Fashion Tips For Guys! // Clothes Girls Love

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Things guys wear that girls love! Guys can do a lot of things to attract girls, but sometimes simply wearing something cute will make a girl melt… here are some attractive things guys wear!

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Things guys wear girls love attractive boys dating
Things guys wear girls love attractive boys dating
Things guys wear girls love attractive boys dating


blah blah says:

Yeah I’m gonna wear what I want and what I think looks good on me.

Magic Music Man says:

Him: big booty problems

Me: TRUE!!!!!

Mystic Wolf says:

Who’s playing my favorite song in the backround

Tk _240SX says:

So pretty much just wear clothes?

Alex says:

1:58 Rose gold and black…..

aviation lover says:

I seen this video 1000 times from the same channel

lassseerrr yah says:

You look sexy Gabriella (this is coming from a 16 year old guy too)

sugar tits says:

sick of dudes telling other dudes how to pick up chicks, this is much better

Juan Rivera says:

Where do u live

mazen almousa says:

سوي مقطع عن الرجال العربين ولي هنا عربي يسوي لايك

Po Po says:

how about a pocket watch?

Vincent Smit says:

You could also just say payed advertisement

Traceton Stokes says:

Follow me on Instagram I need tips @traceton.stokes_24

Ralph Ybanez says:

bout to wear some sweats with a hoodie and a watch with some duck socks and a beanie for my first date tmrw

Swushed says:

You know i might be better than ur bf LOL??

Jesse Dombrowski says:

Stop telling us what to do thot.

Interfierce Racing says:

I like the song God’s Plan is in here

TheGodSpeed says:

How old is she?

Der Adrian says:

Vincero… Zeus would be proud of you

Robby Lombardi says:

Gabs into emos

LacsarGaming says:


Epic Gamer 51420 says:

I swear Jack is the backbone of the comedy in these videos, keep doin ya thing u two

Court Ash-Dale says:

Yo our boyfriend should make his own channel for girls abt the kinda stuff you do

Marcus Jablecun says:

God damn she on some weird shit for sure

show off tv says:

Who is the guy behind the camera is it you’re boyfriend , he is so enoying . From now on let him shut his mouse when you are talking i hate his voice sound like a little shitty kid

Alec Walsh says:

Fortnite is overrated. You should get yourself a PubG guy.


“Well this is my favourite part of the video” my mans

Court Ash-Dale says:

Heya fyi! Song at 0:55 is California Dreaming (ft. Snoop Dogg and Paul Rey)

That Youtuber says:

I got duck socks…

Ronnie Frye says:

We need a video about how to do hair I seriously have so much trouble with this

Beni Hawking says:

I think she is high

messybunbeauty says:

I miss silly bandz

TheReal KhalilThomas says:

When you finally get to see her ass…(I’m 17 so chill don’t get triggered)

caiden montas says:

Today has been a great day in gamer history. He just proved Fortnite grinders can get hot girls too.

luka 0902 says:

That promotion just hit me out of nowhere

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