good advice but Idk, tape your shirt or loose it

Anvesha Sachan says:

I think fashion joggers are the best

Alex P. says:

I’m so glad I found you ! I literally complain everyday that I have nothing to wear haha I have a bad fashion sense so I’m ready to learn !

Two Girls says:

From where is the jacket at 6:10 on the right????

Unknown Secret564xx says:

Any chance of a link to the black blazer as I am in love with it ! 🙂 X

Katspearl says:

I love your personality and how you talk and I found this video super helpful. After your other video about finding personal style, I’m going to name you one of my style icons! I agree with your basics and it was helpful to show how to pair them with different styles. 😀 Thumbs up!

Zacaria Nixon says:

do you live in your own house ?

viky1010 says:

Ladies, this bodysuit is the best find to pair with jeans,skirt or by itself as a winner festival outfit !

Keys Universe says:

Thank you so much for this video it was so helpful!! I loved all your staples for this video.

Kathe W says:

where is your black blazer from? I love it!

A V says:

Save money on clothes by lifting all your faves!

EliteRowmaster says:

As a guy here, when you closed the blazer… made me feel like such a creep ahaha

caroline w says:

Take a shot every time she says “put together”

Kaori Hing says:

00:46 BITCH HUH?

Cristianandtupac says:

Not feeling the joggers or the sweater tbh

yourbrownhoe says:

Honey I have pretty small broad shoulders but I trying not to look like a man so I’m checking off blazer

Mari Ramirez says:

Great job!

Sydney R says:

“In certain parts of the country, in certain cultures” You mean the hood hahaha

You’re right they aren’t going anywhere.

Saliha Noor says:

Oh my god her hair tho

Ida Gustafsson says:

”put together”

Nunyo Bidnit -Cardboard Triangle says:

That intro was everything

Essma Boucteb says:

I love your curls !!! I have curly/wavy hair and always try to wear it naturally and still look put together. I feel like a lot of women feel like they can’t look put together if they have textured hair or if their hair isn’t blown out, but that’s not true. So thanks for representing classy curly gals like us <3

Jimin's jams says:

when you live in the Philippines and you can’t wear those types of tops cayse it’s freaking hot here and everyone would think ur crazy cause ur wearing a sweater on a sunny day

Morin T-S says:

the black skirt is a flared skirt not an A line skirt

Diamond Brown says:

What is the brand of the moto jacket?

Julia Rønningsen says:

I realized I literally don’t have any basics and now I understand why I can never find something to wear!! So here I go.. just spent 300 dollars on basics spontaneously in the middle of the night.. Hope I (or my wallet) won’t regret this.. But thanks for this video, I think I learned much and you are absolutely gorgeous!

Benny Tep says:

I love your laugh

AIYANA says:

What’s the brand of that leather jacket you got from Nordstrom Rack? It’s so cute

Lucy Unicorn says:

Woah. Don’t shout at me!

Endreshia Fernandes says:

Nice video but 24k is 100% gold, while 18k is 75% gold, and 14k is 58.3% gold. Back Home we don’t buy anything below 22k, but gold is more like an investement in India.

Shannon Garcia says:

I totally agree with the joggers, very important staple in the wardrobe for that casual comfy yet put together look. Love street wear!

Shani Santi says:

Am I the only one who noticed her change in accent from English to Australian then English again

nikki trinidad says:

rag & bone jeans are the best! they’re amazing and worth every penny. haven’t been able to find anything that can top them!

Jasmine Sylvie says:

when ppl say “when I was in high school” but you have no idea how long ago that was…

Rianna Louisse says:

Hey I’m also from the Ph! Ang ganda mo talaga at ng chanel mo. Subbed!

Papi Pepino says:

I loved the entire video but I kinda wanna know the name of the red jacket around 6:05

Sigrid says:

Hi! Does anyone know where I can buy those joggers Asia has? I have been looking online, but I’m unable to find anything like it:(

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