7 Timeless Fashion Tips For Young Men – Classic Style Advice For Any Man – How To Dress Better

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Mayuresh Madiwale says:

hello…. I’ve seen your videos and I thank You for such a great information…. I wanted to know that what beard style should i prefer… I live in India and I am a teenager… I am skinny and wear glasses…

crazy69 07 says:

you are great personality 🙂 keep going like this. keep it up 🙂 🙂 🙂

Askhat Akylbayev says:

Thank you!

Bahi Gaming says:

hi i liked your vid even befor it finish and i hope you can give tips to someone like us i mean people from algeria and places like this hope you like me passing by here thumbs up for you

Madawa Armstrong says:

thank you soo much… god bless you!

Juan Reyes says:

Thanks for the tips. I’ve actually been looking to change my style from a typical high school guy to more of a mature look. This video was very helpful

Randy Castillo says:

Just another smooth talker making money on youtube….

Camryn Procter says:

Great video, got a lot of value from it being relatively young myself. keep up the great work

Lofy Singh says:

Hi Mr.Antonio..I’m 32 years..but look way to kiddish..plz tell me what must I wear..coz if I try a suite,every1 says I’m way 2 young to try it..they like me wearing tore jeans n look rough..plz assist me…

Donna Fields says:

I really enjoy watching your videos on YouTube. I think a lot more men should really follow your advice. I’m a female who loves watching you because you have a A passion for clothing that really shows in the way you speak and express yourself.. I think videos like yours are needed badly . Keep up the good work.

Darrick Ayers says:

thank you! I really needed this I subscribed!

Nick d Sylva says:

I am 65 but I look 49…not kidding or blowing smoke. That’s what women say, and my SO is in the Hollywood production business (bunch of phonies) and they are always coming up and starting conversations. Of course, if they are drunk and boorish and they first thing out of their mouth is what is “what do you do?” I tell them..Nothing…I am out on bail. When their eyeballs straighten out and they move away, I can find another woman, nice looking, shy, and a better conversationalist, because she is intelligent I am willing to bet.
I stay away from skinny ties. I will not buy ties online from Saks, NM, Bergdorf or Barney’s, etc. because they really push they 2′ ties. Who in their right mind, particularly a man my age would wear a tie less than 3-3 1/4″ at the bottom. I also am 6″ tall. I notice that ties are sold in 58″ and 6x” size lengths. Which length do I need. I noticed that Donald Trump’s ties are way too long for him.

Sankalp Dubey says:

Antonio….Can you do one for Jeans and trousers?

Ahadur Polash says:

what kind of clothing would you recommend guys with a kind of big belly… working out to lose it but need style tips for it now..

YourLocalDM says:

Excellent video!

Mark Britton says:

Hey Antonio, what age would you define ‘young men’ as? As we age I appreciate we have to dress accordingly but, interested on your take on this. Thanks for the great tips & guidence as always, Mark.

Fred Ronald King Jr says:


Lars Morabe says:

im actually just 15 and i can definitely say that the tips here actually works

Aksshay Sharma says:

just out of curiosity….how did you come up with MUMBAI??

Abhishek doshi says:

thank you for the video.

Gaming With Eric says:

cool video thanks!

Tana Metthew says:

thank u so much…!

erick vargas says:

nice videos man.. really helpful ! keep on going

Careful not to choke on your aspirations says:

Yeah guys, listen to a guy with those haircut

PhantomMori says:

Would it be possible to do a video for teen such as myself aged 13-17? People are always telling me I over dress and I want to figure out how to look classy while also not over dressing. Thanks and keep up the great videos!

Thyam Amadou says:

Right here where I get my shoes from https://tictail.com/s/emmilianshoe


To be fair, that blue shirt yo had on looked very dated and the fit was awful.

JorRob001 says:

you and alpha m have really helped me mature and care about how I look since leaving school can’t thank you enough.

Adam Davies says:

My black paisley suit fits any situation

Ms88keys1 says:

I’m trying to put together a black suit jacket with a little bit of bling to accent a pair of insane white Nike AF1 embellished in full tiny diamond like gems (except the 4 swish). What type bling should I use?Small squares gems around the collar, lapel and pockets or small round gems like the shoes? My stylist thinks square gems look manliest but wants me to decide, what do you think? I can send you a pic of the jacket before embellishment and a pic of my insane kicks. Please help, I don’t want too much bling just enough to make you look at my shoes.

ibidydo says:

“Real men”, “real style” would you be opened to all styles and consider those who are alternative as men (should that be their chosen gender mindset)?

EdVentures says:

Decent tips man, I like it!

Yahia N-z says:

Just woow !!…. thumbs up from Algeria …

Lavonne Santiago says:

recommend Anybody hear better than this variant funn{…..

sammo hung show says:

what about in a city were pepole only were brands like adidas and nike

Suvvri says:

the story with your friend wearing his dads clothes almost made me cry. I wish i had/have such connection to my father and we were actually thinking more or less the same way about clothes, fashion and other stuff

shivam sharma says:

I want to know I should I get dressed I m not fair so , all colour not suits me plz suggest me?

Gerard Ruiz says:

Im definitely upping my game thanks to Antonio Centino!!!

BoogyWoogyCreep says:

Any idiot that makes fun of another man because of the clothing he’s wearing is insanely jealous. They don’t know how to compliment someone without sounding feminine so they just degrade them instead. I get looked at constantly, get the whispers and stupid comments from people too however I couldn’t care less what others think. I look good in the way I dress. I too live in Wisconsin and most of these hillbillies wear nothing but hoodies, out of date jeans and New Balance sneakers laced up so tight the toes curl up. They are afraid to break out of this mold because I hear constantly, “I dress to be comfortable”. BULLSHIT! You dress like that because you’re lazy.

No one has to be rich to dress nice. You can make a killer outfit with stuff you probably already have in the closet…minus the hoodie.

anshad t.h says:

hii sir your tips are very helpful. Myself Anshad I’m from India. In India suits and jackets are not matchable with the climate so how can I dress to be more classy

Brett Gussoff says:

Antonio I absolutely Love your videos i was a t shirt and jeans kind of guy now i am a chino pants and a button down with converse all stars low cut kind of guy. i even went to the extreme and changed my hair style from spiked up to a gentlemen’s cut. you have helpedme boost my confidence by 40000 percent. Thank you

Aryaman Khandelwal says:

Hey Antonio! Love your vids.
Can I ask you to do a video about style for teenagers like 16 to 18 years (really struggling)

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