5 Easy Tips on How to ALWAYS look stylish! In case you’re running late or just need some new inspiration, these easy tips will help you elevate your day to day style with basic outfits + pieces you probably already own! Don’t forget to give this video a THUMBS UP to let me know if you liked it!

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Hey guys! I hope today’s video could give you some quick fashion inspiration + help you feel a little more confident in your personal style! I’ve been wanting to film a video like this for awhile + thought doing it as a collab with Lindsay Albanese was the perfect way!
A little bit about us in case you haven’t seen us before: We are both a part of E! Style Collective + shoot segments for E! News + E! Online. We both are stylists and she also has a youtube channel! We’ve been together at so many events this past year + have been chatting about collabing for SO long. It’s finally here!

You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe to feel stylish in your day to day outfits. By mixing your proportions, keeping your color palette simple + playing with accessories, you can completely elevate the look of a basic outfit! I hope these simple tips can help you feel a little bit more confident in your everyday style!

Tips on How to Always Be Stylish / Easy Ways to Dress Stylish
1. Proportions- if you’re wearing a tighter piece, balance it out with a looser one! Same with if you’re wearing something that shows a lot of skin [like shorts] wear something more covering on top.
-You can tuck in a looser fitting top at your hip to help keep your shape + show off your shorts or pants [this is a blogger favorite style tip].
2. Mix Styles- I love to mix styles like hard and soft, casual and glam. If you’re wearing something like lace, add a little edge to it. If you’re wearing something casual like jeans, add a pair of heels to dress them up!
3. Monochromatic- one of the easiest ways to look chic in a hurry? Wear all black. Or all white. Or all neutral. When in doubt, wear head to toe monochrome. It’s easy + modern! Wearing all black is definitely the easiest and most forgiving color- it’s a foolproof way to look styled!
4. Accessorize- I love dressing up more basic outfits with a statement necklace or an oversize hat. Lindsay loves layering multiple necklaces!
5. Find your favorites- Have a couple of go-to outfits in your closet that you know look good on you AND you feel great in. I always have a little black dress I can throw on if I’m going somewhere + need to look put together!


Thank you guys so much for the overwhelming amount of love you left me on my break up story / announcement of my clothing line. I received my first sample for the line [literally, just the first cut off a design] and I started CRYING when they showed it to me. That’s what I’m wearing in this video! Even this outfit still has work left to be done on it, but I kept the sample + had to wear it. I have literally been dreaming of this moment + I couldn’t even wait for a finished product before showing it to you guys. The line will be released early next year, but I’m so excited that I can show you this early sample now / am so happy to bring you along for the whole process with me!


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park mou na says:

it Helped me a oott

Satiffi g says:

Where do you buy these cloths from? Its difficult for me to find cloths that fit me well. I am good with the bottoms but have hard time getting casual tops that fit me well. Any tips would be helpful.

Ouissame Chebrek says:

be rich and have taste

Call Me Lola :D says:

albanese? Is she by any mean albanian? Just asking tho :T

Hoour Shumail says:

hey tell what song is playing on background of this. video ….
thumbs up ladies …you rocks the floor

Bre Yo says:

I thought that the banter was funny, dunno why people would rather it be dull. Good tips!

Tayabba Irshad says:


Jasmim Estefany says:

loved all

sntrada says:

I love how they had so much fun doing this! Doing what you love is just the best. You guys both look stunning. Thanks for the tips!

Elin T says:

You look like Jennifer Lawrence in this video 🙂

lemonade • sheryl says:

You sound so much like jennifer lawrence

mlyana gomez says:

what is song in the background please tell meeeeee

All Spice says:

cute ideas

Lilia Malik says:

How to always look stylish : wear black

Creative Ideas says:

any small youtubers wanna support each other?

Margaret Ann Murphy says:

Loved your vid. try too loose the giggling …feels unprofessional. watch your grammer. You guys are AWESOME. Please make more .

ToshPointFro says:

I’m going to go clean out my closet and this video gave me so much guidance. I have so much stuff I don’t wear.

Opal Magic says:

The all black is so me lol

Laurie Warn says:

Why are you yelling ?

Woman Watching says:

Where can I get that sequence jumpsuit? I live in Missouri. we are 3 years behind in fashion here. lol

Uday kumar says:

How to always be stylish

mavis t says:

How tall are you?

Kisztol says:

Psych, my aunt’s taught me to tuck one side of my shirt since I was little.

Sophia Pang says:

I personally don’t find any of these outfits that stylish, they seem all very basic or odd to me. Pairing a plain striped T with sequin shorts and espadrilles seems like a mismatched mistake. That silver statement necklace looked odd with the tank dress, makes it look more fussy than effortless. I would ditch the elaborate necklace and add a modern cuff bracelet or arm cuff on one arm and a statement ring or slimmer bracelet on the other hand to go with the asymmetric look. And the layering of that necklace w the lace bra and gray strap dress is just too much going on. Hmm…Good tips, but can’t say I’m feeling these looks.

elu pelu says:

guys ,why to you talk more ?
and do less.

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