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We’ve all been there… 5, 10, 15 pounds have crept on and then back off again! It’s Goo to the rescue. She gives you takeaway tips on how to avoid the stress of getting dressed when it feels like nothing fits right. From key pieces you need to stay stylish to the best fabrics and cuts that work no matter what! This is one episode you can’t miss.

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What in your wardrobe did you find to be helpful during the times of fluctuating weight? Share with us in the comments below!

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Goo Goo Atkins brings you the secrets to true fashion and beauty. It all starts with inner peace and embracing your size, seeing the value in yourself, as well as feeling confident being you. Let Goo inspire you to feel good in your own skin by working with what you’ve got!


Will I am Musiq says:

GooGoo is so beautiful

jamara cystrunk says:

Thanks Goo! This video really made me feel sooo much better about myself.

Roshaine Henry says:

I love this. Great tips.


I am totally loving ur sense of fashion!!!!! You are beautiful inside and out. Now, tell me where I can get the dress you had on and the animal print jumpsuit. Thank you sooooo much for the tips!! Love and God Blessyou

Freddie Biwie says:

hello too I’ve love your show and I’m trying to loose weight and the wardrobe its awesome thank you for the fashion ,

Ginger Tansil says:

Yeah Goo. You’re good. Glad you thought to get a YouTube channel. My daughter is over 350 lbs. but she’s losing it. And she has a gorgeous face too. She needs this video for added confidence. Go Gurl. Itch yo birthday!!! I’m definitely ‘like’ing and subscribing to all your vids.

LaShonda Monroe says:

She rarely tells where to shop

Nikki McRae says:

I don’t see the black and white outfit. Where can I get the black and white, a line shirt outfit?

Frances Gomillion says:

Goo Goo, these tips are wonderful and you are so fun to watch. You go girl!

Latashia Malone says:

Omg, you are adorable! Tell Ms. Tommy the Wade family sends their love, (its a thousand of us like y’all) lol

A Wynner says:

that brown/white zebra print jumper, I need it!!!!! where can I find it? #reallylovethe videos. Im going to watch them all,

Tisha Baldwin says:

were to buy it

Nikki757 says:

Goo you look good,and if you have anything negative to say keep it to yourself

Tanisha Jones says:

awesome tips Goo Goo

Martina Berry says:

Goo! Please do a special video for us top heavy women. I have trouble picking out clothes that are slimming as well as accommodating to “my girls.” Please help!

Veronica Richardson says:

Great tips but where can I find that stomach forgiving jumpsuit or one close to it?

chi chichi says:

12-14? Where?!….

Rosaland Chambers says:

Hi Goo Goo. I love your sense of style and your personality to boot; cute, cute, cute!! BUT….BUT….a size 12??? Sometimes a 10??? Gull bye!! Remember we, big girls, can gauge another heavy down to the ring size. A, a, a 14…no!! Lets keep it real. Just dont even quote a size. Dont even put a number on it!! Love ya!

Rita Watson says:

Great looks, but were can you get these item’s

Shannon Edison says:

Where’s the best place to get plus size leggings? Great videos!!!!!

Selina Melton says:

I love the tips they are very helpful and I love to order Goo’s brown zebra rumper where do i go? Lovin Goo’s style

Char Young says:

Thanks for this Goo. I needed to see/hear this today. I have been feeling some kind of way cause I have gained some weight due to health issues. I know I will lose it, but right now it’s here and I need to just deal with it. Stretchy has always been my friend and I’ve been rocking the stretch a lot lately. Yes, I will be the fattest, cutest thing walking….love that! Thanks again.  This video really made my day and reminded me that I am fabulous no matter what size I am. PLEASE keep doing these videos!!!

Maria Blackwell says:

Where can I find these clothes? I want ALL of um!!


Goo ,we absolutely love you & your styles .Glad you’re branching out for yourself !Doing you works !!!

Sarah Kimbrough says:

I would love to have that jumpsuit. Can’t find on their webpage.

Beauty of Holiness says:

Where can we purchased these outfits????

Tisha Baldwin says:


TekuilaM says:


MediaThang says:

Love the tips.Can you please cover a style for BIG BUTTS and Arms; SIZE 28. Please!!!!!!!

Toni Peterson says:

fat toni braxton

danielle mangum says:

This is great nobody helps the big girl out. We need clothes too. Great Video Channel.

Freddie Biwie says:

sorry goo, goo

Keyanna Gardner says:

I love this. you could add where we are likely to find these pieces. I love the selection of clothes, but would love to know where to get these pieces from.

Diamonds N Pearls says:

Thank God For GooGoo!!!

Brooklynn Richards says:

Where can I find the animal print jumper?

Angela Brown says:

love it! great, style and motivation! don’t stop goo do your thing! :):):)

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