I hope these “fashion” tips and style advice help those of you who may need a little more direction. As always thanks for watching, enjoy. xoxo- Kasey

– 3 Minimilist looks: Jeans & Heels:

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MUSIC: Bear: Taste my tears

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Blue Labels Boutique says:

Great tips!

MissAleksandra says:

Love it! ❤️

Wanda O says:

Girl your so right… there’s nothing wrong either having your own unique style that flatters and compliments your figure..

Alexis Rodriguez says:

Great video

Rogue849 says:

I’m confused with your hair’s history. Wasn’t it short like, two videos ago???

Vanessa Gonzalez says:

Can you do a video on how you ultimately found your signature style? Thanks!

Athena Martinez says:

THIS was a good video <3

Frenchie Towers says:

Big ladies shouldn’t wear polka dots.

Unless they’re brave or way into Dusty Rhodes.

_iwantambition_ says:

Love this you really helped me sooooo so much!!!! Thanks for the tips ^-^

Britt M says:

Thanks girl for the tips . I love how ur so real about who u are and inspire all of us to do the same . Been watching u for years now . U always give me a confidence boost thank u girl 🙂


Thanks for these tips 🙂 Big help for the ladies! More power.

Alicia Kelly says:

Great tips! Comfy & confident. Great advise. @stillglamours please please make a video on how to start a beauty channel on YouTube

Thatgirljazz says:

Do hauls please❗️❗️❗️

Teejay Leigh says:

I love wearing high waisted jeans too! I hate low waist because if you bend over it feels like your gonna pop out haha!

prettygirljenny2o says:

Great tips girl! 😀 and I feel you with the high waisted jeans! We must have the same body type cuz I’ve always worn my jeans high without caring what anyone says 😀

Pretty Vega says:

Thank you soooo much for this video!

Ashley Elyse says:

I really hope you do more fashion & look/ootd videos bc we are similar shape and it’s hard to find ppl out there like us!!! I love getting new ideas.

Jessica Hart says:

I agree with every tip you suggested! You might like my Fashion Rules video. Come check it out! I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Jessica xo

Tudi1989 says:

please help me ….how can i find the song in the beginning of this video?
Bear:Taste in my tears? no results found 🙁

Tiffany says:

Good tips. I never follow trends and I think no one should unless its part of your own personal style!

jiovana Flick says:

Great tips! It took me 28 years too. Now I’m comfy with basics and some boho necklace/earrings, rings or scarves 🙂

BellaCannella says:

I have wanted to know how to dress and build a wardrobe for 23 years now. Now I feel so enlightened lol. Seriously though, thank you so much you have no idea how much this video helped me. All of the negative things you mentioned I used to do because I didn’t know my style.

Alison Meredith says:

Love u, thanks x x

Hannah Estrada says:

My high waisted jeans are my best friend! 🙂 love this video

hollyberry1979 says:

Sorry if I missed it somewhere but where did you get the black lace up heels that are on the thumbnail for the video but you’re not actually wearing in the video?

cmilla2013 says:

I love this video!! Im a sophomore in college & im realizing that I have a minimalistic style as well. Im embracing it!

Sherry Baby says:

1 & 2 yes!  thank you!

BeautybyFantasy says:

High waisted jeans look really pretty on you 🙂

misscinnabun79 says:

yay for high wasted jeans. I love the sweetheart from old navy

Karina Mendoza says:

I have an apple shaped body ! 🙁 Do you have any tips ?

Valerie Mchugh says:

Love you, as always! Im finally at 26 discovering who i am when it comes to fashion. Reinventing my wardrobe..tossing things I know ill never wear and investing in things ill wear again and again. Feeling comfortable is key!, Thank you Girl for this video. MUCH NEEDED!!! <3

Cherilyn Tabirara says:

I actually just be myself because
1st too young wearing make up
2nd you don’t have to be at fashion very day I just tally wear comfortable clothes
3rd I like wear big shirts sometimes because I like big things but I don’t wear big clothes everyday
4th I like bags and shoes and I kinda like girly things but I don’t like shopping for clothes because its just clothes you don’t need fancy one but sometimes I like shopping for clothes because I needed a pretty one for a reason

Jomusicspirit says:

watching in march 2015!!! Great tips, i think you covered it all. Subscribing!

Shopliams Women Accessories Shopping says:

Nice Upload, Thank you and keep it up!
Visit my channel if you want to see the top 20+ must have women accessories !

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