6 Secret Shopping Tips that Only Stylish Men Know (fashion hacks)

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Hey everyone! Today’s video is really helpful for those of you who are looking to enhance your shopping experience, save money, & choose the right clothing pieces to improve your style! I am really stoked to be showing you these tips, so I hope you dig this video!
If you do, please give it a Big thumbs up! Thanks so much for watching!
Mad Love, -dre


1. Shoptagr 0:45

2. Shop smart 1:54

3. Choose the right size 2:47

4. Influence monochromatic colored pieces with neutral colored pieces 3:53

5. Denim Jacket 4:33

6. Long Line Tees 5:02

Something Just like this – coldplay – remake
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miles alton says:

lol im the 266,666 sub…..satan

Tsar Marklovski says:

Long line tees are like normal tees for me. 6’3 master race.

TheTRn says:

New to the channel. Any videos you’ve made on how to wear extended shirts

Satyen Narwade says:

Night Routine?

Luca Valentine says:

Great video as always, keep up the good work.

Real Human says:

Lmao y’all some haters on the longline tee wave

RandomGamer says:

hey dre drexler i want some help from you could you please help me

AnthonyRVlogs says:

hey dre i bought the wide tooth comb and the hans de fuko claymation and they both worked extremely well. And by the way you shoud do a combover hair tutorial

RashikAzad Rakin says:

what color did you dye?

fun with YK .! says:

what hair color u use , do it make some side effects for future as making white hairs

littlebrojay says:

I was staring at the clothes hung on the back the whole video jdjsksk I love how they all look

Satyen Narwade says:


Soup says:

when is Ur next vid

RemyLexington says:

Hey Dre, awesome video. I love all the tips and especially the wonderful words art the end. You are such a nice, genuine, honest, helpful, sweet, perfect, cool guy. You are simply amazing. Thank you for your videos. I hope everything is going well for you and your amazing wife. You two are awesome. I love you both brother!

Quio Lionq says:

Nice one mate

Aiden - FEE FY FO AIDEN says:

Dre, do u think I could rock tight joggers and a denim jacket, I’m 6,2 and in decent shape

Kiercie Olpindo says:

is that david guizon? on the denim jacket?

Joshie Crosby says:

Do a video on how you get that awesome hair colour :), love your videos!

Allec says:

+dgmanila at 2:33!

T E says:

Use ebates.com.

Don’t ever wear extended tshirts.

Hit the gym.

Andrew Quick says:

What’s the best way of getting product out of your hair at the end of the day

Dakota Kratzer says:

Hey dre I was hoping you can tell me what you did to start your YouTube channel and give me some tips so I can start mine too I like men fashion and like doing my own hair honestly I have a new hair style for each day I’ve been doing my hair for as long as remember people judge me for doing my hair every day but hey it’s what I loves to do. You really do inspire me and your my inspiration

fun with YK .! says:

I’ve lot of face fat and am skinny fat body how to losse that fat?

Sean RE says:

i love long length shirts! i rock them all the time!

Eddymr12 says:

anyone else think he looks like Dave Franco?????
like 99.99999%?

Zach Pryor says:

Dre, I love long lined tees and I think they are great. I’m also 6 foot 3 and they fit me so well. They actually go below my waist unlike regular shirts that sit at my waist when my arms are down haha. Also, I love your videos and I appreciate you doing all that you do. Keep up the great work man!

Aria Johnson says:

thanks dre for this great video!!! the ending was very inspiring!!!!!

Max Power says:

I love extended tees! The problem is that not alot of stores sell them where I live 🙁

Gabbywabby 27 says:

Thanks for the help dude!

Slaveck Moraru says:

Another Great Video bro love your content!

Αναστάσης Μαρνέζος says:


lern2swim says:

I wear longline tees, and even I’m aware that there’s no way that they’re going to be timeless.

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