Fashion TRENDS of 2016-2017

Hello loves! today I m sharing to you guys fashion trends of 2016- 2017 ! Some fall fashion trends for back to school! Affordable fashion trends!

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Coat: Forever21
Jeans: Choies
TankTop: Forever21
Shoes: Forever21

Outfit 2:
Jacket: Zara
Tank Top + Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Marshalls

Outfit 3:
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Forever21
Necklace: Forever21
Shoes: Marshalls

Outfit 4:
Dress + Shoes: Forever21

Outfit 5:
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Marshalls

Outfit 6:
Shirt: Urban Planet
Pants: Forever21
Shoes: Forever21

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sadain brown says:

Nicollet no offence but ur foot had look hard

shattered ruby says:

i wish goth would come back in style so i can pile up on goth clothes

Emily Martin says:

work from home!!

Brandon Nevers says:

those were disgusting except the first one was somewhat ok

Aris Paputungan says:

so beautifull

Maria Martinas says:

I definitely must be very old, as I still love the classy French style. I don’t know how I got here. This “really-absolutely-super-adorable-cheap” it is not for me. Thank you for the video and the effort of making it. 🙂

Ashlyvett Figueroa says:

Girrrrrl your legs look so good and even with jeans!

Leah's Life says:

sub to me 4 cake

Sabrina Estrada says:

The light pink dress was beautiful! <3

ILY Horan says:

you look like shaileen woodley

Brandon Nevers says:

from a guys perspective these are the ugliest things you can wear

Hot Deals says:

Buy your fashion stuffs at 40% off, and help the channel

Meghan Gonzalez says:

The last ones’ pants are ugly. And the “booties” which are not are ugly too. Sorry to say but’s true.

Fact Picks says:

Amazing fashion trends !!

TeenRoxy says:

song nameeee pllllsssss 0:52

Angela Mischke says:

ok but when tf did leather joggers become a trend?

pink bear says:

bruh that ass PHAT

خارج الصندوق says:

Iajmap this Aqmsta I hope it’s a great my support

Breanna David says:

i thought she said “niglets” in the beginning of the video

Natalia Rous says:

loved these looks!

krystyna dera says:

as it is called this second note?

OVOXO says:

is this xo as hugs and kisses or ecstasy and oxycondone

Brandon Nevers says:

they were all disgusting except for the first one

Lovez Cakez says:

omg her freakn legs!

L Kl says:

Whats the Name of the Song in the hole middle of the Video?

kendama tricks Romania says:


Kenneth Pennisi says:

very stylish

Aunt Berta says:

Me:I’m gonna try this
**a few days later**
Me:I give up

claire bear123 says:

figit spinner

Batik Zada says:

I Like….

Mystérious Voice says:

How tall is she?

csak kreatívan says:

beautiful !♥♥♥love this outfitts

jd says:

did u just call me a nigga in a white way ohh hell nah

Ayah Ak says:

Off the shoulder is definitely one of my best

Marian Lomibao says:

thank you this would really help

Sirin Sayari says:

How is the shape of the dress called?

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