8 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don’t Know

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Powder Skier says:

Shirt stay???? WTF?? Naw Man, Naw!!

Kk Kk says:

Thanks for assuming I have a girlfriend not everyone is a suck up like yourself.

Xd Xd says:

I like a big bulge because then they’ll know I got big balls

Press Pause Productions says:

Shirt stay? I just tuck my shirt into my draws and that keeps my shirt in tact all day. I like your style though so I subscribed

Torgeir Brandsnes says:

Thank you for some cool tricks! What about double or triple creaes in your pants?

Jay Ramirez says:

Thanks man, good looking out

See Everything Now says:

This dudes wack

Alex Dilem says:

I would recommend not watching this video.

FleXx Lugar says:

Simple yet brilliant

David S. says:

Thanks wannabe Miguel!

MIchael Wiggler says:

You look gay af

Ansh Vashisth says:

you are an indian boy,right?

Ben Vincent says:

This video was such a waste of time….learned nothing new that I will use in my day to day…I don’t need suspenders in my pants…who in the fuck wears shirt stays? That seems much more annoying than just re-tucking your shirt back in

Sanders Zh says:

shirt stay! unheard of it, trying to get one.

Madpaddy Watson says:

If you’re this self-obsessed you’re not a real man…

Stiven Con says:

He has the skinniest legs lol

Jaye Kaye says:

Thanks for your honesty.To bad your philosophy holds no water.How do you know I’m even male

Marco Builtz says:

pfff, I only wear shorts a tshirt and flip flops !

Lonnie Stevens says:

Ok ok ok. I will subscribe. U got me.

MastercapeRS says:

Hairs too big

Some Retard says:

shirt stay for when u have given up on anyone seeing u naked

Tom Mullen says:

A keyring for your zipper?  A shirt “stay” that starts at your socks?  This stuff screams “anal-retentive”…

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