Fashion, Glamour, Modeling, Posing, and Lighting Photography Tutorial (outtakes @ 15:00)

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Alise Mathews says:

Lighting is so, so important for a good shoot. Chelsea makes it look easy in this video. Nice work you guys… 🙂

Christian Nussbaum says:

I’m not a cheap skate, I’m legitimately broke.

MrEspinal says:

Oh my god. the make up tip, big eye opener, my portraits look unsaturated due to washed out make up. thank you!

Cliff Hatter says:

Bought the book!

3d Bymike says:

I want the book but I don’t care to read that much. There was a video that Tony did saying there was an option fir people like me, can you tell me which copy I need to buy to have access to just the video version of the book? Thanks

D7oomaha A says:

Image quality between the 610 and 810 with a 24-70 big difference to have the price difference between the beams and the reason for the price difference if quality one?

Farhan B says:

so hot! daam

Klajdi Qehaja says:

cool 🙂 thnx for the tips!

Adeola Ajala says:

Are the lights behind you video lights or strobes….i want to know if the flash too or you used the continuous light….

1God238 says:

15:22 “All this stuff is free and you didn’t buy our book yet? You CHEAPSKATE!” Lol! I have been rightfully shamed into buying this book hahaha! Honestly, you guys are great and so much fun to watch and I’m learning a ton from these videos. Thanks for doing all that you do! (seriously…I’m going to Amazon to buy it right now)

Betty Carvalho Foto says:

Great tutorials!!!! Thanks! I would like to know the name of the portrait plugin for PS… I kind a miss it as u spoke very fast.. thanks.

Lassie BRIAN says:

having problems purchasing the book or the digital download, Im from botswana, there is no paypal service here.

nueschi says:

Nice video, especially the ending ;o)

Nicholas Shore says:

Thanks for the lighting and model advice, that’s really good, and also that you advise people that they don’t need expensive gear. However, is there even any editing you did that can’t be done just in Lightroom? Lightroom is really cheap for what it can do!

You don’t need content aware fill to remove the lightstand – simple cloning will do that, although you might have to do it in patches.
Skin fixing can all be done in Lightroom. You may need some processing power due to all the meta-edits, but you’ll be saving the HDD-space of the 10-odd tifs you have lying around there, and just work on one RAW.
Using noise reduction for skin smoothing is also a bit unconventional… well 😉

Anyway great video. Thanks!

ClayClaim says:

Like your channel, job well done!!! You have earned a new subscriber 🙂

Dániel Pfeiffer says:

This video just covered everything what i needed to move away from boring “standard” portrait photography to something more awesome. Will definitely get the book. Giga like!

Corporal Cookie says:

More outtakes pls

beanz88 says:

lool she’s a legend ! that ending is hilarious.

Andrew says:

Love the ending – very funny 🙂

Stephen G. Lynch says:

I noticed you didn’t photoshop out the camera flash in your eyes. Do you always leave that in?

Róbert Ferenczi says:

😀 amazing, i love this and her 😀

Richard Bien-Aime says:

She’s so random. Love it!

Steve Blake says:

Bought 2 books! Amazing videos 🙂

Yang says:

super useful, thanks!

Redlinerz uk says:

what is that note pad thing your using called?

Fahmida Ahmad says:

Which app we have download for photo edit..!????

kevin richardson says:

Slim figure nice

harshit sharma says:

Chelsea you’re sooooo beautiful.. ❤️️

edgar quinto says:

Chelsea is so incredibly beautiful… I have to repeat the video a lot because I get lost in her smile -_-

Anthony Hoffman says:

what is the name of the book

Michael Reynolds says:

Thank you for doing this video. It was really excellent. You have your presentation skills off to a tee 🙂 It’s normally Tony I’m watching in these videos. So I am tempted to get the book. As it’s published 3 years now will there be a volume 2 this year?

Sally Watson says:

This is such an incredible video! Love this! You are gorgeous, by the way <3

Francisco Molina says:

funny ending!

Janice K says:

Yes. I watched all of the outtakes. Super Cool.

Chris says:

I love your videos. Just one observation, Chelsea you’re awesome but a li’l OCD’ed about dodge tool and your eyes. Nothing actually happened after you dodge-d your eyes lol!

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