The 8 best styling tips every girl should know! Sharing all of my hacks that help me look stylish and put together everyday!

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Lola Velmar says:

Alexa with all your respect I have to disagree with your first opinion with the tank top and skinny jeans. Like most woman you are too hard on yourself image, you look stunning in the tank top with the skinny jeans, your body has gracefully bounced back real fast, and to be honest you look stunning ! Please I admire You!!

Allen Joy Villaluz says:

I really like your make up

Amburito Casdorito says:

This is my first time watching you, I love your vibe. You are super educated on what you are talking about. You are a really sophisticated and mature youtuber opposed to being boijee and lazy. I can tell you put alot of effort into your videos and I am excited to binge watch your videos!!! You have so much energy and I hope you keep doing your thing!

Robin Mazur says:

Oh my gosh that peach dress in the last picture of your nude shoes is gorgeous and the short hair is so pretty !!!

hannah loeschorn says:

Where is that cute gray sweater from?! Love

Riyam Riyam says:

I love your necklace !!! Where is it from???

Queenie x says:

When she says emphasis on waist is good . My waist is the biggest part on my body

Tish Maag says:

You talk to much.

Lavenbird Books says:

I really disagree with your tips on jewelry. For one, anyone can wear “chunky” jewelry and look amazing. It all depends on your outfit! And while I love gold jewelry, I don’t think it’s classier than silver. I choose my jewelry depending on the temperature of tones in my outfit. In fall, I wear a lot of warm colors so I always wear gold, but in winter or spring with cool toned outfits, I wear silver.

Lindsey super mum says:

New subscriber here thanks for the tips i really enjoyed watching. Im a mum of 4 kids including twin babies. I have my own channel too xx

Vera Matson says:

Great tips!!

April Marie says:

I thought u were going to post links to bras and underwear?

Bernita Jenkins says:

is it just me…? I feel that your blazer is too big.

HerrEra says:

Loved this! All these tips were great ❤️

Brenda Cano says:

I loved this video! So helpful!

princesaox says:

I love your living room!! can you please give details on the frame on your wall and the flowers?

Marcie Parrott says:

I would love a video on tips for dressing and over all style for “salon life” I am a Licensed Nail Tech in Michigan, where I own my own nails only salon … and I am also in my mid 40s and feel like my style is in a SLUMP 🙁

jessica rangel says:

Love it made me laugh when you said you wear the same pair of underwear& then you thought about it like no the same type not pair hahaha that little moment made my day ♥️

Biatriz Borges says:

you should totally do these types of videos for different seasons!!

S A says:

you look like catherine from ace family

Cara Lanelle says:

Now THIS is the type of video I love from you!! You could recreate this same topic for the different seasons! xo

Christina Bernard says:

I love how you teach balance with proportions!

J Rosario says:

Nice video, but statement earrings are all the rage and red lipstick i a fabulous accessory.

Jackie Wren says:

You always rock the big sunnies !!

Level1Hera says:

Great tips!! WOW What is that dress you’re wearing at 7:16 ??? You look phenomenal!

Arianna Walden says:

Your last point was my fav!

Alexandra Dallaire says:

youre my favorite one ! thank you for these tips xoxo

Yass El says:

Where are your sandals from ?

KJ Gulyban says:

Look books pleaseeeeee

Yuliya Michelle says:

at 7:17 where is that pink dress from? its soooo pretty!!!

Louise Miles says:

Alexandrea you’re such a yummy mummy! Loved the idea behind this video and I’d love to see more like this. More makeup and fashion please!! Xxx

littlenavybrat says:

So what if you have a big chest, tiny waist, and big hips? I avoid dresses because of that combination…I tend to look huge!

Krystal says:

You’re the best, Alex! This was such a helpful video <3

Gina Burdick says:

I’m checking out the bras!! So glad you included them! I’m totally in desperate need of some new ones… Nordstrom’s recommends going up a cup size. How do they run for you, maybe compared to VS??

Susanne Anchundia says:

Loving all these tips! Would love to see a closet tour!! I’m obsessed with your style

Mackenzie Whittle says:

Hi Alex!!! I was wondering if you could do FALL favourites… or fall essentials, fall style? Love your videos and taste in everything!

Ana Muslimah says:

U look like Ashley Tisdale

Iriduke says:

I just found out ur channel and I’m so happy. Cause you have similar body thype as me. And I always strugle with “what I should wear today”. Your video gave me so much confidence i even cried. And you slayd all looks.

Claudia Herrera says:

Such an awesome video super informative!!! Thank u

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