Back to School Men’s Fashion Ideas + Essentials (style tips 2016)


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Hey guys! For today I wanted to do my first Back to School video. As you will see, I’ve decided to evolve my fashion style and influence more classic pieces & smart elements. Hope you guys dig the change! If you do, please give this video a nice big thumbs up & Subscribe if you haven’t yet!
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Mad Love, -Dre


Outfit 1:
Asos Shirt:
Black H&M Chinos:
Aldo Shoes:
Black Jord Woodwatch:
Valentino Cologne:
The One (Mcconaughey Cologne):

Outfit 2:
Wings of Liberty Shirt (use code DREXLER for 15% off):
Forever 21 Ripped Denim Jeans (in-store only)
Nike SB shoes:
Zlay Gator Backpack:
Shwood Glasses:

Outfit 3:
Wings of Liberty t-shirt (use code DREXLER for 15% off):
H&M button up Shirt (in-store only)
Asks Pink Pants:
Adidas Shoes:
Champaign Jord Woodwatch:

Outfit 4:
Wings of Liberty Long Sleeve (use code DREXLER for 15% off):
Black H&M Chinos:
Nike SB shoes:

song: Gacha Bakradze – Girl

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Zhantao Yan says:

whats the brand of your backpack??

ariyan khan says:

nice look

technical crush says:

which perfume is good for collage at low price

Chris Ks says:

3:43 lol i wonder if someone really went to school looking like this

Stoicho Stoichev says:


Mathias Liu says:

How old are you actually?

Die-Hard Gaming says:

wings of celebrity the last one shirt is so cool

Lord Yato says:

I’m the only person who dresses like this at school. Everyone else wears joggers, basketball shorts, those athletic Nike Shirts that say “Just Do It” or “Beast Mode”, and the baggiest sweatshirts on earth.

VroomVroomNathan says:

You do know Mathew doesn’t shower right

Swag Master says:

Is this mans gay?

Maine Souza says:

What’s the size of the wings of liberty LOOPBACK HOODY you were wearing?

Jerome says:

Nice guide Dre, you got another subscriber. Was just wondering what to tell the tailor to achieve the look you have for your trousers? It looks really good

Francys S says:


axeman 36 says:

you know how you feel embarrassed for other people.I’m embarrassed this will now be in my browser.I just can’t ever dress or even attempt to look like a complete tool like this pants with no sucks.I’m ashamed

Kodak Quack says:

do you think the oversized look is dying? and all the nude and pastel colours? cause i dont wannabe wearing something thats not in style anymore

Devon Shadbolt says:

is there any alternative of the forever 21 jeans as there isnt a forever 21 shop in the uk

Estrella Jimenez says:

Were the rest of the bottom of his pants?

Noah Yiannicou says:

Sorry but watch is on the wrong wrist

Alaa Alsohle says:

all of them

Steven Flemm says:

Extraordinary style, love it!

Rowan John says:

i have uniform it sucks

Karrar Hamdani says:

hi … did you have account?

Arun Varghese says:

From which site do u buy these items??

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