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Soccer TV says:

Hey I subbed I like Your channel Can u checked my channel Nice Job

Alex Contreras says:

Omg!!Every single video is so helpful i just have never ever seen a video be so helpful!she just has a unique way of explaining things that are tremoundsly helpful!

Across Stuff says:

Subscribed, awesome! <3

Annika Osterlund says:

I love her channel and her accent is beautiful <3

Angelica De la cruz says:
Keri Harguess says:

BE WARNED, just because she has had good experiences at schools getting her hair and nails done does not mean you will. I have heard soooo many horror stories from friends and family and experienced the horror myself. It is more likely you will have a bad experience than a good one. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! That is the truth.

Amy C says:

What do you do to have such white teeth?

Livia McQueen says:

Thnks for this video! I love your hair colour haha!!

the kings xviii says:

this video is funny you gotta like and sub

True Fashionistas says:

Excellent pieces of advice, Evelina! I’m guilty of buying clothes everytime they’re on sale, so most of the time I end up broke. Haha. Thanks for making this video! PS: I love your hair! Keep rocking!

LampCoonBanana says:


J Howard says:


チキン照り焼き// Teriyaki_Chicken says:


Anita Douglas says:

How about: shop sales, buy what you love or wait for something you love to go on sale, instead of: buying something JUST because it’s on sale. Also, for the truly broke, it’s called saving your money, that’s how you get $200 to spend at Forever21, but I’d say buy 3 or 4 good pairs of jeans for that much money. $200 is too much for 1 pair of jeans unless, maybe, if the stitching is made of gold.

Aishu Patil says:

This is your great advice? Spend $200 on a pair of jeans because it’ll last for a long time??? What if they go out of fashion? You could have bought at least ten great pairs of jeans with that money from GOOD stores like Old Navy or Levi’s. This is the stupidest thing you could have said.

Also, if you really like something, by all means, buy it, but that same thing will be on sale in a few weeks, so why not save yourself the money?

If you’re able to spend $200 on jeans, you’re far from broke and this advice doesn’t apply to you.

PotLuck Dee says:

she has never been broke….or she has forgot where she came. Wtf can afford $200 at forever21 let alone on a single pair of pants. Ugh you’re using this broke term very loosely

Jenn Truong says:

Great tips; It is good to watch our spending even if we earn a lot of money 🙂

Sofia Kasuli says:

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Livia McQueen says:

Do you have Snapchat??

x2 Andrew says:

subscribe to me for more fashion!

ImLettic says:

go check out my youtube channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VashtiBoutique says:

love this!! x

Chantal McCulligh says:

Amen to the broke ass bitches!

Jess&J Dabury says:

Hiya guysx
Come and check out our accountx First vid uploaded later this week
Hit that subscribe button!

HUNTER1221 says:

sub to me please i post gaming videos, please sub

Jamie Hood says:

how did she get her background to have a purple hue? I love it (:

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