Fashion Tips for Girls with Fat Arms | Styling Tips for Flabby Arms

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Hi Everyone!!

Flabby arms or fat arms or plump arms, also known as underarm fat or batwings is something which is rather commonplace among girls and women of all ages.

The arms are one of the first things to go. You wake up one day, look in the mirror and are stunned to see that your once shapely upper arms have suddenly turned to flab and are hanging down.

Well, if you also have been troubled by your plump arms, then it is time to bring an end to your woes. So, here are some really smart fashion tricks for you to hide your fat arms and still look glamorous and stylish.

So, with all these wonderful tips in your hands, there is no reason for you to worry about your plump arms. Just follow these smart tricks and go right out there to flaunt your great style.

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I hope you liked this video on fashion tips for women with fat arms.
Thank you so much for watching, love you all !! 🙂


sailee ghorpade says:

Pleasee make a DIY for corset belt please they are so costly like 800 for a single belt is not worth

umme hani says:

It’s really good to see ur videos

Sangita Tiwari says:

Thank You Ishpreet!!

Angelita says:

Do the same kind of video for fat thighs please?

Jhalak Dogra says:

Me too

Ekta Jaiswal says:

dii plzz make make high low top with the help of duptta plzz plzz dii

Lakshmi Vrinda says:

the links u hav provided are not opening

Beauty & Beautify says:

loved the black top that u wearing. Could u pls let me knw the size that u wearing?

Charmaine Joy says:

Mujhe Toh ek bhi nahi pata tha it was really help for me thank you didi love you and your videos this tricks r very good

Zeesha Zed Ey Ey says:

the things u said have been in my mind for quite a long time. i have plumpy arms like urs n i have noticed how half sleeves and quarter sleeves are amazing for me and how some kinds of sleeveless suit me while others make it look weird! liked the video so much. Finally! Somebody talked about the flabby arms!

Purvi Saxena says:

Very useful video di 🙂

Indian Youtuber says:

Very informative and valuable tips 🙂 … and I totally love the black top u r wearing <3 Where is it from

Kalpana Chaudhary says:

Nice vedio

Mitu Somani says:

Hey can u help people with heavy bottom? I mean please give tips on the same..

Mariya PN says:

Hi, plz do a video on breast reduction, if possible through natural methods

Swathi Suma says:

U look the same like Shivani from dance+ 3

Shilpi Saroha says:

Really helpful,thanks

Ekta Jaiswal says:

high low top in your next video

Jhalak Dogra says:

Me too

Shweta Aloney says:

Very usefulll….thanx

bhushan fulpagare says:

you are so creative

Shweta Aloney says:

Plzzz do video on cloth patches ….which will not b messy coz in other video they are quite difficult

Ruchika garg says:

its superb u told everything very nicely but can u make a video for fat on thighs plz make what should wear nd all thing like u had told in this video

Zeesha Zed Ey Ey says:

Di, can you post a diy hair serum recipe for damaged hair and which promotes hair growth? I go to college everyday and come back in the afternoons. I travel by scooter and hence my hair jst breaks of from the middle.

Also,Can you suggest some tips for scooter driving girls in your next video? Like, how to protect the hair, what to do once you reach home after a day out in the traffic, how to prevent pollution and breakage of hair,etc. Hope you’d consider my request 🙂

FeelGood Within says:

Thankx for sharing!!!!

Swarna Gowda says:

So nice…. I will jst wait fa ua upcomng videos whch r so helpful

Resham Shaikh says:

I love ur dressing sense ❤

Jansi says:

Useful one

Bethi Akter says:

so sweet love

Jansi says:

Also do video for big butt people cloth hacks…pls mam

akshata oberoi says:

really helpul video

Pooja Kamath says:

Thanks a ton for the lovely tips… i finally got the right way to style as well as hide flabby arms! This video is a saviour ! Loads of love !

Divya S says:

how about lifting light weight dumbbells and working out? lol

mohini kotwal says:


Usha kiran says:

loved ur video…❤❤

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