7 BEST Style Tips For Teens

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clorox bleach says:

Jose the type of zuniga to slap his own ass during sex

Nano A says:

Make a vid on how to wake up with good hair

aj lee says:

Where’s that jacket from?

Ahmad Najwan says:

idk how bout you guys, but teen around my age are stylish, or trying to be… I mean they wear a super tight clothing and super expensive item that doesn`t looks good

Alexander Diaz says:

i wAtch these videos but dont do this many times

Jared Ignacio says:

I can’t wear these kind of cloth . I have PE every Day, looks like I’m sticking with the basket ball shorts 🙁

yGluurak says:


yGluurak says:


alexsagaz says:

what if i have to where school shirt

Gavin Santi says:

YouTuber: “if you’re reading this comment…”
Me: Guess what I’m not going to

AnonymousCoolChannel says:

U move your hands too much

Jost Tøndering says:

What are about the whole skater aesthetic, and the whole streetwear trend with dickies and oversized tees and stuff?

JC LG says:

To be FIT is the among all.

Vex VFX says:

I’d dress up but my school is known for people stealing everything on you. That’s why i just dress up in slides shorts n a shirt. These kids don’t understand that if you buy something it’s yours.

Josh Willie says:

“Dirt cheap”

Martin Maldonado says:

José your videos are amazing really changed my lifestyle greetings All the way from México hopefully one day you come and visit

some one says:

Ur style is different than others. Maybe i dress like a hypebeast and i think ur style is whack i mean who knows

Anton Herold says:

Why should stan Smiths be a step up from ultra boosts? H&m zara and forever 21 are all just cheap quality that dont have Any ideas so They copies Yeezy, balenciaga, Gosha rubchinskiy, vetements, thrasher etc.

Sorry for bad grammer, England is not my city

Carlito Suave says:

Do a video about how to dress well with school uniform

Decepting says:

Please tell me what jacket that is, would be much appriciated!

TheRealNick says:

How about, dress in what you feel comfortable with? I mean this is still a good video and although I don’t dress in bball shorts and what not, don’t make a video influence how you dress based on his opinion. I’m not hating or anything but yeah…

zax al ghul says:

fancy clothes are too expensive for me 🙁

Kiki Trump says:

100$ thrift store challenge pls?

Jay Bird says:

Jose is the type of zuniga to rip the grip tape off his skateboard to get that distressed look

edps shoplifter says:

lmao I’m 14 and kids in my grade don’t even care how they dress, all they wear is neon clothes lmao more bitches for me

duhitzwedzi The Life of Wedzi says:

How to style uniform

Hispanic Hipstr says:

this ones a bit off, if u look inside a high school style trends are a lot different. laid back effortless look is in. retro look is in. baggy clothes are in. least where i am you are considered better dressed in a big hoodie and track pants than you would in a polo or chinos. still gotta put effort in layering and coordination to look good but the clothing items are different and the vibe is different. u wanna look like u don’t care how u look and just fell out of bed, while also coordinating colors and layering so u don’t actually look like trash

adrian aguila says:

Gay as fuck

Amesh Athukorala says:

Jose the type of Zuniga to have five children just so the Fifth can be his favourite!

Gavin Reese says:

Just one problem

I’m a fatass!

Musmer Abdulrehman says:

Do a poll to find out what age majority of your viewers are

Slippy Smalls says:

Opinions on earings?

Digiframez says:

well too bad i live in a country which only allows us to wear uniforms ._.

Tristan Davis says:


AS Vlogs says:

Please can u make a video for teens on what to wear at formal occasions.

Zach Hammer says:

dressing up thing is so true. Girls love it and no ones ever given me crap for it and a bunch of people payed me to help them shop for college clothes so they wouldn’t look like a middle schooler who’s mom shops for them

Nic Mayhew says:

Jose the type of Zuniga to drop 90 percent of his paycheck on clothes/accessories/product.

Lynx Strlker says:


Miguel Antunes says:

I have wavy and really corse hair
Should I let it grow?

7ven CF says:

pants in the thumbnail? 🙂

BBJB94 Bieberboy says:

not a teen anymore, but this vid was helpful!

Xyfurion says:

1. Don’t invest in quality. You’re still growing, so focus more on style.
2. Shop in the right stores (fast fashion stores). H&M, Zara, Forever 21.
3. Invest in accessories. Watched, bracelets, necklaces, etc.
4. Don’t be afraid of dressing up.
5. Be smart about overdressing. Keep it simple and make a smooth transition by upgrading your style gradually.
6. Assess your wardrobe. Anything outdated, over-worn, or oversized, throw it out.
7. Fit is important. Make sure your clothes for you properly. Go to the tailor if you must.

Elijah Logan says:



This guy doesn’t understand there are many different styles and ways of wearing clothes. It’s not because you wear oversized stuff that you don’t know what you’re doing. It always triggers me when he talks about fit lmao. Also, bombers are trash

Josh Willie says:

Lmao this is not style wtf

Martin Music says:

I got a problem with picking clothes though they are mostly to small or to big because I am in a situation where sometimes I have to go back to the kids sizes, sometimes xs and sometimes s and mostly I fit xs but most stores don’t seem to even have that size on some shirts or it’s already sold out and I know I can shop online but that leaves me again with my first problem do I have to pick a kids size, xs or s size. What do I have to do?

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