Basic Foil Placement for Beginner Stylists

Step by step how to do a basic foil placement. How to section, how much to section and how much to weave for a partial highlight.


Christina Newhart says:

I will graduate this summer from cosmetology, and this is the best highlighting video I have seen has helped me a lot God Bless

Tara Bates says:

Is there anyone out there who can please tell me how you would know how many foils to do and how much hair to leave between each foil? My mother in law wants me to do highlights, lowlights and all over color and I’ve done it before but I don’t have much experience with doing all those processes together. I’ve done highlight by itself and all over and lowlights. But not all together. I don’t know how much hair to leave between each foil. I know I will alternate between the bleach and the color and go every other foil. But I have never been good at placements and all that. I know there are different placements for different outcomes of color but idk what they are 🙁 I warned her I’m not very experiences and she is still insisting she wants me to do it and trusts me. Help?

Rita Wadick says:

Rita Wadick
This is a great video. It is easily understood and I think you are probably one of the really good hair colourists out there. Thank you.

Emma Corbett 2 says:

greatt video! I have 2 manikin heads, and I will definitely be practicing!:) thanks you!

Power N says:

Great video really helped

Geetha Chowdappa says:

Thank you

Ramona Reinke- Heiman says:

I’m from old school. 26 yrs. ago I became a Cosmetologist, I was never taught foils. I’m not too confident and much scare to damaged the hair. I need to do foils now, that I was invited to work in a hair salon. Thank you so much for sharing with us your knowledge. I would like to learn more about foil re-touch. Many blessings!

Maria Paredes says:

Hello I’m Maria I would like to know more details for the foil for the front of the head.

Joseph Robinson says:

This video was very helpful…thanks.

dancerchick91100 says:

is there a video you do that shows all the steps when doing each section of hair

EfraClau Santillan says:

Hi, Did you put the foils horizontally thank you i love the way it looks

Carol Naylor says:

Little snort at 0:09

TA Lindsay says:

I always fold the corner down on my last foil…so I remember which one is my last in and last to process….I’m a student…so it helps give me a visual reminder.

Tinah Jussy says:

How many minutes do l need to wait to get the best hights using foils? Thanks so much

ghost princess says:

your voice is so soothing:)

didi vault says:

you are awesome, great hands! seems so easy looking at you!! but I know it is not!

Ocmara Ortega says:

How do you prevent a sharp line, where it looks like it is not blending near the scalp? What is the best way to blend without looking like a a strange pattern is going on with the highlights?

Stanley Rama says:

Be careful not to get the product on the scalp. It will usually expand and climb up the hair closer to scalp, so make sure you dont get it too close or it will create blotches or lines on the client’s scalp. Better to be 1/16th inch from scalp, than to get too close and mess up the job.

perth45 says:

WAY too wide sections…..

Susie Que says:

Love the final outlook,color is exactly what I’m looking for.not to much.just right!

Leeann 1239 says:

Could you please do a foiling bleach retouch, your an awesome teacher!

MyNewMe says:

This is destined for disaster from the very beginning.

Jaki T says:

I did hairdressing when i left school 20 years ago, we used a rubber cap and i never had training on foils and by following your instructions i am now gr8 at it. Thanx

Misbah Asif says:

Hi! I love your videos…I have one question! Which maniquin is good for hair coloring and styling?

Ashley Bodkin says:
wordellliz401 says:

They are…

youreapima2 says:

This is a great beginners video. I’ve been a licensed stylist for 20+ years, and I was able to show a friend how to do highlights from across the country using your video. Thanks for posting.

Monica Milroy says:

This is so helpful! Thank you!!

Joan Hedden says:


Allie Braunger says:

I am a newer beauty student and this video answered a lot of questions that i have been very frustrated with. Thank you so much!!!!

Claudia Ethel Grace says:

Beautiful highlights

Shehla Qausar says:

very nice

Lynne Caryl says:

Thank you. First time on my own, and I appreciate your thoroughness.

wordellliz401 says:

Can you please show some more advanced foiling techniques? I miss your videos! They’re wonderful!

TA Lindsay says:

I am in Cosmetology School right now.  We work from front to back doing foils; however, I love the back to front after seeing you do it this way! Is that something most stylists prefer?

beautifulmuLAta says:

looks great

John Doe says:

Very helpful. Wondering why she is not wearing gloves. Thanks for this video!

Rare Coral says:

Pls show us how to do chunky highlights

Davina Li says:

thank you !!!

Kelly Honu says:

Hello, demonstration looked like bangs werent foiled BUT when finished lokks like banged were done…how far moving to the front do i go? Thx for ur time, ~kelly

nanayaya2010 says:


Krystel LOVE says:

Wow!!! Great explanation! Better than all the other videos! Thank you! Great work!!

Hancey Dilrangi says:

A helpful video . Thank you so much!
Is this highlight only for the crown area of the head?

Christina Lang says:

Thank you sooo much! I have dyed my hair and friend’s and my mom’s hair for years but I have been wanting to get bold streaks/chunks like this for years but I just didn’t know how and didn’t want to mess up my hair! I was just honestly afraid of doing the foils wrong but thanks to your expertise, after I have my baby I will try this with a not so bold color to test it out and then wait a few weeks and do a more bold blonde. THANKS 🙂

Gerald Hernandez says:

This is the best video I’ve watched!!Congrats!!!

samir balde says:

Where did you get your wig stand ?

Moneka J says:

I did foiling when I started beauty school but when I did it on my mannequin I had blotches :/ how do I prevent that from happening? I’m just curious so I won’t do that to a client :/ please help thanks!

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