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For the past three weeks, we have partnered with MetroPCS, and it has been AMAZING!!! We have gotten to travel the country, meetup with our fans and take Beauty Trippin to places it’s never been! New York City was our final & MOST OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD stop. We could have never imagined a surprise like this. Carrie Hammer is such a girl boss, and we were beyond flattered to be able to work with her. The “Lily” & the “Joslyn” will be available to purchase on her website this Fall. WE CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

Thanks again to MetroPCS. They’ve got Wireless Figured Out!

Talk to the girls about the episode!

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Saoirse McNulty says:

I honestly love carries voice so much.

imaslytherin2003 says:

it should be lilz and josey

Madeline Mulder says:

Omg Lily’s body is literally goals! What a role model! I love how you are confident and worked hard to get your awesome shape!❤

Tayah Sullivan says:


Syahmi Hisham says:


Sergio Pelagio says:

When will you be in VEGAS!!!! Honestly I watch all you your shows and It would awesome to meet you guys!!!!!!!!! 🙂 not in a creepy way lol

KirbynPikachu says:

Wonder if she does masculine suits for women…probably not.

Jevon Nichols says:

can we talk about how good lily looks. like dam id want to be her best friend.

Terrea Vlogs says:

also fake nails

Gabriela DiPalma says:

I live in NY

Miriam Lopez says:

wow those dresses are actually really cool!! how much are they gonna be?

Hana Owens says:

You both look INCREDIBLE in your dresses!!! x

Hannah Cootee says:

I want them to walk around the city in a few months and try to spot their dresses

giwger nunnzlly says:

how come no one ever mentions in the comments how fkn bangin joslyns body is. serious a dream body

mimi hati says:

Am I the only one that thinks Lilly looks like NikkieTutorials

Ra8az says:

TBH the dresses were nothing amazing. Theyre litraly just plain dresses you could buy anywhere. Not impressed. I was hoping for something amazing but meh

Jimin's love for Jungkook says:

Jocelyn already modelled for shower caps

Jenn Jenn says:

I love this! R o l e. M o d e l s.

alisa pinard says:

honestly though, I expected more from the dresses designs from a designer! like really? I could easily find those styles at the mall for like 20-30 bucks not 200+ and she literally covered joslyn’s collarbone area when her and lily both said that was the style they liked.

Paige Says Hi says:

could the josylin cape be sold by itself

Boring Boring-ness says:

1 month, probably more than 400$, min 1 hour of consultation, all of that just for a dress you could find at walmart

Savannah Munro says:

when r u guys gonna do that video of ur dresses

Katelyne Elizabeth says:

Omg those are sooooooo cute!!!!

Divya Sasidharan says:

Also where r the clavicles? Also I see a jacket where’s the manly cape? Where’s the intricate back design? Where is burgundy? Basic black romper! Basic red bodycon !!!

Twenty øne chemical Snapbacks says:

I totally look up to Lilly…I’m 19. And her hair

Daniella Molino says:

they should make the title of the video the clue so they don’t spoil it for us and we can guess too!

Whatevverr M says:

omgggg i love the outfits and i wanna buy one of each so bad!

Emma Zebrowski says:

Nothing is better than the prune lipstick

Bára B. Djurhuus says:

Are the dresses ready yet? I’m sooo excited

Katherine Slotwiner says:

you guys are so awesome I want to meet you sooo bad. I live in New York city. your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annaliese says:

“I’m an upside down blow dryer” so sick of treseme ads

Alexandra Crosbie says:

Lily’s clothes are so pretty speak and sexy

Mini San. says:

so sad her link isn’t working!

EmmaGrace Robinson says:

This is a complement to lily because she is good friends shane she is like the girl version of shane

Jackie Mills says:

Is there kids size because I will buy one right away

Kat You says:

Why doesn’t lily wear a bra she wears a tank top when I was lITTLE I would wear a tank top

Fie blogger says:

The designers voice Sound Like Jennifer Lawrence

Nayely says:

How long are you guys staying in ny for?

Miriam Lopez says:

OMG you guys should totally do a give away in the fall to a lucky clevver fan!! :DD

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