Best Style Tips for Teenagers | Teen Fashion | Alex Costa

Here are some amazing style tips for teenagers!

Topic of discussion: What did you learn from these tips?

Best Style Tips for Teenagers | Teen Fashion
I know there are a lot of teenagers who watch my videos, so today I wanted to share some of the best style tips possible for teens!

What I’m wearing:
Jacket: DIESEL
Hoodie: Serge DeNimes
Watch: Rolex Submariner
Rings: Serge DeNimes and Pyrrha

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Style Tips for Teens | Best Style and Fashion Tips for Teenagers

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Ankit Gupta says:

Make video on hairstyle for teen

manasi mukherjee says:

thank u

madly rajeev says:

“How to have proper self esteem” pleaseee

Minh Do Dang Song says:

please do a video about how to tailor your jacket :))

Ammar Bin Atiq says:

Someone please tell me all the basic pieces like a white tee and black jeans etc.

Cash Money says:

A hooded denim jacket with motifs would be better than a normal basic one?

Jesrylle Balatbat says:

This is so helpful!! thankyou alex! PILIPINO heree 🙂

O.Martinsson says:

Sup Alex, what do think of Calvin Klein or Gant or brands like these? Should teens use it or go with the basic t’s without prints?

Lun6r says:

Please do a hairstyle vid for triangular faces.

Devashish Karmkar says:

Hiiii Alex 🙂

gwimmer98 says:

Not a teen anymore, but I wish I had seen videos like this a couple of years earlier

Sa da says:

Does 18 still count as a teenager

Amos Mourits says:

Your ig game is on fire dude!

dhiru meena says:

Love for india❤

Shadman Faisal says:


謝宗祐 says:

I don’t have a drying machine even now. My home always hang dry our clothes. And now I only hand wash my shirts.

Kevin says:

I fuckin love Uniqlo

Abhijeet Dash says:

Closet tour please…….

Chris Olly says:

Gyus OR Alex pleasr answer how to make a ad like in 1:10?its like a seperate screen and a phone there

Dimas Aryanto says:

do old style , vintage + modern kindda style , please!

Qaiser Shah says:

love from pakistan

Skatelog says:

15 bucks at the tailor?? pffff

My only local tailor charges at least 60 dollars without doing the hip part of the pants

CherryTheAce says:

oooo whats this diesel jacket called?

Dustin Dwipenay says:

Man no offence but u look like an orange doritos

Avi Singh says:

Can you do best denim jackets for men

Qaiser Shah says:

u are awsome

Rosario Rock says:

Alex a new hair cut

Mats Helland Flotten says:


Mihirsingh Rajput says:

I’m a teenager and your channel proves the best to keep me up!

Yapangba Longkumer says:

In my place you will get more than 7 good quality t-shirts for $40. I’m not even lying.

Zoraiz Š says:

I love your videos Alex! They are really usefull!❤


Hi Alex please make a viedo on healthy and white eyes because I think my eyes are dull.

manish panda says:

Alex please make an video of healthy diet plan 2019

Jeff808 says:

Hair measurements?

John K. says:


Nanda Kumar says:

What happened to Ur hair

Arya Pamungkas says:

I love this guy! His advices really speaks huge range of audience. Straight up good advices, no bullshit, no promotion in the middle of the video *cough alpham. Keep up with this kind of video man!

Ken Leung says:

where is the link to Uniqlo?

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