5 Tips to Look Attractive In Every Pictures | Get YOUR Crush TO Like Your Pics!

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Christos Andreou says:

Man i love your vids. You are awsome but take less time for the commercials

Yusf A says:

The title is clickbait, my crush doesn’t have any social medias

Dan Lowe says:

Alot of good info from you in here. We cant give all of our clicks to alpha M. You need some to. LOL

Beast Friends says:

This is the video ive been waiting for so long. Thanks Jose and keep up the good work

Shadow Agario says:

This video couldve been helpful 2 weeks ago…..

Northern Lites says:

The title says “every pictures” fool

Mark Gutierrez says:


Read more

Tricky Hunter says:

Before I start I have wavy hair. Ok so to take care of my hair, basically all I need is coconut oil and and a shampoo/conditioner


When willl Jose stop promoting products

Uunuu Sodoo says:

I was here 2 years ago without any confidence without any stylish things and i watched your videos now i have a girlfriend im 1 of the most classic guys around 8th graders bruh i thank you so much

ISAisaiahat says:

Love the videos but the improper grammar in the title is bothering me. Make “Pictures” singular.

Kyle Saudan says:

6. Wear ESNTLS

iPhamous X says:

Step 1. Be attractive

Matthew Amani says:


John-Paul Stuthridge says:

Exposure and brightness are the same thing lol, but another great video, you’re inspiring me to update my instagram to another new level.

Shraavan Santhosh says:

Love from alex costiance

raghavendra rao says:

Am I the only one who noticed the grammatical mistake?

王洛艺 says:


Pako says:

You forgot to put in the tittle: “sponsored”

Matthew Summers says:

When I smile my face looks like a rapist.

dan cash says:

5 shots of tequila does make you feel more attractive .

Ilyas Naseri says:

Are you a model?

Kd fucked up real bad says:

Just watched this, shocked by the 2.3M subscribers!! Keep grindin’ Jose!

Ohad says:

I have asked for this video a year ago Lol.

Dan Matt Tan says:


You should make a video on how to edit hahaha

Arod says:

Shit the ad is longer than the actual vid

Wade Carroll says:

Be handsome, be attractive, don’t be unattractive

Ahmad Yaqeen Mohammad says:

You forgot to have a nice camera. Lol

Den Dandy says:

almost half of the video its just him talking about the sponsor, cmon man

AEven1 says:

Ad ends at 3:31

Alexis Moniva says:

This is why i didn’t regret subscribing TMF it gives so much tips that you can apply to yourself or the other person who you care of

Neo Tech 1 says:

What editing app do you use ?

Saloni Bhamare says:

you are copy cater of ALEX COSTA

Hell King Raaz says:

which app should i use ??????

SHU _ says:

I want a certificate of graduation from tmf university

Kerho Ukkonen says:

Jose, I love your videos, but I feel like you could cut the time for advertising in half. It would still be effective

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