Bella Hadid — TMZ Photog Offers Fashion Tips

Bella Hadid forgot to zip up her track suit … or so our photog thought when he ran into her at LAX.

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Captain Jack Sparrow says:

my cat likes milk

Carmella Davidson says:


thunderrn says:

wow how does charlie always get the good celebs?

Indra Yudha Kusuma says:

Bella was like wants to pull her own baggage but the old man , u could see at first she wants to pull it herself

luke rogers says:

This guy is so annoying

Børn Å Legend says:

TMZ always hype of the most mediocre looking bitches as if they are the finest in the world. They usually only do this with basic becky white chics. Smh

Mooona Qween says:

She seemed sweet with the old man

hArambe The INFINITE #daRealSosaBoi #OGfinessn says:

no pull out list for sure

R-Mon Damage says:

Bella Noche

Lord Jesus says:

the Hadid’s aren’t even really famous they are like the kardashians you dont no what they are known for.. stop giving these hollywood trash attention..

Leslie Wack says:

This girl is so overrated. Everyone google her before her plastic surgery. She was so ugly and still kinda is tbh

panquecitojr rodriguez says:

poor old man

umuse says:

the old man doe, poor man

nivesh tayal says:

I make all of dem swallow

Johnny U. says:

which one of the Hadid sisters are dating that negro “the weekend”

Indra Yudha Kusuma says:

Good genes families

usa eagle says:

Bella Hadid should suck me off.

Amïra Nïcole says:


boardingpass04 says:

That dude shouldn’t say shit he dresses out of his closet

David Isoka-Onwordi says:

Defo tryna be stormzy

Jazz Johnson says:

That guy is a fucking weirdo lmao “you’re wearing red, that’s your favorite color”

Jolanda Raimann says:

Ha did bella it’s a dog Name

Justin Elliott says:

pull over , suck me off!!!!

Chris C says:

She can’t say more than two words to him?

Sammy King says:

Another overated ‘model’ from a family of reality TV trash… without her sister Gigi who’s also one of the worst model of this generation and friends with a prnstar’s sister Kendall; no one would know her..

Jolanda Raimann says:

Mozart means Mo is tender

Ariana CCC says:

666 views omg

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