Fashion Tips from Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is one of the biggest fashion icons in the world! Watch her give Ellen’s receptionist a makeover.


greatworld1979 says:

Love Heidi Klum

Jacob Urbano says:


Flash Light says:

At her age, she is so beautiful. 🙂

isalovewierdo says:

Dresses like that one, should not be made.

demilovatofan767 says:

Is Heidi anorexic or something?

twnmecbd1 says:

haha Jeannie is so cute. “Heidi Klum just told me I had amazing skin” she must be really proud of herself! 😀

Gabriela Cristina says:

this is so cool

Dale Givens says:

I have a huge problem with the outfit…
The bust area is just horrible

Lexie Hunn says:

hhahaahaa i would just turn up to heidi and laugh my ass of LOL i mean can you imagin standing next to her and your half the size?? hahaa i just couldnt take it seriosly xDDD :3 <3 <3

XsweetstarliteX says:

okay they literally swapped clothes! it’s a testimony to heidi’s personality that she swaps clothes with strangers

사라 says:

“it’s in the Schuh it’s in the outfit”

John Nguyen says:

It would have been amazing if Jeannie interviewed others in Heidi’s dress

Rabee Khan says:

and heidi didn’t care about jimmy choo She’s amazingggg <3

Jose AAC says:

She is fashion model

Yujie Chin says:

at first i was wondering how tall heidi is,then i saw the heels,now im wondering how short jeannie is hahahaha.

NYCgirl55 says:

she sounds like OlgaKay 🙂

Brett Shearer says:

Heidi is 5 foot 9, I think Jeanne may be 5 foot nothing 🙂

calicobessflint says:

i feel so special watching all these unlisted videos

WhiteFang275 says:

at 1:29 you can realy hear that she’s german. it sounds as she want to speak german, same emphasis like on GNTM or other interviews in germany :))

JlovesJordan says:

heidi looks great in both outfits

Hannah Alaska says:

Haha German Power in The Ellen -Show! 😀 :)) ♥

Chiara12398 says:

never liked heidi even if im german:D

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