FASHION TIPS | Shopping on a Budget!

Here’s my top ten tips for shopping on a budget! Hopefully this shopping guide gives you some helpful ideas on how to save money while still looking fashion forward. THUMBS UP IF YOU ENJOY!


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My Favourite Stores – (Cheaper than other Aussie Boutiques) (Often has a 20% off code)

What are your go-to stores when you’re on a budget??
Let me know in the COMMENTS!

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Shyanne 8098 says:

I love Kohls, like I find all my clothes there. For me, they have all of my style and have pretty good sales. I shop there all the time.

fashion lova says:

I really love and appropriate your videos your styles amazing and your one of the only youtubers I follow that actually post often and actually tries everything on I just love your style and your music selections as well

Zahrah Aliyah says:

Great tips Katie! I’ve only been able to bring a handful of clothes over to London with me and it’s been enough! I just had to buy a light jacket whilst here. This just showed me that I don’t need a lot of the stuff still sitting in Sydney. Definitely going to do a big clean out when I get back home 🙂

Diya Fatah says:

SO helpful and true! you deserve more subscribers you’re gonna be huge soon 🙂

Ishani Bastakoti says:

Hello !! I loved this video !!
Greetings from Nepal !!

gem hay says:

Thank you for your helpful & informative video. 😀

J Q says:

Giraffage <3

Matisse Beauty says:

I love this video so much, I also love op shopping.

elizabeth vu says:


2 healthysilke says:

thanks for the tips and you look great

Sarina Lace says:

Thanks for the tips bc im always a shopaholic

megan says:

omg thank you so much for this video!!! btw where’s the flannel you’re wearing from?

Egle N says:

love your channel 🙂

Maddieslifestyle says:

Hehe when you mentioned the ‘brands’ thing! I feel you girl… I just don’t get that! 🙂 ps. I’m home and actually have internet so I’m trying to catch up on like 4 months of your videos! Miss your face x

laurel mcbeath says:

this was so helpful! thank you 🙂

Zigo8 says:

Fabulous tips. Following these tips will definitely cut your budget in half. Smart shopping!

amina aden says:


Lorna Pulti says:

I love valley girl it has some really nice pieces for a good price and also Dissh always has amazing cloths so if you go to the sales rack you will find something nice for a reasonable price. By the way I love your channel girl, you have great taste! 🙂

Sara Cope says:

Asos is my life! I spend way too much money with them, but I love everything. They have so many different brands and price points.

Kirsten Taylor says:

I absolutely love Bardot hands down my favourite shop although not so affordable, however there have been times where I’ve bought something at bardot and seen something similar at either Glassons or an Australian boutique such as Stelly, dolly girl fashion etc, for a 50% of the price. So it defiantly pays off to look around before purchasing at Bardot. Even though I’m obsessed with their clothes

REglam says:

Hey! We at REglam love your page, and are sharing it to our list of fashion tips and tricks! We aim to promote positive body image and expressing yourself through fashion, and we think you have a great channel. If you’d like to collaborate, please let us know! Thanks!

Tahlia x says:

glassons always have a huge sale rack!

Crystal Conte says:

This was seriously such a great video! I’m sure it’s helped so many people now!! Thank you!! ❤️❤️

Matisse Beauty says:

When I am on a budget I like to shop at supre that have some really great & cheap deals

RachelMeetsWorld says:

Amazing video as always Katie! I definitely fall prey to “oh it’s on clearance for $5, I HAVE to get it!” Haha I’ve been better about it though! The first step is admitting you have a problem right? 🙂

angie_ sims says:

Your accent is perfect!! Great tips! <3 xx

Crystal Watts says:

forever 21 is cheap for example 14 dollars a shirt

Karly Randell says:

I definitely think trying out new stores that you’re not too familiar with because you never know what they could have.I love Glassons as they seem to always have great deals! Xx

eva edith says:

cotton on and factorie are 2 great shops for saving! they also have major sales and deals!

Niki Booth says:

ASOS always has amazing sales and fantastic service! everything from a low to high budget on there! keep up the fab videos girl xoxo

Saranya Krishnan says:

are u from Australia??

Books4LitSouls says:

great idea’s

Jacinta Alexander says:

online at the moment I really love sheinside and romwe

Marina Zafiris says:

Thanks Katie, this video has really given me something to think about!!

Joel Eli says:

I LITERALLY WENT SHOPPING TODAY! I wish I had seen this video before I went! I love the 3 questions idea. 😀

Araela Fitzerald says:

I’m 9 year old

Simone Plomp says:

Thriftshops here in The Netherlands are pretty pricy like a Levi’s jacket is around €40

Shannon Toe says:

You should definitely check out the UNiDays website or app! It’s a whole lot of student discounts for really cool shops like Misguided and ASOS and Dissh etc.

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