Fall Fashion Tips – How to Layer Outfits

Fall fashion outfits with layering tips! How to layer your outfits for chic fall fashion looks that transition your wardrobe through the seasons. We’re going to look at outfits featuring cardigans, jeans, leather, vests, shearling tops, sweatshirts, boots and more! Layering your outfits is easy to pull off and these tips will give you some new inspiration! Which look is your favorite? Links to all outfit items listed here:

Burgundy cardigan: http://www.urbanog.com/Open-Rib-Knit-Cardigan_128_50652.html
Chambray top: http://www.urbanog.com/Denim-Button-Top_128_50770.html
Leather skater skirt: http://www.urbanog.com/Leatherette-Skater-Skirt_131_50726.html
Black over shoulder bag: http://www.urbanog.com/Quilted-Leatherette-Bow-Bag_118_45944.html
Belt: http://www.urbanog.com/Multi-Toned-Cross-Stitch-Belt_119_46088.html

Olive shearling vest: http://www.urbanog.com/Shearling-Vest_128_50553.html
Burgundy leather shorts: http://www.urbanog.com/Leatherette-Running-Shorts_161_50101.html
Black sweatshirt: http://www.urbanog.com/Zipper-Raglan-Sweater_128_49559.html
Tribal cardigan: http://www.urbanog.com/Tribal-View-Cardigan_128_49604.html
Metallic gold booties: http://www.urbanog.com/Metallic-Snake-Studded-Pointy-Toe-Ankle-Bootie_116_50523.html

Brown suede fringe top: http://www.urbanog.com/Faux-Suede-Fringe-Top_128_50360.html
Beige fur jacket: http://www.urbanog.com/Solid-Faux-Fur-Coat_128_50702.html
Relaxed fit jeans: http://www.urbanog.com/Hole-Cutout-Denim-Jeans_131_50780.html
Leopard booties: http://www.urbanog.com/Leopard-Side-Zip-Peep-Toe-Ankle-Bootie_116_50308.html
Blue handbag: http://www.urbanog.com/Bamboo-Handle-Leatherette-Bag_118_47703.html

White crop top: http://www.urbanog.com/Soft-High-Neck-Crop-Top_128_50274.html
Beige long cardigan: http://www.urbanog.com/Lengthy-Crochet-Detail-Cardigan_167_50820.html
Blue long cardigan: http://www.urbanog.com/Solid-Long-Length-Cardigan_167_50350.html
Boyfriend jeans: http://www.urbanog.com/Five-Pocket-Distress-Boyfriend-Jeans_131_50367.html
Tan knee high leather boots: http://www.urbanog.com/Mixed-Media-Chunky-Heel-Knee-High-Boot_109_50205.html
Tan fold over handbag: http://www.urbanog.com/Solid-Leatherette-Briefcase-Bag_118_49620.html

Tribal cardigan: http://www.urbanog.com/Diamond-Pattern-Knit-Cardigan_128_50084.html
Gray t-shirt: http://www.urbanog.com/Studded-Dream-Catcher-Tank-Top_128_50320.html
Boyfriend jeans: http://www.urbanog.com/Five-Pocket-Distress-Boyfriend-Jeans_131_50367.html
Belt: http://www.urbanog.com/Multi-Toned-Cross-Stitch-Belt_119_46088.html
Tribal booties: http://www.urbanog.com/Tribal-Print-Canvas-Stiletto-Bootie_116_50413.html

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Rocio Flores says:

Forgot to say Spankie you’re soooo awesome! 😀

Ashauria Hullaby says:

Loved it you have fashion

Melissa Lewis says:

You are so cute

Queen Onwuka says:

Omg just stumbled on your channel loving it. I love the 3rd look the royal blue gave it a polished look x

Emily Ly says:

i absolutely love the1st outfit ^^
anyway it look cool all!!

Raven Clark says:

A way I like to layer is to wear a collared shirt under a sweatshirt with sleeves rolled up. I pair it with a skirt and ankle booties.

PhantomFan1a says:

Nice flannel shirt with a leather jacket and either jeggings or skinny jeans and a little fur vest over the jacket……..would also do something creative with a high-low skirt (like the one from your recent video that was so totally gorgeous!), a cute little blouse and of course a leather jacket and a fur vest 🙂 Loving my new leather jacket atm and it needs to be christened soon 🙂

Jamila Hubert says:

I have a sleeveless dress with a skater-style skirt. To wear it through the fall and winter, I add tights, over-the-knee socks, my favorite pair of ankle boots, and a warm and chunky sweater. If need be there, I add a coat.

101smilie101 says:

i love layering tights with leg warmers and boots! i think it looks soo cute and keeps your feet super warm!

