6 UNIQUE RULES To Instantly Have Better Style (Fashion Tips for Beginners)

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Today I will be showing you Six Awesome Tips for Men & Women that will Improve your Style & make you look more attractive instantly!

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“Though a righteous man falls seven times, he will rise again”
-Proverbs 24:16


Jack Mainnie says:


kevin Martinez says:

My favorite tip was the color pop one, I do it a lot and I feel like it really makes your outfit  stand out and pop out. The small little pop of color in your outfit does make difference, may yo please shoutout my insta @Theofficialkevinmartinez, I also mention you on there before. I would really appreciate if you did please and thank you.

RemyLexington says:

Is it weird for me to wear glasses if i don’t need a perscription? I found some on amazon that are just for fashion. I have a bunch of colorful shoes. I get alot of compliments on my shiny gold shoes lol. Thank you so much for all of your videos. You help me alot and i look up to you

Wardan Jamal says:

That last tip was super awesome! <3
Also that ending lesson was great.. (y)
can you make a video on how to grow thick hair like you?

Usman Khan says:

Now I got new rules and I count them ❤️

Shawn Nissly says:

Bro what happened to ocean clay its gone????

Ishi Sato says:

Love from Philippines. ❤❤

James Carre says:

Love it, simplicity really is key, I do the simple all black outfit with different coloured sneakers like a lot
Insta : jlee.bc

Junior Avila says:


DJ King says:

How to choose something for pimples please reply my skin is full of pimples


Nice tips also glasses protect our eyes

Gurpreet Singh says:

Hey! Is there any book that you want to suggest for personal development?

GakSerem # says:

Too much muscle is ugly. Belive me

Hannes Wallin says:

Great video as always!! And thanks for the shoutout! xD

James Slater says:

What would I ask my barber in order to get a cut similar to yours? Do I ask for an undercut?

Josue Acevedo says:

Never understood the trend on glasses. Sunglasses, sure, but not regular glasses. It’s suupppeerrr annoying to see people wear glasses who don’t need them to actually see.

Karl Ramos says:

Favorite tip: wear shoes that standout with basic outfit

Leonpavlisa13 13 says:

great video do the New hairstyle video

Domagoj Lovosevic says:

4:36 them NMD’S are FIIIRE Dre

Jensen Banks says:

Hi keep up with the good work

T • CHAHAL says:


The Nun says:

Always rock



Mhmad Ali says:

For that morning breath

Vicky M says:

I got inspired by wording literally thanks ..

Kello Mansaray says:

Great video, thanks so much am from Sierra Leone West Africa.

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