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Black Milk offer up some fashion tips from their Doctor Who clothing range. Check out lots more from Black Milk Clothing here:

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doctor who fan says:

i want everything

Britney M says:

I’m in LOVE with the clothes BUT they’re WAYY too expensive 🙁 Sorry Black Milk maybe on christmas 🙂

GerbilCakePants says:

I’m starting to think people don’t get this… Black Milk doesn’t make men’s clothes. They’re famous for their nylon print pieces. Mostly leggings. That’s all they do. ALLL they do. They’re very niche. So this is a video on how to style those particular items. Not a Dr who fashion show for everyone and anyone.

Paulpaul says:

Not tardises, tardii.

Ges Inc. says:

Eugh, the cringe. What has this show become?

the51project says:

One of the girls in the Tardis dress is bigger on the inside. One of them isn’t.

VortexVentures says:

Awww. I thought that they would show us how to make Doctor Who Costumes.

TheNerdVoice says:

All of these look awful. Literally all of them.

Bobdog7 Who reviews says:

Is this actually on the doctor who channel?

Matthew Wilson says:

Well, it would be nice to have seen more male items of clothing.

Rebecca Talbot says:

why is it so expensive

PeachyPerns says:

While I wouldn’t wear any of the items showed (that is just not my style or how I want to let others know I like the show) I do like the versatility in the models and their shape and type of body. Thumbs up for that, at least.

Pool, Dead says:

all of these are so horrible can’t believe the official channel posted this

J Spiel says:

Any excuse to wear pvc I guess.

Justin Newcomb says:

could the gender binary be more obvious? :/ i dont want a stupid football shirt. lol

That one Person says:

Cringe at its finest

Tardisius says:

Weeping Angels….I tried not 2 look =))

TheRatt96 says:

I got a TARDIS dress from hot topic a while ago and I always wear it with my bow tie clip and TARDIS blue lipstick

Ambrose says:


fefe xd says:

shut up and take my money

Christy Stracener says:

I think they’ve got some cool stuff. I’ll have to check them out.

Rodney Smithson says:

stopped watching when I saw the angel

supsification says:

This really is a new low for this channel. Can you say ‘scraping the bottom of the barrel’?


John Smith says:

Hi I’m a guy and I have pencil skirt with a with black top and a bra. Is this for girls because everyone is saying to me it’s for girls but I found it in the males sections and it’s the only one I saw. So is it for girls or guys

Philipp Tapsell says:

Somehow, I don’t like the look of this black milk clothing. Also, there’s only 1 t-shirt for men? This is rubbish.

Kutalp Yavuz says:

I cant see the stars

TheMathGuy says:

Does the Doctor Who channel reply to comment?

Chiggins _ says:

Do they do pants with Tom Baker’s face on?

Anthony Pirtle says:

I’ve never associated Doctor Who with PVC anything.

F Colson says:

Meh, these are very average at best. Not bad, but stuff like this has been around for ages so none of this being shown is anything really that new….

Xueer Yuan says:

Sooo are you telling me to stare at this girls boobs if I find her partying?? xD



Pascal Haas says:

I don’t want to be rude, but they all looked pretty dreadful.

Star Fox says:

I need to visit Australia!!

Retsam says:

I like Doctor Who but these look very awful.

andruw says:

Tardis knee socks, please.

klauedernacht says:

No regular t-shirts in a afordable pricerange 🙁

Ayisa CAN says:

Have you got anything for girls that isn’t a dress, swimsuit, crop, top or leggings… Like a normal shirt??

Eve Nation says:

I really don’t like black milk as a company as they treat there customers like idiots

Sam Sam says:

That was horribly scripted. And they really didn’t have just regular tshirts? that would be nice for both genders. People to just want to wear everyday clothes. Their stuff would sell a lot better.

google / you tube says:

what about the 10 & 11 Dr suits ,,,,,, bowties are cool ,

pianobooks42 says:

I like that you used models of various heights and body-types, and the pieces are really cute!

Paul McKenzie says:

cool clothes

Beyza Şenol says:

begenmedim agahshsbs

cougarhunter33 says:

They do have nice colors to them.

Max Pearce says:

boring yawnnn

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