JadeyFadeyMCR says:

Nice looks and tips 🙂 a bit too cold still for fall in Holland, but still very wearable with an extra legging and jacket for outdoors

Ms.Shopaholic Diaries says:

Spankie! This video was awesome! It’s obvious you put a lot of thought and detail into creating this for us! Thank you (:

P.S.- I LOVE the double-layered cardigans! I’ll be trying that out tomorrow

Erin Johnson says:

I love the belt over a cardigan look. I would either wear it with leggings or skinny jeans and my knee high boots. And then top it off with a winter coat. It’s getting super cold where I live!

navarran_mortalitasi says:

I absolutely love your channel! And it’s super weird that you have less subscribers than all those “fashion-gurus” that are waaaay less professional not to mention less entertaining. Good luck!

Ansguh says:

Your style is magical 😀 Lots of love from Finland!

TheKarlez says:

I had a very vivid dream about you and Camera Man.. I met you both randomly and asked for your autographs. In my dream he was very much like I imagined him to be, will we ever see him?

Laura Perkins says:

The one with the crop top and long boots I would change the long boots for an ankle boot or something like that

Amina Kukaj says:

+URBANOGcom how about something more warm because it is very cold where i live….? please? ly♡!!

Yoo Velinova says:

AAAH! The squirel at around 2:57 :DDDD Anyway, i loved the outfits you pulled in this video, it’s really helpful! =)

Sarah Schopick says:

I like your sense of style but if it is warm enough to expose your stomach, you don’t need to layer.  

Crystal Line says:

3:00 Oh the little squirrel, so cute! *.*

Willow Marie says:

She looks soooo similar to Andrea Russet!

crystal alvarez says:

Well I would layer a skinny jean with long boot socks some boots a cute long sleeve with a pattern cardigan and the cute belt with curly hair and earnings =)

Cendy Pjanic says:

I loved all the outfits, thank you for giving us some ideas for this fall / winter time of the year 🙂 But the squirrel that walked behind you in the second outfit was the hit hehe (Y)

caglayantilsim says:

I love that background music.


finally i found it.. you change you name…. God. … i like so much yo style…. good ideas. Thanks girl.besssos.

Kimrose Vaiphei says:

I love layering short dresses with denim jackets and ankle length boots. If its really cold, a pair of warm leggings match perfectly well! Bdw, i love the 3rd look. 🙂

Priyanka Modak says:

U r super super super stylish!!!! loved it!

House of Cats says:

I like to layer bold prints with solid, neutral colors. Makes it fun without being overwhelming.

Bonnie Adams says:

I love to layer simple tank tops and dark booties with chunky knit cardigans that have interesting qualities to it, such as geometrics shapes and patterns, textures, and even those that have multi fabrics, like if you were incorporate a leather accent to it. I swear i have more sweaters to last my future childrens’, children. LOL

gracie D. says:

Your so awesome and I love your sense of style !

Linnea bergenholtz says:

Loved look nummer 3, sooo beautiful!

Limaaa7 says:

your are my favourite person to watch on youtubee xxxx

Selina Arevalo says:

i layer textured tank tops. Always brings a fun element to my outfits lol

IamJustLina says:

I love your hair style aha :)! And my favourite is actually the one you didn’t talk about… it’s the one with that jean jacket/shirt with the red cardigan on top :)! 

cooleosarah525 says:

Love the vest in outfit one and the level layering outfit! Super cute 🙂 I would wear the level layering look with a long sleeve cozy dress, tall boots, tights, and a nice cozy jacket/cardigan (maybe a 3/4 sleeved one)- I loved how the sleeves on the blue jacket were shorter than the cardigan sleeves!

Zing Song says:

If I had the money to buy, maybe I could layer like that. I can’t get a job because I dress poorly and don’t wear make-up.

ChrissyShoes says:

Beautifully done… you’re so awesome

Ciera Cook says:

can you do a video on how to add leg warmers to fall/winter looks?

LPFAuthentic says:

I love the crop top look. I don’t think I have the body for a crop top, but maybe I would try it with a regular turtleneck or pair the crop top with high waisted jeans

Molly says:

I looove your bun!! Can you please do a tutorial if you don’t already have one on it??

silvertales says:

Living in a place that doesn’t really get very cold, I like to wear sheer tights with over-the-knee socks and tall boots. On top, it’s usually a shirt or tank and a thin, billowy cardigan.

hotfudgeicecreamify says:

I love layering flowy, textured top underneath a cozy cropped knit. I’ve worn tops like peplum, mesh tanks, lace T’s, drop waist cami/dress, and of course the classic collared button-up under my knit crops. I can make a look out of this combination polished or laid back with the right accessories.

Gál Diána says:

I’ll never get why some people dress so lightly in autumn (even with layers, they’re also quite thin-looking to me), I mean the crop top and the shorts (without any stockings or anything…) I’d be freezing in such clothes 

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