7 Work Fashion Tips for Spring & Summer | How to Dress for Work Spring to Summer | Miss Louie

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I’m 5’2″ – 105 lbs. / Size XS or S or 32C in tops / Size 00 or 0 or 24 in jeans/pants

– 1 MONTH Work Outfits: http://bit.ly/2oLkody & Business Casual: http://bit.ly/2EziwMU

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* C O T T O N *
– Red Floral shirt [2, $105] http://bit.ly/2Ik9khg
– Trousers [2, $29] http://bit.ly/2KnW5IM & linen: http://bit.ly/2rJiw4j
– Tee [XXS, $16] http://bit.ly/2wK1iZM

+ Everlane Soft Cotton Shirt [$68] http://bit.ly/2K56aKO & Poplin [$65] http://bit.ly/2K0fUWo

* L I N E N *
– V-Neck Button Cami [Size XXS, $35] http://bit.ly/2wMAp7q
– Scoopneck T [Size $18] http://bit.ly/2InXD96
– Linen Striped Blazer (similar) [$65]: http://bit.ly/2Ip1vag & [$99]: http://bit.ly/2In6tnG & http://bit.ly/2rLl561
– High waisted blue skinny jeans [24, $68]: http://bit.ly/2KqO2Ll

+ Short [$19] http://bit.ly/2K1bvCU & http://bit.ly/2rtwlDQ
+ Slvless [$19] http://bit.ly/2ImeqJ4
+ 3/4 slv [$29] http://bit.ly/2IpJurj
+ Long Slv [$29] http://bit.ly/2ruxb3a & Checked [$29] http://bit.ly/2rzphpB

+ Notch SS [$68] http://bit.ly/2rzmVqL
+ Relaxed [$58] http://bit.ly/2rrR8b0
+ Collarless [$65] http://bit.ly/2Ip35Yx

* R A Y O N *
– Check Side Striped High Waisted Trousers [Size 00, $88] http://bit.ly/2IjOAWM

– Uniqlo Rayon Short Slv [$14] http://bit.ly/2K3MZAQ
– Uniqlo Rayon Long Slv [$19] http://bit.ly/2Is15in & http://bit.ly/2IoO1Kv & http://bit.ly/2Ir3ERI
– Uniqlo Rayon Slvless [$14] http://bit.ly/2Il8tMB

* S I L K *
– Silk button down [00, $88] http://bit.ly/2wJRoav
– Gray short slv [00, $88] http://bit.ly/2rId6qy
– Double Pocket Shirts [XXS, $128-214] http://bit.ly/2wKezkU & short sleeve: http://bit.ly/2rLLuAw

– Notch Collar [$88] http://bit.ly/2K3jE9H
– Piped Edge Collar [$98] http://bit.ly/2K0G0bZ & http://bit.ly/2K6DyAX
– 2 Pocket [$95] http://bit.ly/2rsr4fI

(Non Al) Natural [$24 pack]: http://bit.ly/2rt0S4L
(with Al) Stick [$5]: http://bit.ly/2K0BVof
Spray [$5]: http://bit.ly/2IkSPkl

– Ribbed V-Neck Sweater [$29] http://bit.ly/2K2e33A
– Drapey Blouse [$19] http://bit.ly/2rsvcwe
– Silk Short Slv [$88] http://bit.ly/2K3BIjX
– Uniqlo Rayon Short Slv [$14] http://bit.ly/2K3MZAQ & in Cotton [$19] http://bit.ly/2rvLCEj
– Short Slv Sweaters [$14] http://bit.ly/2K5vLmN & [$19] http://bit.ly/2rsG0KP

– Rayon [$14] http://bit.ly/2K0tk4I
– Ribbed [$19] http://bit.ly/2K6LMJ7
– Lace [$14] http://bit.ly/2rtDwMz
– Drape [$19] http://bit.ly/2K3HB0x
– Linen [$19] http://bit.ly/2K728RR

– Ruffle Blouse [$24] http://bit.ly/2IpjdJO & Button-Back Tank [$22] http://bit.ly/2rrmjDw

– Silk Slvless [$65] http://bit.ly/2rrlBGm & http://bit.ly/2IpaRBO & http://bit.ly/2K12VUD

– Linen Button front Cami [XXS, $35]: http://bit.ly/2wMAp7q

– Built in bra Cami (LOVE AIRISM LINE!!) [XS, $15] http://bit.ly/2wML0z6

– Cami Dress (Similar super cute options!)
+ Straight Neck [$88]: http://bit.ly/2Ijl1Vj
+ Slip [$88] http://bit.ly/2wJHSnx
+ Wrap Dress [$100] http://bit.ly/2Ikb2zc & Short: http://bit.ly/2IogQrl

– Cream Cardi [$55] http://bit.ly/2IjkHWB
– Linen Cardi [$29]: http://bit.ly/2p84zMb
– Blazer (see above)
– Trench (below)
– Jeans (above)

⭐️PANTS ⭐️
– Paperbag w/ Tie Belt [0, $40] (More colors & size options when you search “WOVEN PEG PANTS WITH OBI TIE” )
Baby Blu: http://bit.ly/2IkuoEm
Blush: http://bit.ly/2KqlbXI
Khaki: http://bit.ly/2wHzXXS
Black: http://bit.ly/2wJqZcG
Navy: http://bit.ly/2wKTczV

