7 HUGE STYLE SINS + Fashion Mistakes [Tips On How To Fix Them]

Hey guys! Here are 7 Common Style Mistakes & how to fix them!

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Wacky Mudassar says:

The best channel to get great motivational feeds and great styling , living ,inspirational things to learn thanks for making such videos Dre
mad love for you bro

Alpha's #1 fan says:

7 tattoo mistakes:

1.) getting a tattoo on your neck

Harris LastName says:

your eyebrows look bad

jose the type of zunniga says:

dre the type of drexler to tailor his toilet for a nice relaxed poo

Bryle Garcia says:

sadly this video made me unsubscribe after being a subscriber for a year. I’m highly disappointed.

Alkis Mpoloudakis says:

man I’m watching men fashion videos for so long and i believe that you and many other youtubers show that men can care about fashion and how to be the best version of themselves too,despite the fact that so many guys out there still believe that fashion is something feminine.keep it up brother

warren wayne says:

Hey Dre. How have you been? I feel like I haven’t seen a video of yours in so long. Not sure why they don’t show up on my feed list. I am glad I came across this one. I absolutely agree with the home decor and gadgets thing haha. I thought I was the only one that thought it’s a good thing to kind of invest. I’m from India and currently I am renting however I’ve set up my place like it’s my own. Neighbours and colleagues keep telling me I shouldnt since it’s rented but I kind of have the same thought as you, it’s home after all, I don’t want to come into an empty room after having spent 9+ hours at work. Anyway great content. Agree with everything you’ve said. Till the next video, stay blessed. Love from India.

shoesallday says:

keep up with the fashion videos

Yair Bezares H says:

Less is more ∞

M'voc Praey says:

The spongebob photo was hilarious!

Lebanese Derp says:

Where’d he get his shirt and pants?

Mr. Jackers says:

Dre Drexler what kind of ring you wearing can give a link about it in the video maybe ,Seriously i love the ring…

AlzarCat says:

I would have made a joke about you Dre, but you seem to nice to make a joke <3

Ricky Pires says:

Sick, motivational video as always

Zach Hunter says:

I’m always giving my brother a hard time for his baggy jeans lol. Granted I’m in Miami, were a bit more in style than New Jersey. You da man Dre!

Zach Everett says:

Dre, do you have the measurements on your hair? Awesome video bro

Dhruv Hans says:

Dree….!!! my bro…what’s good man?…..man it’s been a long tym xD
I just came back from vacay…and the first thing I did when I got back home was catch up with all the videos I missed….so stoked to hear that you’ll be working with sheh voo….and really great vid man touch of modern is lit af…….Dope content bro..thumbs up all the way xD

your brother,

Ya Boi Thad says:

You’re the man, D

Imdad's Tutorials says:

We need more videos on your fitness journey!! Like if you guys agree and let’s get a reply from him

Sir Douchebag says:

Bro u gotta make a video about “Style for skinny guys” or something like that

Zatley says:

lmao that sword… cool accessorie

Dzenan Corbic says:

I really love your videos, so helpful…

the2wayexit says:

I keep my style very minimal personally. I’m usually just wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and some vans. I may add a little bit of flashiness, like wearing some lightly distressed jeans, or wearing patterned shoes instead of plain ones. If I have one flashy thing, though, I stick to only one flashy thing.

Avito Ryan says:

Dre 2k17: so today i got ssssffffseven style sins

Anoronix says:

you’re just ” chillin ” in your bedroom right?

Daniel Gonzalez says:

Dre in that video , how did you do your hair exactly (:

Mohammed Mehdi says:

1.why does it matter what pen you write with
2.fidget spinners are dead

Zain Shaikh says:

What’s up Dre!!!!!Can you please make a video on how to wear streetwear

Alex Dutkewych says:

What brand is your shirt ??

GoldGamerTV GamingTV says:

Dre, My Hair Is Quite Fine, But I Would Like To Acquire Hair Like Yours? Can You Please Help Me? Any Tips Or Advice….. Thank You

Steven Cats says:

Guys in skin tight jeans is not masculine and not attractive. Sorry, but don’t don’t do it if you want to look good.

Max Krisna says:

who watch this b4 20k??

Ñåûmãñ Bèg says:

hey man i really wana buy the hanz de fuko claymation but im scared if it will cause hairloss..do u recommend it?

Harshraj Chudasama says:

Inspiration !

Josh Rajkumar says:

Subbed ! Your positivity and encouraging nature are a great touch to these Men’s style videos. Something everyone needs to hear, and your advice is great (Y) Keep up the great videos !

Adrian Estrada says:

don’t use sandals use some penny loafers with no show socks or double monk strap shoes again with no show socks sandals just make you look lazy and loafers up your style even more you should try it bro

denzil viegas says:

your biggest fan here dre,nice video and god bless keep rocking…!!

Only Anthony says:

You’re just a really cool dude lol.

diamondmaster gaming says:

Hey Dre! Nice video and awesome hairstyle:D

Christopher Wright says:

Yeah enjoy summer if you’re on the northern hemisphere cause down here is cold AS FUCK

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