5 Ways to ALWAYS Look STYLISH … NO MATTER WHAT! | Men’s Fashion & Style Tips

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Today, learn how to dress well, how to always look stylish, men’s style and fashion tips, how to make a girl want you, fashion trends, and more!

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Ali Zein says:

Dude your vid are becoming pure ads, i understand that you need the cash, but man thats too much

Bejdza says:

Its easy yust watch alpha m

Matori Shiro says:

*how to be a fucking pigeon

DurkaDurk Daniel says:

Just happen to wear that outfit at the mall yesterday and a girl asked me for my number! Thank you so much Based Zeus!!

Cashyear 21 says:

Love it keep it make helpful videos i do wt u say it works

style and fashion says:

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Deadlift says:

best birthday presents to make to a girl? (also ur class girls)

DooKiz says:

Nice man! i’ll definitely buy the prob. 100th sponsored thing you’ve mentioned! And it’ll be no problem affording with all the money your Bitconnect advertisement got me!

so disappointed, this channel was dope as fuck before u got so greedy.

Hah Mar says:

Zuesss…..I don’t wanna be lonely this Valentine’s Day….helppp plzzzzzzzzz

Jason Royan says:

This guy, always interesting and inspiring and innovating. Love it!

D.W.L.F GAME says:

New Video;

Caius says:

Now that I’m getting farther in the video I have to agree with the others this is kinda too advertisment heavy. I love the page and it still has solid advice but almost the entire video almost is a giant advertisment for carious clothing brands lol.

I know you gotta make money but please if you can don’t oversaturate your videos with the ads.

kc2704 Mutia says:

Summer out fit thank you

Mikey Money says:

Your content is starting to be based all around your sponsors. It will deter your subscribers, as it’s starting to make me want to watch you less.

Game Master says:

Can you be my mentor?

Muheman Alsaffar says:

What about if u have fk it up hair lol

ShinyRayquaza says:


BR34KF4ST says:

What about guys with those floral shirts

chintu .n says:

Scoop neck tees? Seriously are you kidding me

cina kakar says:

I so agree with the shoes thumbnail.

Based Zeus says:

CHECK OUT YESTERDAY’S VIDEO ON HOW TO BE ROMANTIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcD0XAiym28&t=8s

TraumaER says:

Menlo Club fucking sucks.

Swagy 91 says:

now i look godly

Viceboy says:

If based zeus uploads a video and uploads ANOTHER video in the next 2 days , then you know it’s a sponsor video. (Not complaining)

Jake Patterson says:

I have those exact boots in the thumbnail!

BOSS UP says:

Idk why but Chelsea boots make me look like an Asian guy tryna be a cowboy

CAPE TowN says:

Yo are the most dope person I’ve ever seen!

Alan Wake says:

Based Zeus drops 2 videos in less than a day … OMGGGGGGG

Shaun Loo says:

It looks abit weird if u wear chelsea boot in the country like Malaysia or others hot weather’s countries

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