– Striped Wide Leg (old express, newer options): http://bit.ly/2Imaxo6

– Drapey Wide Leg Crop Pants [2, $60] http://bit.ly/2rJmkm7 & [$55] http://bit.ly/2rIaNDS

– Black Wide Leg Cropped Pants [00, $68]: http://bit.ly/2Ij7HAd

– Long floral skirt [2, $49] http://bit.ly/2JU1qay

– Pleated Midi (similar) [$19] http://bit.ly/2wlZlm1 OR http://bit.ly/2wvDqZs

– Cami Dress (See above)

OR Affordable Circular Skirts!
[$19] http://bit.ly/2wth2QI
[$29] http://bit.ly/2IoRw3U & http://bit.ly/2K5i9b5

– Beige Trench [XS, $148] http://bit.ly/2wrC2Y0
– Blue Duster [XS, $89] http://bit.ly/2K6mquZ

– Olive Trench (old SheIn, similar) [$21] http://bit.ly/2KqLzAz & Short: http://bit.ly/2KsGgkg & Vest: http://bit.ly/2rKN0mN

OR Affordable Navy [$39] http://bit.ly/2wMQV7o & Blush [$34] http://bit.ly/2wKcRjl

White Pumps [$89] http://bit.ly/2IjBqIP
Flat Pointy Toe [$155] http://bit.ly/2wqVRyv OR V-shaped [$145] http://bit.ly/2rtt47M

Chanel dupes [$149] http://bit.ly/2wpLB9Y
Nude, high [$119] http://bit.ly/2IlHwID

Music by Joakim Karud: http://bit.ly/2H1gjqd

FTC Disclaimer: This video was not sponsored. All products were purchased w/personal funds & all opinions are my own. Links above are affiliate links. THANK YOU for your endless love & support! xo


Michelle V says:

Love Love LOVE your videos, style, outfits…and you! Thank you for all that you do! <3

lovehope faith says:

Awesome tips, thank you!

sweetkiwikim says:

Yes, yes and more yes! Anything to help me dress myself for work!! Lol if it weren’t for you, I’d dress so boring!

JewPajarillo says:

Love your style! Question, for the Paperbag w/ Tie Belt pants, did you buy the petite or regular version?

LesR Kew says:

Hi!! I love this. You are so informative while being cute. 🙂 Can i please know what necklace you are wearing? Love it! Thank you!

Evelyn Glick says:

Oh your white and black Camis look super fitted and cute, where did you get them?

Mikelle Callahan says:

Your a Doll! Love you style and your energy!!!!

Gabrielle Martin says:

I really love the outfits you put together but if I may, I think I would be able to enjoy your videos more if you came up with outfits that take into consideration women with larger busts. I have a pretty big chest, so tank tops or camis don’t work for me. Which really sucks. No matter what I wear, it doesn’t seem to look professional because my bust makes everything look too sexy for work

Cecilia Willeford says:

Where are the 1st jeans shown from?

sheella113 says:

Thanks so much! I saw your video this morning and got a linen shirt at uniqlo! Love your sharing!

Mariam S says:

Omg!!! You are awesome… please make more of these look books!


I like your necklace. Shall provide the link to purchase ?

Lucy Vue says:

I LIVE for your work outfit videos!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Vanessa Ann Llave says:

I LOVE this, thank you for all the options! Love all the transitioning ideas. SO HELPFUL especially when its freaking winter inside my office then hot AF outside haha

Jillian Hall says:

Needed this video! Thanks!

Stephanie N says:

amazing tips!

Lisonae says:

Erica hit us with a wide shoe recommendation video, though! Ya girl’s got bunions and finding wide shoes that aren’t a)running shoes or b)granny shoes is a struggle. Any tips or brands you can recommend? I used to wear Ked’s but they redesigned their shoes so they aren’t as wide anymore 🙁

Imani Redd says:

Thank you for this video! Can you do practical tips for spring & summer casual wear?

* * says:

I love love love your workwear style grl. Sexsay, but appropriate. Keep em coming. Xx

Michelle Yu says:

I love your fashion style , miss lou can you do a no make up make uo look 🙂

Carol Phan says:

I haven’t shopped in months and everytime you come out with a video, I always burn through all my money ><

dreena.m says:

love this! so helpful. thanks louie!

rlavelleSLP says:

I just love your style ❤️

Crystal Blanco says:

Love love love your videos!!!!!

elizabeth camp yoga says:

Love it, thank you!!!

Alexandra George says:

Thanks so much for these work wear videos, they really help! Totally unsolicited idea for another video, a video where you show how to incorporate your style in a work appropriate way (i.e. I work in the legal field, but I want to keep some edge in my look)

Angela Wang says:

i’m curious do you still work in an office? or do you do youtube full time?

Lily says:

I’m a bit more tan than you, and I have the Uniqlo white button down – I haven’t worn it yet by itself because it’s so see through! How did you do it? I didn’t even see your camisole or anything underneath.

I’ve tried with a white cami but you can definitely see it underneath. Help!

The Weekenders says:

Yes!! This video is just what I needed!

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