7 TERRIBLE Style Tips You Should Avoid | Men’s Fashion Advice 2018 | ALEX COSTA

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Topic of discussion: Do you ever make any of these style mistakes?

I hear a lot of advice from people who sometimes have NO idea of what they’re talking about! Make sure you’re doing your research when it comes to fashion so you’re not just following a trend that is about to go away, or worse – has done away already! Men’s fashion is a great thing, and if guys say that men shouldn’t care about how they look, then they’re very wrong! Make sure to watch the video and see what style tips are out there and make zero sense!

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Men’s Fashion Advice | Men’s Fashion Tips 2018
Men’s Style Tips | Men’s Style 2018

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AmirBl says:

40$ for a tee u outta yo mind?

Body Building says:

We want a manscaping routine

Mad Gamer says:

Hey Alex, loved the video! I need advice if you want to help. I’ve DM’d you on Instagram.

wai pxyoe says:

Glasses really suits U

EJ Leano says:

Where can I get unprescripted glasses????

don wilson says:

outfits? hahaha you’re going to make someone a great wife. Clothes will never fix what’s wrong with you. I have never in my life heard a grown ass man use the word “outfits”. Damn, just turn in your man card and go home. Men shouldn’t want another man telling him what clothes to wear. If you can’t dress yourself you have other issues. Insane

jazil abdo says:




Mark Anthony says:

This video and these tips could’ve and should’ve been from 2015. Skinny jeans and Chelsea boots? No. High fade haircut? No. Cheaper is just as good? No. Eyeliner? No. Good production quality tho. Love you

Eric Sterling says:

Alex I love your vids they’re great…but I’m sorry I have to disagree with only one…and that’s the skinny jeans. I wear Jean’s every day they arent baggy but they atent skinny I cant even get skinny Jean’s over my things I’m a big guy of course but skinny Jean’s are only for certain body types…lastly I love tailored clothing but skinny jeans to me are a little feminine considering most women do that and men do regular

Bob Ivan Borja says:

Hi……..What’s the secret of being handsome?

akhand sikarwar says:

I m really confused about my pair of glasses

Neville Mathew says:

You should really try for modelling. Your walk, posture, fashion sense etc. are perfect qualities for a model.

Zaid Motiwala says:

“Feminine or not Masculine” XD Aren’t they the same thing.

Oscar R Ortiz Torres says:

May I suggest for Rings you look at Vitaly. Nice fine rings.

Daud Aslam says:

Before even watching I like it cuz I know it’s the one and only Alex

Skillz Set says:

how tall is he?

FreVzy says:

where can i buy good quality basic clothes?

Akhil Dev says:

Bro my face get dull immediately applying moiaturiser can u suggest a solution

Ramirez Gringo says:

HIT like if you think Alex looks like Tony Stark..
Adv Congrats for 1Millarde Subs

Mark Borota says:

Great jacket! A chieper alternative for the jacket?

prajjwal majumder says:

you should do a video on types of glasses.

rohit jain says:

Amazing nyccc tips :):):)
Lotsaaaa love from india !!

noetie says:

How to dress good naked?

Suyash Singh says:

luv u bro

Hawkeye says:


Demian Aditya says:

Alex you’re thumbnails are dope man

Alberto Camacho says:

Indeed ! Good tips bro

Yehoshua Frankel says:

Hey, I read somewhere the vincero watches fell apart fast for people and barely lasted a few months. Are they really good quality watches?

bhavesh Patil says:


ankit das says:

Which software you use for edit your videos…

gokul zayn says:

never miss u r videos

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